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Here is a small collection of spells that I have picked up from here and there and various sources. I am one of those who believes it's not the spell but your belief and desire that will get you results. These spells are from various traditions, some Voodoo (Vodou) some European. I recomend that you make whatever changes you feel you need to attune these spells to yourself. Listen to that little voice and don't be afraid to improvise. Sorry they are not catagorized, I just add them as I find the time.

To Silence A Liar

Take a black figure candle, carve the person who is lying name and any other info into the figure....using a hot nail melt away the mouth, smooth the mouth area so you can't even tell there was a mouth there. Then bind the mouth area with black thread. Using a hot knife or nail, carve a small hole in the heart area of the candle. Inside the hole sprinkle some graveyard dirt and a drop of your own blood. Again using the hot knife/nail seal the hole shut with the scraped out wax. Light the candle for a few minutes and you "name" the candle and tel it your wish ( "You (name) will stop spreading lies" ect) use your own words here. Blow out the candle and take it to a cemetery, hang it from a tree in the cemetery with a piece of black string or ribbon.

Another version of this spell can be done with a picture of the person, but where the mouth is in the picture use a thread and needle to "sew" the mouth shut, do the naming/comanding part then bury in a cemetery.

To Stop A Liar

Buy a cows tongue at the grocery store, slice it lengthwise (top and bottom half) between the halves place a piece of paper that you have written the person who is lying about you name on, be detailed as to the lie ect. Roll up the tongue and paper, tip to base, and drive 7 nails, 7 pins, and 7 needles into the the tongue, each time saying something like "You (name) cannot lie", wrap the tongue in red cloth and leave it in the woods with 7 cents.

To Uncover The Truth

On a white and a blue candle write your name 9 times, (dress or annoint the candles as your trad calls for) Four a ring of salt big enough for you to lay down comfortably in (around a bed or mat is good too)Make a paste from the folling ingredients..

-Powdered Eggshells (white ones)
-Cocoa Butter
-Grated Coconut
-Grated Yam
-Water from the Coconut

Mix up all the ingredients, then add enough cotton balls to soak up the liquid. Place the paste and cotton balls in a white cloth, tie it closed and lay between the candles in the circle of salt. Place the cloth budle on your forehead and rest and concentrate on your problem or questions...the truth concerning the situation or person will come to you.
(*** Set an alarm for 30 min or so since you will have candles burning you don't want to drift off to sleep)


Money Spell
Money Mojo
Items Needed:
1 green or black pouch
5- silver nickles (yr 1964 and under are pure silver)
5- rowan leaves (Eastern Mountain Ash)
5- sage leaves
5- kernals of blue corn
1- green stone
1- small piece of gold (and old earing or link from a chain are good)
-something to represent yourself, hair, fingernails, blood ect.

On a piece of paper in green pen write your wish or need. Place 1 of each of the ingrediants around the pentacle on your alter at the 4 4 directions (N,S,E,W) and in the center. Holding the pouch and starting at the North place the items in the bag and say..

"(Deity) bring me wealth from the North"
continue with each of the directions, and finally end with the center pile saying
"(Deity) bring me wealth from everywhere in between"
Then add the elements of yourself (Drop of Blood, fingernail ect), and chant 5 times....
"Money that is needed
Money that is speeded
Money that is mine
Come, now is the time"

******************************************************************************* ABUNDANCE SPELL

Items Needed:
-Planter or pot of soil
-Basil seeds
-a fossil (fossil agate is good)
-a small piece of gold (earing or link from chain is good)

On the night of the waxing Moon when an East wind is blowing, bury the fossil and the piece of gold in the soil of the planter, then plant the Basil seeds.

In your own words ask the Spirits of the Earth to bless you, As the Basil grows so will your wealth.

******************************************************************************** To Attract Money Items needed:

-3 yellow roses
-milk of 3 coconuts
-Florida Water Cologne
- 3 small pieces of the coconut meat
-Dry wine
- 3 Cinnamon sticks
- 3 large handfuls of Sweet Basil
-5 pieces of pumpkin rind

Fill a large container with the roses, the coconut milk, and a large bottle of Florida Water Cologne, 3 small pieces of coconut meat, a glass of dry wine, 3 cinnamon sticks, 3 large handfulls of Sweet Basil, and 5 pieces of pumpkin rind. Add about 5 gallons of water, Bath with this mixture for 3 days in a row, Skip 3 days and then bathe with it for 5 days in a row.

(you can bath one of two ways, add about 1/2 a gallon to tepid bath water, or stand in the tub and pour 1/2 gallon over your head. Spirit baths are not supposed to be hot, nor are they for typical "bathing" purposes but more of a baptismal sort of use.)

******************************************************************************** To Make Someone Pay You What They Owe You

Items you need:

-3 needles
-Rose Honey
-a Candle

Write the name of the debtor on a piece of paper. Pierce the paper with the 3 needles. Place it in a glass containing equal parts of the two honeys. Place a green candle on the top of the jar and petition Elegua to help you get your money back.

******************************************************************************** Another Spell For Money

You need:
-a loadestone
-several sprigs of Rue
-several sprigs of Rosemary
-several sprigs of Sweet Basil
-a Silver coin (any nickle year 1964 or less is real silver)
-red and black thread
-a red cloth
-a black cloth
-Holy Water

Place a loadestong in a deep dish. Cross the sprigs of Rue with the sprigs of Rosemary over the top of the stone. Cross sprigs of Anise with sprigs of Sweet Basil and place this over the cross of Rue and Rosemary. Wind black thread around the coin. Wind crosswise with the red thread, lay the coin on top of the herbal crosses. Sprinkle ther times with Holy Water, say 3 Hail Mary's. Cover the dish with the cloths and leave it in a safe place for 3 days. Dispose of the contents after the 3 days except for the coin, always keep that in your wallet or purse to "attract" money.

****************************************************************************** To Bring Prosperity..
Items Needed..
Orange rind (dried), Orange leaves (dried), Brown sugar, An iron or fireproof pot.

Place the ingredients in a pot and durn them. Smother the fire and leave teh smoldering mixture smoking heavily. offer the incense to oshun saying..
"Oshun oguao mi inle osbun igua iya mio igua iko bo si iya mi guasi iya mi omo y alorde ogno mi inle ashe oshun"
Or, respectfully pray to Oshun (Voodoo Goddess of the River) in your own language for the money and economic prosperity that you need.

To Gain Control Over A Situation...

You need- purple candle, vegetable oil, cayenne pepper, pen and paper, fire proof dish.

Inscribe the candle with your name, then draw the infinity symbol (horizontal figure 8 ) both above and below your name. Anoint the candle with the oil (center upwards then center downwards) and roll it in the cayenne pepper. Write a brief description of the situation on paper and place it under the candle holder. Light the candle and say...

"Wax and herb now bring me power
That grows with evry passing hour
Bring control back unto me
As my will , so mote it be"

Let the candle completely burn out, then burn the paper in the fire proof dish. Flush the ashes down the toilet.
To Hasten A Marriage

You need two dolls dressed as bride and groom. The names of the man and the woman who are to be married are written on teh backs of teh dolls. The names are also written on a yard of white ribbon, make three knots in the ribbon as you ask the Spirits for thier help. The two dolls are then tied to each other, face to face, by the waist. In a bowl or bucket prepare an herbal 'tea' of Valerian, benzoin, cinnamon and myrrh. Submerge the dolls in the liquid then say three Hail Mary's and three Our Fathers. Remove the dolls place them in a shoebox and sprinkle with Holy Water. Wash a lodestone with honey and Holy Water add this to the box with the dolls along with a length of vine . Keep in a safe place.

For Motherhood

A honeydew melon is bought in the name of Oshun (The Orisha who is parton of love, marriage and money) On a piece of brown paper write a short letter asking Oshun for a child. Make a small slit in the side of the melon and insert the piece of paper whith your request. The melon is then wrapped in a yellow handkerchief or cloth and a white candle is burned in Oshun's name. At the end of five days the melon is brought to a river with twenty-seven cents and left.
Another Money Spell

Take a small bread roll and hollow it out, place it on a white dish. Pour some milk and honey over the hollowed our roll, sprinkle with cinnamon. A yellow candle is placed in the center of the hollow and lit, at the same time everyday for five consecutive days. At the end of this period the bread is dissolved in some warm water and added to your bath water.
To Fight Off Death and Illness

The individual who is in danger cleanses himself with nine different fruits, nine candles and nine slices of eggplant.(this means you rub the items all over your body) After wrap all these up with nine cents on a piece of red cloth and leave it by a cemetery road.
Amulet Against Death and Tragedy

This amulet is to be kept on the person or for protecting the whole family it can be hung near the front door.

- Large Piedra De Rayo (This is a thunderstone,some use a piece of metiorite, others the naturally occuring glass that occurs when lightning hits the ground, especially sandy ground)
- Multi colored beads
- Three black rooster tail feathers
- Four red candles
- White Paint
- Rum
- Cigar
- Red Wine

Place the Piedra De Rayo into a small bowl. Salute your Spirts/Gods. Take a mouthful of rum and spray the Piedra De Rayo three times. Light the cigar and blow smoke directly onto the Piedra De Rayo three times. Using the white paint, paint a circle with a cross of arrows in teh center, do this on both sides of the stone. String together the multi colored beads on a long cotton string. Coat the stone with a thin layer of glue, begin wrapping the string of beads around the stone, it must be completely covered. Place teh feathers in the pointiest end of the stone, allow to dry. After it has dried light the red candles in honor of the Spirts, ask the to protec the person for whom you are making the amulet for. Sprinkle a good amount of red wine over the amulet in the bowl. Allow the amulet to remain until the candles burn completely out. When you place the amulet in it's final location make sure the feathers are in an upright positon.
To See Your Orisha or Eleda

Prop up a mirror on the floor of a very quiet and dark room. Light a candle next to it. Sit on teh floor two to three feet away from the mirror. Look into the mirror for three hours, and you will see your Orisha, your Eleda and your past lives. (Orisha are the Spirits/Gods of Santeria, Eleda is your Guardian Angel)

To Remove Evil Influence from a Child


Sweet Basil
Holy Water
A White Handkerchief

If you suspect that a child is sick because of someone's evil eye, put the child to bed. Pray over the child, asking for the intervention of your Orisha, Yemaya, St. Beltran, or your patron Catholic Saint. Moisten teh sprig of sweet basil in the holy water and make crosses on the child's head, chest, stomach, legs and hands. When you are finished, wrap the sweet basil in the white handkerchief and dispose of it far from the house.

To Better Your Life


A piece of flank steak
A red cloth
A white cloth
Red Ribon
Corojo Butter (Palm butter)
Powdered eggshell
Dried corn
six pieces of coconut
six cowri shells
six silver coins
A red rooster

Place the steak on the red cloth. Smear it with corojo butter and powdered eggshell. Rub the steak thoroughly all over your naked body and then place it on the red cloth again.
Dress in red and white. To the steak add the corn, coconut, shells, and coins. Place the red cloth and all that is on it on the piece of white cloth. Make a secure bundle and tie it with the ribbon.
Take the bundle t the base of a kapok tree and offer it to chango. Before putting the package down, circle the tree six times while touching it with your right hand and praying to Chango for a better life. After the sixth turn, leave the package at the foot of the tree. Wait six days and return to the tree. Sacrifice a red rooster and leave it where you left the package. Do not touch the tree. Never do another ceremony of any kind at that tree. Don't return for a long time, if ever.
*Note- animal sacrifice is an important aspect of Voodoo and Santeria, if it's not your thing don't do any of the spells that call for it, or simply leave it out or substitute with KFC, it's up to you*

To Find Out Who Is Cursing You

A white candle
A clear wine glass
Coconut oil
Corojo butter

Go into a very quiet room. Place the glass on the floor and fill it with water, a couple of drops of coconut oil, and a tiny bit of corojo butter. Place the candle next to the glass and light it. Shut out all other sources of light. Sit on teh floor two or three feet away from the glass and invoke your Orisha, if you have one. Look at the glass. Breathe evenly. It's all right to fall asleep, since the answer may come in a dream. Teh face of the person wishing you eveil will appear in the glass. Teh process takes patience and perseverance, since you might see unrelated scenes in the glass for quite a while.
To Ward Off Evil

Cooking oil
Five eggs
A deep white dish

Fill the dish with cooking oil. Float the five eggs on the oil. Sprinkle the liberally with cinnamon. Insert a cotton wich in teh oil and burn for five days (like an oil lamp)
To Purify Yourself

Sea Water
Watermelon Seeds
Florida Grass
Anamu (a type of garlic herb native to Cuba, can use regular garlic if you have to)
Purple Basil
Witch Hazel
Seven Gallon Containers/bottles
Seven Candles

Take all teh ingredients to the seashore. Fill the seven bottles halfway with sea water. Add seven watermelon seeds to each bottle along with seven springs of each of the herbs. Submerge the bottles in the sea for seven hours.
Start bathing with the contents of the first bottle on a Saturday. Use a bottle a day until all the bottles are used up. On the seventh day, light seven candles to Yemaya (Goddess of the Sea).

****************************************************************************** For Marriage

Take a pumpkin, empty it but leave some seeds in it, write your lovers name on a brown piece of paper, place in the bottom of the pumpkin with 5 fish hooks. Cover the paper and hooks with honey, then sprinkle with cinnamon. Then on top of that carefully place 5 egg yokes. Over that CAREFULLY cover it all with cooking oil, want to try and keep the layers though some stuff will float. Once you have filled the pumpkin with the oil (fill it to about 2 inches below the top of the pumpkin. You now need to get 5 of those floating wicks (you know for floating candles) Light the wicks and let burn for one hour, repeat the lighting and burning for one hour for 5 days (so make sure you have enough oil in there) After 5 days go to a river with it (again this is directed to Oshun, sorry if you use another Goddess, I use the Vodou Loa so that is what most of my spells center around) Offer the pumpkin to Oshun with 5 cents. (actually put the pumpkin and money in the river)


Get the inner soles out of your lovers shoes (yeah ya might have to snag an old pair or buy him some Dr. Scholes "insoles" shoe cushions or something that you can get your hands on later) Write your name on a piece of paper, Write his name on another piece of paper (be creative here like use pink paper cut into heart shapes or wedding images ect) Place the two pieces together so the names are facing each other, Using 5 new needles (the kind with the gold eye are the best) pin the two pieces of paper together, Wrap the papers with strands of corn silk, then sandwich the papers between the soles you got from his shoes, Wrap the soles tightly with yellow or gold thread, keep this near you, in a closet or under a mattress ect. Burn a white and yellow candle for one hour every day for 5, 10 or 25 days. (this would be a good time to do the writing of your "married" name like I mention below)

**************************************************************************** Another spell to tie a lover to you..

Make a Mojo bag of red material, in it put ... sugarcane, some corn starch, ginger root, an ear of baby corn, a ball of cotton, 5 pieces of coral (they sell really inexpensive coral necklaces at alot of stores) ,hair from a fox (ok this one will be hard, you can check at a zoo or look in antique shops ect for a stuffed/mounted could also go to a store that sells fur, it only takes a single hair or two, and it's easy to run your hands thru the fur, or use a piece of scotch tape wrapped sticky side out on one of your fingers) and lastly a pubic hair from him AND if at all possible some sperm, from a rubber, or if either of you wipe off after sex, snag the tissue or whatever,...hey a Witch has to be creative :-) Anyway take all these and put them in the bag along with a heart shaped paper with his name written on it 5 times.


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