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Empire Records

Empire Records


Is there a movie better than Empire Records? Nope! This movie is only in english, so nobody changes the meaning of the story. It's the best film of all times!

For da guys!

You're lucky guys! There's full of pretty ladies in that movie! You know that girl that plays in "Jerry Meguire"? Renee Zellweger's her name. Well, she plays in Empire! And Liv Tyler...Nice Liv that played in lots of films! You know that girl who just arrived in the city in the movie "The Craft"? Robin Tunney...Know what?! She also plays in Empire Records! (She shaves her head in the film! That's where I got the idea to do it myself in a year! Will you still talk to me? hihih) Enjoy those pretty ladies guys!

Renee Zellweger

Gina (Renee Zellweger)

Liv Tyler

Corey (Liv Tyler)

Robin Tunney

Deb (Robin Tunney)

For da gals!

If there's pretty girls, there's also cute guys! First of all, there's Johnny Whitworth who played in "Party Of Five"!!! If that's not cute, what is it???!!! ihihih. And it doesn't end here! There's also Ethan Embry who played in "That Thing You Do"! Now, to finish, there's also Rory Cochrane who played in the excellent movie "Dazed and Confused"! WOW!

Johnny Whitworth

A.J. (Johnny Whitworth)

Ethan Embry and A.J.

A.J. and Mark(Ethan Embry)

Rory Cochrane

Lucas (Rory Cochrane)


Da story

The story takes place nearAtlantic City, in the US. It's in a really cool music store! Every night, there has to be someone who closes the store and counts the money, and deposit in the bank. CTonight, for the first time, Lucas(Rory Cochrane) is the chosen one. His boss, Joe, are extremely simple: 1- count money twice, 2- dont' touch to his beer and cigars, and 3- keep hand off his drum sticks. And Lucas wont do rules 2 and 3. While counting money twice, he discovers that "Empire Records" . will be sold to the best offer. So, since he likes gambling, Lucas goes to Atlantique City to try to win enough money to buy the store(but he gambles with Empire's money). He wins two times all the money! But, he tries again, and loses all his money, 18 000$ that is. The story is about that. Deb(Robin Tunney) shaves her head(yesssssss!!!). A really good mivie!!!




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