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About us!



I have decided to be a bit more nicer. :) So here we go.

Just a few points: <Hannah>

Well it is much more polite to introduce the lady first. Isn't it?

Hmmm let me see what should I say! Well let me say this first.
If you ever get lucky enough to be Hannah's friend be smart and dont blow it. Believe me I known her for approximately 6 years now and every year was worth it.

Ok. She is not a fighter so if you wish to know something about Bruce Lee or martial art email me instead of her. ( Sorry boys! lol)

She has her own webbsite it is about her favourite planet and of course NZ. The site is at: Hannah's Page I think thats the title. lol Oh I am so sorry *H* you know what I am like with names its like directions. lol

(You will see why I asked her help in design. :) Plus its very borring doing it alone lol She gives me idears)

Visit her if you wish but be nice!!!!

Hmmm ok dokey I think thats all I will tell you about her. The rest I leave up to her to fill in if she wishes too.

Myself <Mark>

Ok I am a Martial Artist I study Thai-Boxing, Freestyle and Ground Fighting.
The club I train with is BJC aka the Bob Jones Coorporation. For those who do not know he is the man who has introduced full contact fighting and thai-boxing into Australia. (Kind of like Bruce Lee on a smaller scale! :))
I am actually one of the lucky people who gets to train at his house. Its very very cool!
Ok on a bit of a personal level

I am from Hungary (No jokes please! I heard them all!) originaly but now live in Melbourne Australia.
I been living here for the past 12 years or so and its been good so far. :)

Although I never compete I love the training and do it as much as possible.
I am also completing a Computer Science degree part time at LaTrobe university which is going to be my second degree, I have one in Biological Sciences (but not much use for it :( )

In my spare time I like to read play with my dogs and cats, go out with the boys (My Kick-boxing friends that is!) and of course chat with Hannah. :)

Ok dokey thats it!

Good bye
whakanä ( I looked that one up! grin!!)

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