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What did other people thought about Bruce Lee's skill!

Bruce Lee on his own skill:

"Well if I tell you I'm good, probably you will say that I'm boasting. But if I tell you I'm not good you'll know I'm lying."


"I have no fear of an opponent in front of me. I'm very self-sufficient and they do not bother me."

(from :The Bruce Lee Library vol 3 by John Little 1997)



Opinions from other great martial artists and fighters:


Those who knew Bruce Lee personally:

"Bruce Lee was good and he knew it too. He became good because he put his heart and soul into the martial arts."

(Bruce Lee the incomparable fighter by M.Uyehara 1988)


"For me to have spent eight hours, with somebody and have it seem like only 20 minutes had gone by, he would have to been a very knowledgeable person - both mentally and physically."--- Chuck Norris.

(The legendary Bruce Lee by the editors of black belt magazine 1986)


"He had a brilliant martial arts mind and, he gave me a lot insight into the martial arts. ---Bob Wall.

(The legendary Bruce Lee by the editors of black belt magazine 1986)


"For his size and weight, Bruce was one of the strongest people - pound for pound - I have ever met. I think he could have beaten a lot of people much heavier and much stronger than he was. He would have done extremely well in competition; if anything, he would have been much too fast for a lot of the officials." --Mike Stone.

(The legendary Bruce Lee by the editors of black belt magazine 1986)


"I have met Mr Lee and have had the provolege to work out with him several times. Although I have won 42 karate tournaments, I do not consider myself a match for him. His speed surpasses most of the black belts I know." --Ernest Lieb

(Martial arts Legends magazine December 1995)


"I have never met anybody with more ability in fighting and knowledge than Mr Lee himself." --Fred Wren

(Martial arts Legends magazine December 1995)


"I have never seen anyone like Bruce Lee. I have met and sparred with several karate men, but Bruce has been the only one who has baffled me completely. I am completely in awe when I fight with him."--Louis Delgado

(Martial arts Legends magazine December 1995)


Those who did not know Bruce Lee personally:


"He was special because he appealed to more people than just martial artists, there was something in him for everyone. He lived and breathed martial arts 24 hours a day, so dedication and tenacity appealed to dancers and gymnasts, while his physique would by mimicked by bodybuilders. He has been an inspiration for decades and he will continue to inspire well into the next millennium." -- Kyoshi Sama Bob Jones aka "Chief". (Founder of Zen Do Kai and head director of BJC, Australia)

(Blitz Magazine Vol 12 No 7)


"Bruce Lee was a martial arts genius" --Don "The Dragon" Willson.

(Martial arts legends magazine January 1993)


"Bruce Lee had lightning reflexes and he could move and thing and just pick his opponents apart. In a sense, my left jab comes from him. After watching Lee, I became more precise about landing my jabs on an opponents nose or between his eyes" --Sugar Ray Leonard.

(Martial arts legends magazine January 1993)


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