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The Ames Ridge Rail System

Hello all

Welcome to the new home of the Ames Ridge Rail System.

The Ames Ridge Rail System is a pair of HO model railroads set in New England during the Penn Central/Conrail transition. It is comprised of two 11x15 layouts which will be linked in the future and have off layout staging.

"The Ware River Line" operates in the Palmer Mass. area and uses trackage rights allocated by the Penn Central/Conrail and the New England Central. The Ames Ridge Railroad is a bridge line located in a valley west of Southwick Mass. It is a bridge line handling the overflow from the West Springfield Mass. yard and serves as an alternate route into Hartford Ct.

At present, The Ware River Line is up and running. It features a single track main, a small yard and outlets to Boston, Providence, New Hampshire and The Ames Ridge. The Ames Ridge is a single track main with service to Albany, Hartford, The Ware River and New Hampshire. Both railroads are running leased equipment and operate under the authority of The New England Rail Alliance.

Stayed tuned for updates and the internet debut of "The Ames Ridge Chronicles"

Another lap down, till next time, run hard, turn left and stay straight. "The Pipe"

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