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<the auberge d’aragon>

            One of the first auberges to be built in Valletta was the one for the Spanish provinces of Aragon, Catalonia and Navarre. Construction of the Auberge d'Aragon began in 1571 after Cassar's plans. The auberge is situated in Archbishop Street on the Marsamxett Harbour side and has a piazza in front. It is the only Valletta auberge that has survived in its almost original state.

            However, there is a reason why the Auberge d'Aragon was never modified: It was only meant as a temporary accommodation for the Spanish knights, and a larger hostel was planned closer to the centre of Valletta. This also explains the extreme plainness of the one-storey building.

It is rectangular in plan  with a central courtyard surrounded by asymmetrically placed and interconnecting rooms. The entrance of the auberge lies almost in the centre of the main facade. It opens to the entrance hall with a coffered barrel-vault and a flight of stairs, which lead to the courtyard with arcades.


            The plain front facade consists of a Doric portico, which is a later addition and the only alteration on the building, with three rectangular windows on each side. Due to the asymmetrical arrangement of the rooms, these simply framed windows are also placed without actual symmetry. The only decorations on the facade are the corner rustication and the rather plain roof cornice.

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