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1385 Bonair Road, Vista, California 92084

Home of Amateur Radio Club Station - KF6KIK

This page is under construction. I am waiting for several pictures to be digitized showing the KF6KIK radio shack and some of the things that vision impaired folks do to make themselves functional in a sighted world. The Vista Center is part of the San Diego Center for the blind. It is a private, nonprofit organization teaching the blind and vision impaired to care for themselves. It is funded by contributions and bequests and serves blind and vision impaired adults at two locations in San Diego County, California.

ARS KF6KIK is a FISTS International member and has been assigned the FISTS number 5000.

I would ask that everyone working FISTS #5000 be aware that there is a large possibility that they are working a vision impaired, entry level, radio operator.

The Center now has a new radio which was purchased from the Kenwood Corporation that will be more suitable for operation by blind entry level ham radio operators. The radio is a Kenwood TS 570D. Money for the radio has been supplied by volunteers at the Center, donations of cash and equipment by ham radio operators both locally and from Washington and Oregon, The Lions Club, and the sale of old or unsuitable (for the vision impaired) radio equipment at the KF6KIK radio shack. The TS570D will make a big difference in the ability of new hams who are vision impaired or blind to learn how to use a modern radio with a voice synthesizer that verbalizes the frequency and other information including all the menu items. We thank everyone for their assistance, without which we could not have afforded to buy the new radio.

There is no Internet access at the Vista Center for the Blind and therefore no Email address at this time. Please use to contact the Center in Vista, CA

Tax deductable donations of cash or no longer used, but still useful radio gear, will be most gratefully accepted for this worthwhile cause.


Services provided at the Center for the Blind include orienting oneself to the surroundings and becoming ambulatory at home as well as in the community, at work, or in school.

Other services include:
1. Activities of daily living.
2. Transitiional counseling to aid clients, their families, employers, and communities in the return of the vision impaired to a life of independence.
3. Outreach services to individuals in the home to provide support and crisis counseling.
4. Communication training in Braille and typing are offered as alternative methods of communicating. Ham radio training/licensing is a part of this communications development for social purposes.
5. Kitchen skills provide techniques for the safe use of utensils and appliances in the preparation of meals.
6. English as a second language is provided to blind and vision impaired clients whose primary language is not English.
7. Community resource education is provided to clients about the variety of community services available to them.
8. Education and public information is provided to the community by our professional staff as consultants to individuals and groups regarding rehabilitation services for the blind and vision and impaired.

Without this essential training, many vision impaired individuals would retreat into isolation or become quite dependent on their family for basic care.

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