David Caserta Bio

David has performed around the country the last 20 years presenting over 10,000 shows.

Age 5, David started his journey into the world of magic when his parents gave him a magic set for Christmas.

The following years, David gathered his family in the living room to watch his magic shows. Using a fold out dinner tray as his magic table, he would demonstrate his newest tricks to an appreciative audience of 4. He remembers, no matter if the tricks worked or not, his family always gave him encouragement and somehow managed to applaud his efforts. David’s sister was his first “assistant” for his many illusion rehearsals in his family home. That didn’t last long. One time when he was rehearsing a levitation, gravity took over and she unexpectedly wasn’t floating anymore. After making sure she wasn’t hurt, she turned in her resignation and David went back to practicing.

Age 10, David looked in the phonebook under “magic” and called every magician in the area to find out how they learned their secrets. David even remembers calling a day care center with the word “magic” in the name to see if they taught lessons. Through this exhaustive search, he found a magic shop in Allentown, PA called “Magic World” that gave private lessons. He took lessons for 2 years to learn the fundamentals of magic.

Age 11, David performed his first magic show for over 600 people at his elementary school Holiday event. His father was his first “soundman”. After a few minutes of feedback on the mic., his dad was able to learn the sound system.

Age 14, David attended the only magic camp in the world and took home a trophy in the stage competition.

Age 16, David was hired to teach courses in magic at colleges and universities.

Age 17, David produced his first full scale illusion show to a sold out audience.

Age 18, David attended Muhlenberg College and graduated with a Theatre Arts degree. David was a consultant to the theater department and developed magic for the plays and musicals.

Age 20, David began taking his show on the road touring the country performing up to 8 shows per day.

David developed his own company, Stonefield Productions, to produce magic shows at venues around the world. David is proudest of his current illusion show. Featured in his performance you will see several illusions that David has spent up to 6 years developing.

“I hope the magic you see in this current tour will bring you back to that childlike wonder that you experienced when you were a kid. If, for just a moment, you forget about any problems in your life and believe in magic once again, then I have been successful. Magic is special to me because it encompasses every aspect of theater: dance, choreography, directing, acting, lighting, sound, and set design. With every illusion, the magician must focus on all these different properties of the theater. That, to me, is exciting and motivates me to work hard to make each illusion magical. I want to create the illusion of impossibility and entertain you at the same time. It is your enjoyment that I strive for!”

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