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Questioner: Soap Opera Magazine

Character: Lila Roberts

Love Status: Married to commercial photographer Brad Guice since June 1995.

What's your sign? "Yield." I don't believe in astrology, so that's my sign.

Favourite bedtime attire: Silk tap pants and a camisole.

Sexiest feature: Eyes

What puts you in the mood? Music and certain smells, certain colognes.

To feel sexy, I put on: Sexy underwear.

Favourite sexy movie: 9 Weeks.

Sexiest man alive: Besides my husband - who is the sexiest man alive to me- Brad Pitt. They share the same first name.

Personal definition of sexy: The perfect combination of charisma and talent. Talent really turns me on.

You're listening to "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain.

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