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In this page I will try to answer some of the questions people might have by using text from different sources. I do hope that it will be of some help for some of you or in other ways will be found interesting.


QUESTION: Did Bruce Lee ever fight or compete?

ANSWER: (Dan Inosanto BLITZ magazine Vol 12. No7.)

Bruce never competed in tournaments. I witnessed him many times in training. He completely dominated everyone that he sparred with. I also witnessed him on four different occasions 'fight'. What began as a real serous fight would always turn out to be Bruce Lee getting a light workout.

QUESTION: How did Bruce go about developing the speed he was so renowned for?

ANSWER: (Dan Inosanto BLITZ magazine Vol 12. No7.)

Bruce would develop visual speed first and than he would work on technical speed and its relation to the stimulus needed to activate such speed.

QUESTION: Was Bruce really as fast as everyone says he was?

ANSWER: (Dan Inosanto BLITZ magazine Vol 12. No7.)

In my opinion yes. His perception speed was fast. His hands were fast. His kicking was fast. His footwork, advancing and retreating , lateral, right and left movements were extremely fast.


QUESTION: Did Bruce have a favourite technique that he praticularly liked to practice?

ANSWER: (Dan Inosanto BLITZ magazine Vol 12. No7.)

I don't think he had any one favourite technique, but he always impressed me with many of his indirect attacks. Hand attack or foot attack, it didn't matter.


QUESTION: What was Bruce Lee's opinion on katas or other prearranged forms?

ANSWER: (M.Uyahara 1988)

" Anyone who places so much time on kata is wasting his time. How can you do 100 movements in an exact sequence and use them on the streets? Nobody fights the same way. Some grab to wrestle you down. Some punch and some kick." - Bruce Lee.


QUESTION: Why some champions did not liked Bruce Lee?

ANSWER: (M.Uyahara 1988)

Bruce was not the easiest guy to get along with. He was a proud and intense martial artist and whenever he confronted another competitor he would unintentionally "test" him. Bruce wasn't rude or unfriendly. He was so proud of his skill that he just wanted to prove to everyone his superiority (in fighting). Whenever he impressed another - he would become so excited and obsessed that he'd forget his own strength. In the process, he deflated many a proud champion's ego and may even have physically hurt the few who preferred to suppress their pain.

QUESTION: Why are there so few people teaching JKD?

ANSWER: (M.Uyahara 1988)

"I donít want to many in my organisation. I donít want some of my students to go out and teach the public and make money on JKD - especially if they use my name to draw the students." - Bruce Lee

QUESTION: Did Bruce Lee have any flaws in his fighting?

ANSWER: (M.Uyahara 1988)

"Yeah if there's any flaw in my technique, its my floor work, but I'll tell you something nobody is gonna put me down." - Bruce Lee

QUESTION: What was Bruce Lee's opinion on breaking boards, brick etc.?

ANSWER: (Enter the Dragon 1973)

"Boards don't hit back!" - Bruce Lee


QUESTION: What was Bruce Lee's opinion on oriental self-defence?

ANSWER: (John Little vol 1. 1997)

"Let us put it this way: 99 percent of the whole business of Oriental self-defence is baloney. It's fancy jazz. It looks good, but it doesn't work."


QUESTION: What was Bruce Lee's opinion on meditation?

ANSWER: (John Little vol 1. 1997)

"What good would it do a boxer to learn to meditate? He's a fighter, not a monk." - Bruce Lee

QUESTION: What was Bruce Lee's opinion on woman's self-defence?

ANSWER: (John Little vol 1. 1997)

"If a 90-pound woman is attacked by a 250 pound man the only thing she can do is strike hard at one of three places - the eye-balls, the groin or the shins. This should be sufficient to put the man off-balance for just a moment, and than she better run like hell." - Bruce Lee.



If you haven't found a question you were looking for please read through the pages you might find your answer in there, or you can always email me. J

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