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As of March 12, 2003, the 'Anglican Catholic Byzantine Orthodox Church' also known as 'ACBOC' for short was dissolved due to proposed legal action from the 'Anglican Catholic Church' (the ACC) over copyright violation, and trademark/servicemark infringement for our use of "Anglican Catholic" in our name.

Although it seemed to our bishops that the term was really generic and did express a significant part of our own heritage, and yet, that the additional terms were sufficient to distinguish us from the other body, we felt it best to comply with their demand since we had no funds to litigate this dispute in the courts to justify our use of the descriptive term "Anglican Catholic" in our name.

But because "Anglican Catholic" was so extensively used on every page, we felt it best to comply by removing the offending words "Anglican Catholic" which they have copyrighted and deleting the entire 45 pages of text which contained them.

We are the same jurisdiction. With the name of Saints Cyril and Methodius Church and are still laboring in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom alone we trust for our salvation.

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