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Special Messages and Updates

From: Sigung Steve Colkett Date: 8-21-06

Six IMAF members from the Hornets Nest Martial Arts Academy competed in the  National Karate and Jujitsu Championships in Ohio winning 4 Gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze medals. Those competing were Austin Garrett, Wyatt Goff, LiMing Colkett, Joseph Colkett, Diana Colkett and Steve Colkett. Wyatt, Austin, Steve and Joseph won their ALL AMERICAN status

Nine IMAF Members from the Hornet's Nest Martial Arts Academy competed in Dublin, Ireland at the 10th Irish Cup Karate and Jujitsu International Championship and they won 24 medals, 4 Gold, 7 Silver and 13 Bronze. Those competing were Katie Thornburgh, Zach Slouchy Lanham, Randy Roberts, Tim Roberts, LiMing Colkett, Joseph Colkett, Jimmy Colkett, Diana Colkett and Steve Colkett.

From: IMF Date: 6-21-06

Soke Robert Shook was awarded the Grandmaster of the Year award at the World Karate Union Hall of Fame annual awards.

From: IMF
Date: 8-15-05

Joel Lucky passed his test for shodan in Warrior Spirit Jujitsu. Congratulations Joel!

From: Sigung Steve Colkett
Date: 7-08-05

The Hornet's Nest competed in the 9th Annual Irish Cup Karate and Ju-Jitsu Championship. We all did well. Sensei Randy Roberts won Gold and Silver, Sa-Bom-Nim Tim Roberts won 4 Silvers, Sempai Diana Colkett won Gold, Silver and Bronze, Sensei Jimmy Colkett won Bronze, Sensei Joseph Colkett won Gold and Silver, LiMing Colkett won 2 Golds and Si-Gung Steve Colkett won 3 Silver and 2 Bronze.

The picture bellow is of LiMing Colkett winning her gold medal in grappling with a rear choke.

From: Sensei Joel Fein
Date: 6-18-05
Jonathon and Kate Bishop tested for and passed their 2nd Dan level test in Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido at the Makoto Dojo. The pictures below show the two with their instructor and during the testing itself. Congratulations!

From: Sigung Steve Colkett Date: 4-13-05

The Hornet's Nest competed in the 2005 Striking Cobra open martial arts Karate and Ju-jitsu championship and won 26 trophies

This photo is of just the Chinese Dragon Kempo people who competed, they won 16 trophies: L to R Back row Jesse Jameson, Si-gung Steve Colkett Middle row, Jerry Jameson, Brianna Anderson, Rosalie Carpenter, Crystal Jameson, Samantha Thomas. Front row- LiMing Colkett

From: Ron Cotnam Date: 3-09-05

We have recently had our school grading in Shorin Ryu Karate the following are the grading results for our school the Monkland and District Karate School.

Yellow Stripe: Kiera Quan, Ryan Baron, Derik Vanderweilen, Ryan Vanderweilen, Paul Frie, Kyle Fortier, Alicia Rochette, Curtis Baron, Robin Crotau, Kane Alquire, Wyatt Bender, Daniel McDonald, Kalistan Coleman, Tonya Coleman, Domenic Martel, Tihanna Benedict, Brennan Canham, Jack Mills, Holly Alquire

Yellow Belt: Tanner Rutley, Campbell Vanderwielen, Bailey Julien, Kyle Vanderwielen

Orange Stripe Belt: Andreas Haller, Jacob Sequin, Joshua Cameron, Liam McDonald

Orange Belt: Connor McRae, Gennah Hill, Rebecca MacDonnell

Green Stripe: Rebecca Froats, Danielle Froats, James Hancock, Chris Macdonnell

Green Belt: Caitlyn Joannette, Madeline Frie

Blue Stripe: Christine Bender, Tessa Dunham, Jodi Pynenburg, Sean Hakvoort, Zachery Hakvoort

Blue Belt: Todd Hackvoort, Cody Quan

Brown Stripe: Haley Hancock, Kelsey Lee

Brown Belt: Jenny Lee, Hannah Jackson

Black Stripe: Jessica Hancock, Erin Lee

Ron Cotnam, Instructor

From: Defensive Arts Training Association Date: 3-05-05

March 12th 10am to 5pm
Only $40.00
773-216-6688 3211 W. 62nd Place, Chicago, IL. WWW.Defensive-Arts.Org

ONLY ACCEPTING 10 APPLICANTS. One of the most effective weapons today is the telescoping baton. This Course will address the use of this Impact weapons for self defense. This course will cover the use of the closed and open baton. You will learn: grips, Strikes, close quarter stick combat drills, as well as disarms and self defense Techniques using the stick for thrusting, slashing, blocking, hooking, disarming, locking, choking, takedowns and ground fighting. No Registrations Accepted After March 9th 2005

From: Master Dean Jones
Date: 3-2-05
The following students have be promoted February 28/05 to Orange belt: Page Watcher, Ioana Menow, Dylan Connor, Kendra Budd. Yellow belt promotion: Daniel Watcher, Micheal McTavish. Green stripe promotion: Lee Ann Dunn, Jenna Czuk, Myles Kehler, Ebenezer Kobede, Trevor Liebrecht.Green belt: Dylan Baillie, Tristine Liebrecht. Blue stripe: Nichole Shore, Lisa Shore, Amanda Shore, Kodie Liebrecht.Blue belt: Haley Koss Red stripe: Tyrel Jones. Congrats to all!

From: Master Dean Jones
Date: 2-12-05

On February 12, 05 twelve members of Jones Black Belt Academy participated in the Canadian Classic full contact Taekwondo tournament. The students all had a great time winning 8 golds, 2 silver and 1 bronze. Special thanks to Mr. Fredette, Mr. Koss, Master Monkman and Miss Lalman for preparing the students for this event. Photos will be posted on website

Forms: Tyrel J. (Gold)
Sparring: Tyrel J. ( Gold) Kodie
Lisa S. (Gold)
Nichole S. (Silver)
Lee Ann D. (Gold)
Daniel W. (Gold)
Trevor L. (Gold)
Yanil B. (Gold)
Meera B. (Gold)
Kendra B. (Bronze)
Micheal M. (Silver)

From: Master Peter Beutel
Date: 2-7-05

Two of our students have made their examinations for the next rank and have decided to join now IMAF. Mrs. Karin Helms is member in our club since September 1997 and fulfilled on 27 of January 2005 her examination. Scoring: good. Mrs. Ingrid Schmid is member in our club since February 1997 and fulfilled on 3 of February 2005 her examination. Scoring: satisfactory. Normally she is better, but she was very exited. Both had to hold a lesson with a students group including exercises Tai Chi Chuan forms 1 to 4, half of the form Tai Chi Bong (short stick) and Chi Gong. To fulfill our requirements the scoring must be satisfactory min.

From: Shizumi Sensei
Date: 2-4-05

On Friday, February 4th, 2005 Grandmaster Crimi was honored with a Meritorious Service Medal from Law Enforcement for 30 years of service and dedication to Law Enforcement and the community.  Those in attendance were Judges, District Attorneys, Law Enforcement personal, and Government Officials!  Grandmaster Crimi was Humbled and Honored by this recognition.  Also in attendance were his wife, daughters, mother, and several of his Yudansha's.    Here is the link:

From: Master Steve Colkett
Date: 12-06-04

The Colkett Family Master Steve, Sensei Jimmy, Sensei Joseph, Sempai Diana and student LiMing, all members of the IMAF, traveled to London, England to compete in the Open Martial Arts World Championship run by Soke Gary Wasniewski. We did well bringing home 1 gold, 8 silver and 2 bronze medals. We stayed 5 days and toured London and other places in England, visiting the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Trafalger Square, Big Ben, Parliment, Winsor Castle, Salsbury Cathedral and Stonehenge. England is unbelievably expensive: gas over $6.00 per gallon, cigarettes $10.00 a pack, thank God we don't smoke, order a whopper meal at Burger King over $9.00. Everything was at least twice the cost as in the USA. We are glad to be home.

From: Fernan David Vargas
Date: 11-15-04

Hi Everyone,

This is just an FYI letting you all know that we are opening our new training facility on December 1st. We will be having a get together at the school on saturday December 4th begining at 1:00pm. At that time we will serving snacks and giving an overview of the various courses offered at the school which include Womens Self Defense ASP baton, MDTS, CQC and Apache Knife Fighting. We invite you all to attend as our guests and hopefully stay as our students.

The school is located at 3211 w. 62nd Place in Chicago. the number is 773-216-6688.

From: IMF
Date: 8-6-04

Six members of the Hornets Nest Academy and the federation traveled to Columbus,OH, to compete in the American Jukido Ryu Martial Arts Union National Karate and Ju-Jitsu Championship.

All six returned home as national champions, winning 15 medals - 10 gold, four silver and a bronze.

Brianna Anderson, a Kempo student, won gold in kata and silver in fighting.

Diana Colkett, a karate student, won gold medals in kata, musical kata and fighting.

Sensei Jimmy Colkett, a teacher, took gold in Kung Fu forms and silver in weapons and fighting.

LiMin Colkett, a Hapkido student, received gold medals in kata, weapons and fighting.

Sensei Joseph Colkett, a teacher, won gold in kata, silver in weapons, and bronze in fighting.

All six were presented with national champion certificates and patches for their uniforms and received the status of All-American.

Senseis Colkett, Hilkey and Everett and all members of the federation are proud of these students!

From: IMF
Date: 8-6-04

At the annual Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame presentation July 24, eight IMF members received recognition: Grandmaster of the Year - Chinese Dragon Kempo - Soke Robert Shook
Female Competitor of the Year - Sempai Diana Patchell Colkett
Black Belt Competitor of the Year - Budo Zanshin Karate - Sensei Joseph Colkett
Black Belt Competitor of the Year - Mixed Martial Arts - Sensei James "Jimmy" Colkett
Golden Life Award - Master Stephen Colkett
Black Belt of the Year - Budo Zanshin Karate - Sensei Jesica Everett
Instructor of the Year - Budo Zanshin Karate - Sensei Randy Everett
Sensei of the Year - Sanshin JuJitsu - Sensei Charles "Randy" Roberts

From: Andrew Stigliano (Sensei-Sifu)
Date: 8-4-04

The past January - I was awarded "Good Will Ambassador of master martial artists" as I was part of a Headlining Demonstration performance with other great Masters.

Our Demonstration team has been very busy - performing at many community festivals and charity events. We are scheduled to perform in Tampa Florida, at a major tournement.
We will be having our very first Junor Black Belt Test - J.P. Estrada - age 10, Brandon Stern - age 11, And Gary Lacchar -age 11. They have all been traing for over 5 years. And they are Extraordinary. They are scheduled to test this month and expected to not only pass but to inspire the rest of our dojo.

We are in the middle of our first SUMMER CAMP - and it was a tremendous success. We ran two, one week camps with a 25 person limit on each one. They have been filled with a waiting list, in case someone dropped out. I cannot wait for next year!

I will be instructing a seminar Upstate NY - covering Ground kicking and Grappling. Kempo speed striking, and obscure angle attacks.

Our annual open house/ BBQ will be held on August 22nd. We typically have - Live DJ, Clowns, Bouncer for kids, the Fire Dept., Guest Characters, Balloon Twisting, lots of Food, Games, Prizes, Little Seminars, Board Breaking, Demonstrations, and more. Its a great day.

From: Sensei Thomas Hollander
Date: 7-26-04

Jeffrey A. Brown passed the 1st Kyu (Third Brown Belt) exam in the art of Byakko Ryu Sogo Budo on July 11, 2004.

In other news, I attended Inosanto Camp 2004 here in St. Louis. The camp ran for 4 days, 6 hours a day, and the training that I received from Guro Dan and his Inosanto Academy instructors over those 4 days was phenomenal!

I am also going to attend a summer workshop with the legendary Eric Lee on August 1.

The most exciting news is that my friend and training partner, David Holcomb, myself and a Brazilian Capoeria instructor are going to open a dojo in Hazelwood, Missouri. The Dojo is called World Arts of St. Louis and through it my art of Byakko Ryu Sogo Budo will be made available to the public for the first time. Our opening date is set for sometime in September of this year. My friend David is quite an accomplished martial artist. He is an Isshin Ryu 4th dan who has won the Battle of Atlanta, is a two-time Isshin Ryu National Champion, and has studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo in Brazil.

I am also staying quite busy training in Chen style Taiji with my Chinese Master, and I am also conducting several workshops and Self-Defense seminars in private settings here in St. Louis.

From: IMF Headquarters
Date: 7-20-04

Jeffrey Cuevas, Soke Nidai of Shoshin Jitsu Kempo, has also been awarded the title of Hanshi from the Soke Menkyo Kai.

Also, Nick Demel has earned the rank of 5th Kyu/Orange Belt in the art of Shoshin Jitsu Kempo.

From: Si-fu Robert Mc Dowell, 5th degree black belt, Aikikenjitsu
Date: 7-13-04

Promotions: 7-11-04. Green belts earned by Bobbe Jones, Marty Williams and Ken Sneen in Aikikenjitsu. Passed by Si-fu Robert Mc Dowell, Senior Instructor. Requirements: Basic kicks—snap-side-rear (all to front), wheel kick, shuffle rear-kick, snap kick-wheel, shuffle rear-kick. All ten techniques done in air. All ten techniques done on a “line” of opponent. “Free form”, done fast for 30 seconds, then medium speed for 30 seconds (free form is a form of martial art shadow boxing). Hand blocking drill (our form of free-style). Joint locks #6 through #10. Level two free form against kicks (creative technique fighting against an opponents). Purple belt earned by Joe Pascua:: All basic kicks—front snap—rear kick, front snap-side-rear, front snap kick, shuffle rear kick, extreme upward rear kick, rear heel hook kick from a neutral, and rolling and falling. All ten techniques done in air. All ten techniques done on the line of opponents.

Also, my first tape on men and women’s self-defense is finished on high-8 tape. My wife, the computer expert, bought a new computer with DVD writer on it. As soon as we make our first DVD I hope to have it on this web site for purchase. I have to admit, it looks pretty good for my first one. The information is very good. Also the price will be very low.

From: Sifu Steve Colkett
Date: 7/01/04

Martial Art News
6 IMAF members from The Hornet's Nest Academy of Street Survival in Harrisville, West Virginia competed in the American Jukido Ryu Martial Art Unions National Championship in Columbus , Ohio on Saturday June 26th and all 6 won first place and brought home 15 medals including 10 golds. Competing were Brianna Anderson, and the Colkett Family Steve, Diana, Jimmy, Joseph and LiMing.

From: Dr. Crimi Hanshi
Date: 7/01/04

I was recently part of the honors committee for The World Cup held in Paris 7 of the 11 on the committee were Associate Members of my Organization. Use this link and scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

As far as up coming events there is the one in October and here is that link.
Please be safe and God Bless.

From: Donald P. Jeffrey, Soke Dai
Date: 7/01/04

The following member of the Independent Martial Arts Federation has accomplished the following:
Hanshi, Avelino R. Mayoral, Soke Sandai, Shizenki Ryu Karate, Judan, has been accepted into the Soke Menkyo Kai, an international license and accreditation association for head masters/founders of martial arts with the title - Soke Sandai, 3rd Generation headmaster of Shizenki Ryu Karate Bujutsu. Date certified: March 27, 2003.

Donald P. Jeffrey, Soke Dai , President

From: Nigel May
Date: 4/30/04

Promotions Yudojitsu:
Darren Rinaldi 8th gup
Travis Cook 10th gup
Grant cook 10th gup
Geoff Goss 10th gup
Nicole Goss 10th gup
Bianca Oswald 10th gup
Richard Masters 10th gup

Current Black Belts:
2nd dan: Travis Cook
1st dan:
Darren Rinaldi
Trevor Ellis
Roger Bolding
Shaun Symons
John Griffiths
Jacob Honeychurch

1st poom:
Paul Groves
Leah Fitton
Chloe Fitton
Kassidy Browell
Nick Whittle
Josh Keegan
Shannon Ryan
Tessa Ryan

2nd dan: Stan Ivanov
1st Dan:
Jacklyn Hocking
Geoff Goss
Evie Khoo-O'Shannessy
Russell Allport

1st poom:
Jaime Allport
James Kent
Jannelle Hocking
Jasmine Hocking

From: Lawrence Valadez
Date: 4/25/04

Tournament results:
Kate Valadez - Kata: First Place, Sparring: First Place
Kyle Valadez - Sparring: Second Place
Jose Sanchez - Kata: Second Place
Adam Penner: Sparring: 3rd Place

From: Shihan Dean Chapman
Date: 4/02/04

The International Okinawan Kobu-do Australia recognized me as 6th dan in Ryukyu Kobu-do.

I was named Texas Director of the World Fraternity of Martial Artists last June. We held our first Texas Qualifier this past November in Dallas. Next Year will be the WFMA Texas State Championships tentatively scheduled for Oct in Dallas. We should have teams from Canada making it an international event.

We took a team to the WFMA World Championships (held every three years in a different country) in the Dominican Republic. The Texas Team had 12 competitors and took home 25 medals including 6 gold. I took home a bronze in the kata division.

Anyone interested in the 2005 international tournament can contact me for information.

Our annual banquet held in Dallas had 140 in attendance. Austin Okinawan Karate and Sensei Ty Yocham 4th dan were recognized as TOGKF "School of the Year" and "Instructor of the Year" respectively.

We held our 14th Annual Texas Goju-kai Winter Challenge in Feb. Austin Okinawan Karate took the 1st place School Trophy, Austin American Karate Assoc. 2nd place and Texas Issinkai took 3rd place school teams from over a dozen schools took place.

Our Annual Kobu-do Camp will be held near Waco TX , May 1st. Topics will include Bo fighting technics, Tanbo kata and basics, Chinese Saber, Soken Saijutsu Sho kata and Matsumura White Crane techiques and Bunkai.

The Annual TOGKF Summer Challenge will be held in Mart, TX (near Waco) July 31.

Shihan Dean Chapman
Texas Okinawan Goju-kai
Okinawan Buto-ryu

From: Thomas Williams
Date: 4/02/04

April 25th, 2004 Marcia Dillon, sandan will receive an award for "Outstanding Instructor" within our system. Sandra Price-Byrd, godan will receive an award for "Community Service" for her work with at risk youth. I will be hosting the 2nd annual Black Belt Classic the day before.

Thomas Williams

From: David Swartz
Date: 4/02/04

I am a life member of IMAF, I’ve been practicing Aikido since June of 1991. Aiki Kyoikukai has just recently granted me Shidosha class level. Aiki Kyoikukai is a very traditional organization and does not 'promote' in kyu/dan levels. It has adopted the early budo system of class levels. Shidosha, in terms of kyu/dan ranking system, would be equivalent to Sandan.
Swartz, D

From: Robert Smith
Date: 3/24/04

From: Master Dean Jones
Date: 3/20/04

On Saturday March 13, 2004, 13 members of Jones Martial Arts participated in the Canadian Classic full contact tournament. We won 6 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze. only 2 of our member enter forms. Congrat.. to all! Canadian Classic 2004 photos link.

From: Master Dean Jones
Date: 12/26/03

January 6, 2004 is the opening of our new branch at River Elm School 500 Riverton Ave. Classses are on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7 P.M. (Beginners) and 7-8 P.M. (advance). River Elm Instructer: Master Jones, Mr. Fredette. Machray School New Instructor: Mr. Monkman. Faraday School Instructor: Master Jones, Mr. Koss, Master Brown.
Shuhari Karate Dojo
213 North Main St.
Broadway, VA 22815
(540) 896-1166

From: William D. Bird, Director, Chief Instructor, Martialpoint
Date: 12/26/03

Some of the accomplishments in this past year for me have been: Master Level Instructor with the Crisis Prevention Institute. I teach medical and behavioral health staff how to handle verbal and physically acting out clients. My advanced training this past year in Nashville, plus the number of persons taught over the last several years has helped me earn this highest level in crisis intervention. I also attended the FBI course on Crisis Negotiations. In August 2003, I earned the title of Certification in Homeland Security Level III (highest level). I have incorporated several aspects of this training in my martial arts programs. I teach all my students that the best way to win a fight is to avoid it.

From: Rafael V. Pabon, Sensei
Date: 11/14/03

I want to give something to the members and the Federation. My consultant group / instructor we provide the following services to the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. area as certify training group/academy by each state:

 Law Enforcement & Security Firearms Training (Handgun, shotgun, and patrol rifle).
 VA Department of Criminal Justice Services Security Officer and Firearms Training (basic handgun & advanced handgun skills).
 Washington DC Special Police Basic Course and Firearms Training.
 GSA / Federal Protective Service Security Officer, Supervisor, and Firearms Training.
 Maryland State Police handgun & security training and certification.
 National Training Justice Council (NTJC) Handcuffing training, Chemical (OC) Spray training and issue a national certification for each.
 Monadnock Police Training Council Expandable and rigid police batons basic and advanced certification.
 Training and literature in preparation for above training programs.
 National Rifle Association (NRA) civilian disciplines training (handguns, shotgun, rifle, home firearms safety, and personal protection).

Additionally we provide, self-defense training, weapons retention, fingerprinting, private investigators, psychological profiling testing for armed security applicants, and background investigations.

Any member of IMAF that move to this area and may required such training the training will be FREE OF CHARGE.

Saint George Knights
Operations, Training & Security Consultants
1904 Briar Rose Lane, Suite 201
Lake Ridge, Virginia 22193-6964
(703) 494-6589 –

From: Sam Sanchez
Date: 10/21/03

I have now opened my new school United World Martial Arts. My school is over 7,000 sq. ft. and within 2 months we already have enrollment close to 100 new students.

From: Lawrence Valadez
Date: 10/21/03

Valadez Kenpo has released the Kenpo Warrior Cane System CD. The cost is $15 (free shipping). We will also becoming out with a stick system and the Valadez Kenpo-Ryu system soon. Contact Valadez Kenpo at

From: Robert Shook, IMAF
Date: 08/26/03

Congratulations to Soke Darel E. Chase, DB, on the 29th Anniversary Celebration of his study of the martial arts! There will be a celebration on Saturday, September 20th in Paterson, NJ.

From: Andrew Stigliano (Sifu/Sensei) UMAC
Date: 08/18/03

It is Sunday Morning 2:00am. I am at the Dojo, we are having a sleep over, there are sixty kids here from 4 to 16. They are almost all asleep. The event so far has been a huge success. I owe a lot to my Program director and Fiancee Heidi, she is awesome. Parents will pick them up at 10:am.

From: Andrew Stigliano (Sifu/Sensei) UMAC
Date: 08/10/03

I just got back from Storm King Mountain, where Professor Ronald Duncan holds his Summer Ninjutsu Camp. It was a great weekend, many great masters where in attendance. The training started at 9 am Saturday and ended Saturday night at 11:30pm. We resumed sunday at 9am and continued until 1pm. Truly a giving and learning experience for all. I was asked to do a demonstration of my skills and the Nagare Do Sogo Ryu System, it went awesome -- I received many great comments from some of the top artists on this side of the country. I was also asked to take part in the upcoming Oriental World of Martial Arts Show. I will be representing Master Duncan, as I believe the show will be recognizing himself, as well as Michael De Pasquale Sr., and other such legends.

From: Andrew Stigliano (Sifu/Sensei) UMAC
Date: 07/27/03

On Friday June 20th, we held a special Teen & Adult class, where I worked them very hard and went into great depths about the Martial Arts and its traditions, as well as customs. The Class was outstanding. Everyone was dripping sweat and begging for more, and without warning I shut the lights out and surprised the entire class (especially two young men) with a Title Ceremony. I conducted my first Sempai Ceremony in Which Devin Colomba, and Donald Kushner, accepted the title of sempai and all of its responsibilities. The whole school buzzing with high spirits. I hope they progress, for I am looking forward to future events. The Martial Arts is Magic, and I can only pray that more of the people in our world will wake up, and take and active role in bettering themselves through the martial arts.

On the evening of June 28th, The World Karate Union Inducted me for KARATE MASTER of the Year. It was truly an honor, since I have been inducted into their hall of fame in 2000 for Instructor of the year, as they recognized my System as innovative and legitimate. It was a great event, which took place at the Chateau at Camel Back. The entire weekend was fantastic! There were plenty of awesome seminars, which were held on Saturday, June 28th, from morning until late afternoon. My Seminar which covered Ninjutsu style tactics and Ground Fighting was well received. Many people found it necessary to approach me and compliment the seminar and the manner in which I conducted it. I personally felt it was a job well done.

I brought 15 students with me to compete in their annual tournament which was held on the Sunday following the Banquet, Sunday, June 29th. All fifteen students competed well and represented our dojo and system with high honors. I was very pleased with their level of skill, they brought home over 35 awards.

All in all it was a great weekend, of sharing, brotherhood, and bonding. All of my people (I hate that phrase), had an awesome time. And we had the chance to meet and hang, with some martial arts legends such as Grand Master Gary Alexander, and Hanshi Bill DeClemente, Master Alan Goldberg, And much more.

From: Si-gung Steve Colkett
Date: 07/17/03

Martial art news: Master Dave Mossor, Si-gung Steve Colkett and Sensei Nic Mossor were inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame on Saturday July 12th in Houston. Master Mossor as Karate Master of the year, Si-gung Colkett as instructor of the year Kung Fu Wushu and Sensei Mossor as youth Black Belt competitor of the year.

5 members of the IMAF from West Virginia competed in the 2003 Karate World Championship in Houston Texas. Si-gung Steve Colkett won 1st in Fighting, 2nd in kung fu forms, 3rd in weapons kata, and 4th in empty hand kata in the Masters division, Sensei Jimmy Colkett won 1st in Fighting, weapons kata and empty hand kata in the 16-17 year old black belt division, Sensei Joseph Colkett won 1st in weapons kata, 2nd in fighting and 3rd in empty hand kata in the 12-13 year old black belt division, Master Dave Mossor won 2nd in fighting and empty hand kata and 4th in weapons kata in the Masters division, Sensei Nic Mossor won 2nd in fighting, weapons kata and empty hand kata in the 14-15 year old black belt division.

From: Si-fu Robert Mc Dowell, 5th degree black belt, Aikikenjitsu
Date: 07/14/03
Promotions: July 12, 2003. Blue belts earned by Bobbe Jones, Marty Williams, and Ken Sneen in Aikikenjitsu. Passed by Si-fu Robert Mc Dowell, Senior Instructor. Requirements: Blue belt basic kicks. All techniques in air and on opponents. Creative defending against level one--straight punch. Hand blocking drill (form of free-style). Joint locks, 1 through 5.

From: Jason Hunt, Th.D. President, American College of Martial Science
Date: 06/29/03
This is to inform you that the ACMS is now offering Seminars in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Korean Grappling (Wa Ki Sool). These seminars are available for all school owners and those training on their own. These seminars are instructed by Jason Hunt and Jim Mahan. Fees for these seminars are very reasonable, and certificates of training are granted for participating.

From: Sifu Steve Colkett
Date: 06/23/03
My family and I have just returned today from Ireland and Scotland. We were gone 2 weeks and had a wonderful time. We competed in the Irish cup Karate and Ju-jitsu Championship in Dublin Ireland which had 504 competitors, and Team America won the Competition. My family did well also: Daughter LiMing won a bronze medal in Kata; Joseph who was sick and only competed in one event taking the bronze medal in Duo Ju-jitsu; Jimmy won silver in weapons and Randori Ju-jitsu, bronze in Grappling and fighting; Wife Diana won Gold in kata and fighting and silver in team fighting; I won gold in kata and Grappling, silver in fighting, randori ju-jitsu and Duo ju-jitsu and bronze in weapons and team fighting.

From: Sifu Steve Colkett
Date: 05/23/03
Si-Hing Larry Hilkey has been promoted to Si-suk Brown belt in Kung Fu Wujutsu. Si-suk is the title given to an instructor below the Si-fu level, Si-suk means younger uncle. Larry also has been promoted to Si-fu 1st black sash in Chin na.

Sifu Colkett has also bought his own school, after teaching out of gyms for so many years. This will be great!

Martial Arts News- Sensei Larry Hilkey, Sensei Jimmy Colkett, Sensei Joseph Colkett and Sifu Steve Colkett were inducted into the American Jukido Ryu Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Columbus, Ohio on May 10th 2003, Sensei Hilkey as Ju-jitsu instructor of the year, Sensei Jimmy Colkett as Jr. Black belt of the year, Sensei Joseph Colkett as Jr. Brown belt of the year and Sifu Colkett as Martial Arts Master of the year.

Sifu Colkett and his students also competed in the American Jukido Ryu Martial Arts Union National Championship and Diana Colkett won 3 gold medals and is now an ALL AMERICAN, Sifu Steve Colkett won a gold and 2 silvers and is now an ALL AMERICAN, Sensei Jimmy Colkett 1 silver 2 bronze, Sensei Joseph Colkett 1 silver and 2 bronze, LiMing Colkett 2 bronze and Sensei Larry Hilkey 2 silver

From: Master Dean Jones
Date: 05/12/03
The following students have been promoted to orange belt 9 keup: Lisa Shore, Amanda Shore, Nichole Shore. They have also been issued a WIF rank certificate free of charge. Congratulations to all. A former member of Jungdo Taekwondo tried a free class.

From: Si-fu Robert Mc Dowell
Date: 05/07/03
Promotions: 4-10-03; Purple belts earned by David and Jacob Baudin in Aikikenjitsu, passed by Si-fu Robert Mc Dowell, Senior instructor.

From: Si-fu Steve Colkett
Date: 04/18/03
Si-di Edwin Carder is the 2003 Tri State champion (Ohio,West Virginia, Pennsylvania) in Randori ju-jitsu. Ed fought like a man posessed! Si-Di Joseph Colkett won 2nd in Kata and Kumite. Their teachers, Sensei Larry Hilkey and Si-fu Steve Colkett, are very proud of them.

From: Master Will Duncan
Date: 04/18/03
Master Will Duncan (5th generation certified master in Taiji, Xingyi and Bagua) is now offering internal martial arts classes at the Anahata Healing Center in Cary, North Carolina. He is also pleased to announce the promotion of Mr. Frank Versagi, owner of the Shaolin Center for Martial Arts in North Olmsted, Ohio, and Shaolin Temple trainee, to 4th Degree Black Sash. Shihan Duncan was also recently promoted to 7th Dan in Karate by O-sensei Philip Porter of the of the United States Martial Arts Association.

From: Sensei Thomas Hollander
Date: 04/18/03
Mr. Jeffrey R. Brown passed the 3rd Kyu (First Brown Belt) exam in the art of Byakko Ryu Sogo Budo on April 6, 2003. Congratulations Mr. Brown on this achievement!

From: Master Dean Jones
Date: 04/17/03
April 14, 2003 Promotions. Next color belt promotion May 27, 2003. Black Belt promotions June 2003.

Orange - Haley Koss, Sarah Kafka, Amanda Kafka, Dorothy Kafka, Samantha Obradovic, Mandi Morisseau, Ashley Morrisseau, Samantha Mahoney, Dan Patriarca, Tristine Liebrech, Kodie Liebrech
Yellow - Tyrel Jones, Aaron Mainville, Cara Lawson, Tyler Lawson
Green stripe - Jay Patriarca
Green - Ashley Koss
Brown Belt 1st kup - Floyd Carpenter
Red Belt 2nd kup - Brandy Wesley
Red stripe - Yanil Balkaran, Meera Balkaran
Blue Belt - Kyle Monkman
Blue Stripe - Jackie Callahan, Cyrus Shorting, Ridge Wesley
Green - Micheal Bear Jr.
Green Stripe - Blake Shorting
Yellow - Micheal Bear Sr., Katelyn Thompson, Nathan Thompson, Leanna Thompson

From: Sifu Steve Colkett
Date: 03/30/03
We competed in the House of Pain Ohio Championship, results were Si-Di Joseph Colkett won 3 silvers, 1 bronze and Si-di Ethan Kline won 2 silver, 2 bronze, Diana Colkett won 2 gold, LiMing Colkett won 2 Gold. Sensei Jimmy Colkett won Gold,silver and bronze, Sifu Steve Colkett won gold , silver and Bronze.

Si-di Joseph Colkett Competed in the Ohio State Championship and is the 2003 Ohio State Champion in Kumite and Duo Ju-jitsu he also won 2nd place in grappling, randori Ju-jitsu and Empty hand kata and 3rd in Weapons kata.

From: IMF
Date: 01/20/03
Sensei/Sifu Steve Colkett's daughter, LiMing Colkett is the 2003 Grand National Champion in Kata for the girls 6 and under division. LiMing also won 2nd place in Kumite. Congratulations on her achievement!

From: IMF
Date: 10/28/02
Shihan Gholamreza Gholami was awarded the title Kyoshi by Soke Premru of the Okinawa Federation. Congratulations on this high honor!

From: Sijo Chad Boxx, IMF Annual Awards
Date: 12/10/02
Sensei Ron Cotnam Named Master Instructor of the Year

In consideration of instituting the annual awards program for IMF, I had hoped to honor various categories of Instructors with extra recognition for special merit and excellence in service. However, in your case I find it is I who am honored to have had the opportunity to review you and to have seen and read the opinions and comments of your students. I was moved by the sincerity of the statements made on your behalf. As I examined the recorded and written material, it occurred to me that we should all teach in such a way as to inspire the type of relationship that you have with your students. As we move forward into the new year, I will be remembering the material you submitted and encouraging the Instructors I come in contact with to pursue such excellence in teaching.

I am pleased to announce that you have been named the “IMF Master Instructor of the Year – 2002.” Congratulations to you on this great honor! As IMF continues to grow, you will always be remembered as our first annual “Master Instructor of the Year.”

From: IMF
Date: 12/10/02
Sensei/Sifu Steve Colkett was inducted into the USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame on November 2, 2002, in Pittsburgh, PA. Sensei/Sifu joins many great and famous martial artists from 36 nations in the Hall of Fame. Colkett holds a 3rd degree black belt in Kung Fu Wushu, a 2nd degree in Seiei Kan Karate and a 1st degree in Ju-Jitsu. Congratulations on this honor!

From: Master Dave Mossor
Date: 12/10/02
Jimmy Colkett recently recently earned his Shodan 1st degree black belt in Ko Sutemi Seiei Kan Karate. The test consisted of 75 terms, 10 empty hand katas, two weapons kata, and sparring against 20 black belts, one after the other. Congratulations on this achievement!

From: Master Jörgen Rasmussen, Sweden
Date: 12/08/02
I hope you are doing well. My son Dawid Dragon Nowak & Osamah Puma Nasrallah received 2nd place in WUMA World Championships in Self-Defence. And 3 team kata 3 girls of my student received 3rd place. Everything took place in Odense Denmark 23-24 November.

From: Andrew Stigliano, United Karate
Date: 11/26/02
Whew! Just returned From PANAMA! So i have just recieved your e-mail. I am alway happy to here from you and IMF people.. I hope all is Well.. Me and two of my students went down to Panama for an International Tournament, Seminars and awards... Tournament was on Nov. 24...My students did very well Donald Kushner 15 year old Black Belt placed 1st in Fighting, Weapons and Self Defense, and took second in Forms. Devin Colomba 18 year old Brown placed Second in Fighting, First in weapons, Second in Self defense, and first in forms. I myself placed third in self defense, second in weapons, and first in forms and fighting. Then i competed with four other american representitives fought on the American Team to beat the panamanian team 16 to 12. What a great Time... Very excited. I was also askd to instruct a Weapons seminar.... I look forward to ore Exciting events....

Yours In the Spirit of the Martial Arts..

Andrew Stigliano (Sifu/Sensei)

From: Stephen V. Colkett, Hornets Nest, Kung Fu Wujutsu Academy of Street Survival
Date: 10/01/02
My latest martial arts news is that my family and I competed in the West Virginia State championship, and My son Joseph won 1st in grappeling and kata and kumite 2nd in randori ju-jitsu duo ju-jitsu and weapons kata, my wife took 3rd in kata and my daughter took 2nd in kata and kumite and I took 1st in duo ju-jitsu and 2nd in randori, I only competed in 2 events this year, also we have mailed our deposits for the Irish cup championship in Dublin Ireland and will compete their in June, we went last year and had a wonderful time and we brought home 14 medals. thats all my news, except that I became a Grandfather today at about 1:30pm, my first-it's a boy!

From: Robert Shook, President, IMFtm
Date: 9/16/02
The Council of Founders is honored to announce the appointment of Chad Boxx to the post of Vice President - Director of Membership Resources. His duties will include running the annual awards program, researching tips and techniques resources and other duties related to supporting members.

From: Robert Shook, Chief Instructor, Chinese Dragon Kempo
Date: 9/12/02
Master Robert Shook has completed work on a series of videos for his Chinese Dragon Kempo style. The series consists of seven tapes. Each tape present 6 to 18 self-defense technique combinations and an open hand form. Visit

From: Andrew Stigliano, Sifu-Sensei, United Martial Arts Center, NY
Date: 9/11/02

I hope you all are well, it is 9/11, and NEW YORK, is reliving a tribute to the heros from last year...... So with that I wish all of you PEACE, and Long Lives.....Things at the Dojo are going well, I am scheduled to compete at some local tournaments with some students in preperation of my trip to PANAMA this November......We had many promotions and we plan on having three more BLACK BELTS before the Holidays.... We are all excited here…. Our Demo Team is making wonderful progress.

From: Master R.W. Dyson, Durham, UK
Date: 9/11/02

Everyone in England has you in their hearts today. God bless America

Date: 8/19/01

Robert Shook was inducted into Worldwide Alliance Of Martial Artists Hall of Fame in August.

Date: 6/11/01

Brent Fuller of Hudson Falls, NY, was inducted into the WORLD-WIDE MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME (WWMAHOF) during ceremonies held in Syracuse, NY, for Taekwondo Master Instructor of the Year.


The Eagle Tiger Federation offers advanced academic degrees in the martial arts. Please check out the website.

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What: Kansas Superfights
When: August 7, 2004; McPherson, Community Building Preliminaries 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM Finals, Black Belts and Main Event Starting at 5:30 PM
Where: Hutchinson, KS
Cost: Preliminaries 1:30 - 4:00 PM $5.00
Finals, Black Belts and Main Event 5:30 PM $10.00
Both Shows $12.00
All seats are first come, first serve.

Contact: For additional information contact Sandra Price-Byrd. Mcpherson School of Karate. (620) 241-9019



What: Summer Seminars
Where: Chicago, IL

JIM WAGNER'S KNIFE SURVIVAL TRAINING - The best way to defend yourself against the gruesome weapon is to learn how to master its usage. This is not a single martial arts system, but an extensive collection of actual techniques and training methods used by today's prison inmate and criminal population, as well as elite military units world wide. July 17th 2004 (Tentative), 9:00am to 5:00pm, Kosciuszko Park 2732 N. Avers, Chicago, IL. Topics covered will include:
-12 angles of attack
-8 fundamental knife blocks
-The Jim Wagner knife disarm rule
-Actual combat drills and exercises
-Medical implications of knife wounds
-Current legal issues
Instructor will be Fernan Vargas Founder of The Defensive Arts Training Association. Please call or E-mail for registration or Questions. COST: Absolutely Free: Sworn Law Enforcement; $40.00 LEO & Security Personnel & Military Personnel; $60.00 Civilians

POLICE TACTICAL TRAINING COURSE - This one day intensive training is intended as a supplement to the Use of Force training that is currently provided to police and security personnel. August 6th 2004, 9:00am to 5:00pm, Northwest Church of God, 6333 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL. Topics covered will include:
-One Second Pressure Point Fighting
-Personal Weapon Retention Techniques
-Defensive Tactics and Handcuffing Techniques
-Knife To Open Hand Techniques
-Breaking Up Quarrels Or Frays
-Firearm to Open Hand Techniques
-Subject Removal From A Vehicle
Instructor will be: Gus Michalik Founder of the Black Arts Society and Former instructor 1RCR (Special Service Force), Unarmed Combat Team. Please E-mail for registration or Questions. COST: Absolutely Free: Sworn Law Enforcement; $55.00 LEO & Security Personnel & Military Personnel; $75.00 Civilians

Military Knife Fighting Course - This one day intensive training is intended to provide practical and effective military Knife and unarmed combat techniques. August 7th 2004,9:00am to 5:00pm Northwest Church of God, 6333 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL. Topics covered will include:
Instructor will be: Gus Michalik Founder of the Black Arts Society and Former instructor 1RCR (Special Service Force), Unarmed Combat Team. Please call or E-mail for registration or Questions. COST: $25.00 Military Personnel; $55.00 LEO & Security Personnel; $75.00 Civilians

What: 2004 Small Circle Jujitsu/Kyusho International Summer Camp
Contact: This is the one not to miss! The 2004 Small Circle Jujitsu/Kyusho International Summer Camp is fast approaching. If you are a new martial arts student, an experienced practitioner, or even a seasoned instructor, this is the annual event you will want to attend.

Sensei Ed Melaugh of Small Circle Jujitsu and Master Evan Pantazzi of Kyusho International are joining forces to put together what, in my opinion, is one of the best martial arts training camps/seminars I have ever attended. As both of these men are MY instructors, I have great respect and admiration for both. I attend every year and have been honored enough to ask to teach again at this year's camp. There will be a host of great instructors from around the country and around the world including Will Higginbotham, Mark Klein, Gary Rooks, Mark Tuttle, and a host of others. This really is a great opportunity.

Check out the link below. This is a great experience and something you will want to be part of year after year. Let me know if I can be of any help or answer any questions.

See you all there!


John Borter, Instructor
Stratton ANGB 109th Airlift Wing Jujitsu Club
"Teaching Modern Jujitsu for Effective Self-Defense

Contact: 33 BLACK BELT DIVISIONS FROM PEE-WEE TO SENIOR ADULT. FORM * TEAM FORM * SELF DEFENSE * WEAPONS * FIGHTING. Includes a master's division in the empty hand and weapons division for 5th degree and over.

$35.00 for the first two events and $5.00 for each additional event. Spectators $5.00 for adult. $3.00 for age 5-12. Under 5 is free. Registration is from 8:30 to 10:30. Tournament will begin promptly at 10:30. Pre-registration must be mailed in by April 7, 2004. Money order or certified check by mail. Cash, money order or certified check at the door.

This is a day totally devoted to the black belt competitor. If you are retired or injured and would like to judge ( In Uniform ONLY ) let me know and I will send you a rules packet. I would rather not have competitors judge unless they wish to. I would rather they devote their energies to their events.

Thomas Williams

What: 8-Week Self Defense Course for Men & Women
Where: Sumner, Washington
Contact: $60.00 per student-for addtional info contact: Robert McDowell (253) 848-7011 email:

What: Martial Arts Unity - The Gathering of the Warriors II featuring Sigung Steve LaBounty, Grandmaster Max Pallen, Grandmaster Crimi, With special guests Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, and Grandmaster Rob Castro
When: October 4th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Sunday October 5th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Where: Hikari Ryuza Ryu Dojo Kan, 11990 Sunset Hill, Penn Valley CA
Cost: PRE-REGISTRATION COST IS $75.00 FOR ONE DAY $150.00 FOR BOTH DAYS. COST AT DOOR WILL BE $80.00 AND $160.00 CUT OFF DATE FOR PRE-REGESTRATION IS SATURDAY THE 20th OF SEPTEMBER. Make all checks or money orders payable to Hikari Ryuza Ryu Do Kan
Contact: Please contact Shizumi Phone: 530-432-5588 Fax: 530-432-0674 E-mail: Website: Food and refreshments will be available through a concession stand run by the students of Hikari Ryuza Ryu Do Kan. WE ARE SORRY BUT DUE TO THE DESIGN OF OUR DOJO THERE IS NO ROOM FOR SPECTATORS SO IF YOU ARE COMING BRING YOUR GI!

What: First Annual Pacific Northwest Reunion of Warriors featuring Sigung Stephen LaBounty - American Kenpo, Grandmaster Crimi - Hikari Ryuza Ryu Ju-Jutsu, Prof. John Sepulveda, Alan Henderson 5th degree.
When: Saturday, 04/05/2003
Where: Doubletree Hotel 300 112 Ave E, Bellevue WA
Cost: $75 participant $35 spectator

What: Double Impact Seminar - Senkotiros and Ju-Jitsu featuring Prof. Max Pallen and Prof. T.R. Crimi. Prof. Pallen will demo the deadly art of the solo baston. Prof. Crimi will demo Ju-jitsu and defensive tactics.
When: Sunday, 9/22/2002
Where: Pallen's Martial Arts, 13730 Doolittle Dr., San Leandro CA
Cost: $45 pre-reg, $50 at the door

What: Cross Ranking Examination - The Goshin Ju Jitsu Kai International will be holding cross ranking examinations. Opportunity to cross rank up to godan (5th degree black belt) will be available. Participants will be registered with Goshin Ju Jitsu Kai International and with the National Ju Jitsu Federation of America. To qualify, please bring the following: photo copies of all current dan rankings; 4 2"X2" photos (head and shoulder); white gi & plain black belt. If successful, participants will receive: black belt certification from Goshin Ju Jitsu Kai International; black belt certification from National Ju Jitsu Federation of America; annual membership in Goshin Ju Jitsu Kai International; annual membership in National Ju Jitsu Federation of America; appropriate instructor certification from both GJJKI & NJJF.
When: Saturday, Nov. 16, 2002
Where: The Universal Martial Arts Institute Located at 48 Washington Street Bloomfield, NJ
Contact: Darel Chase at

What: K.I.C.K - Karate International Council of Kickboxing in the Middle East , a worldwide non-profit organization ,dedicated to the advancement of karate by providing exposure for professional and amateur athletes of martial arts through professional "Full contact Karate" events.
When: Check website for more info:

What: Martial Arts Unity - The Gathering of the Warriors featuring Prof. LaBounty - Parker Kenpo Karate, Prof. Pallen - Senkotiros stick fighting and Prof. Crimi - Hikari Ryuza JuJutsu.
When: Saturday, 10/26/2002
Where: Hikari Ryuza Ryu Dojo Kan, 11990 Sunset Hill, Penn Valley CA
Cost: $50 pre-reg, $60 at the door
Contact: Prof. Crimi, 530-432-5588,

What: Double Impact Seminar - Senkotiros and Ju-Jitsu featuring Prof. Max Pallen and Prof. T.R. Crimi. Prof. Pallen will demo the deadly art of the solo baston. Prof. Crimi will demo Ju-jitsu and defensive tactics.
When: Sunday, 9/22/2002
Where: Pallen's Martial Arts, 13730 Doolittle Dr., San Leandro CA
Cost: $45 pre-reg, $50 at the door
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Master Blaine Grissom, 12/26/03

I have been working on blending all my styles that I have obtained Black Belt ranking in for many years now.

To let you know a little about SaJaDo: it is a mixture of TangSooDo,TaeKwonDo,Hapkido,Kobudo,Jiu-Jitsu,MooKiDo and GumDo. I start out lower ranks learning a foundation Karate style with forms and One Steps then I move them up to Hapkido and Jiu-Jitsu. I then try to refine their training with Okinawan and Korean Weaponry.

I feel it is a total martial art system which I have been developing for 20 years. Not necessarily reinventing the wheel but refining the wheel using different philosophy based on modern day self-defense needs; backed with traditional martial skills.


Robert Mc Dowell, 5th degree black belt, Aikikenjitsu, 7/14/03

For many years I was undecided whether to keep forms or not. I had studied two different styles of Kenpo, and had many forms under my belt. Forms in them selves have much value, but for those that don't like preset forms, I would like to propose a middle of the road approach.

I practice what I call “free form”. Simply put, you visualize being attacked by attackers with sticks, knifes, punches, kicks and grabs. You react as if it were real, with power and focus. This will enable you to put into practice the techniques you have learned up to date.

If you practice preset forms, this will see how well you can create your own combinations of movements while being attacked by numerous opponents.

It will be slow at first, but it is worth learning how to do. Work towards 30 seconds and later for a full minute.

Budo vs. Sport Competition

Robert Sterling, USA Chairman of the World Budo Alliance, 4/14/03

My organization is pretty small and self-contained. We don't attend many tournaments, but when a colleague holds an event locally - especially a charity benefit - I do my best to support it.

I was recently at a tournament with a few students, who did pretty well in their kata events. I was standing, watching the sparring competitions, when I was approached by a rather high-ranking sensei in a well-known, worldwide karate system.

"I notice your students don't spar," he said. "What's the matter; are they afraid of a little rough-and-tumble?" I don't know if the fact that my people did considerably better than his in kata competition had anything to do with his comment, but I responded with respect.

"We don't do much point-fighting," I replied. "A little, to get a feel for timing and distance, but my system doesn't emphasize the sport aspect of the art. We're more reality-based."

The man actually sneered at me and said, "You mean to say that our sparring isn't reality based? Let me show you something." With that he called over a couple of his black belts and told them he wanted them to spar a round for me. He told them to "go at it pretty hard".

They went about a minute when he called "Time!", and then looked at me, sneered again, and said, "What do you think of THAT for fighting?!" His fighters looked pretty good and I told him so, but I reiterated that I train my people for fighting, not for sparring.

"So you don't think fighting like that would be good for the street?" he asked. "Would you mind backing up your statement?" I don't think he was challenging me to a knock-down drag-out, so I gave him the answer he requested.

"You say that would be effective as actual self-defense, right?" He nodded. "Okay... they've been at it for about 60 seconds. Why are they both still standing?" With that, he looked at me, shook his head as though I just didn't get it, and walked away.

We've all heard the stories about So-and-So's cousin or next-door neighbor who has a third-degree black belt and had his head handed to him in an actual brawl. Unfortunately, those stories are mostly true... because martial arts students, by and large, don't separate martial ARTS from martial SPORTS.

Don't get me wrong. I have the greatest respect for tournament competitors. They are incredible athletes, with endurance, timing and flexibility second to none. But they are athletes, NOT FIGHTERS. Agreed, their skills will give them an edge when push comes to shove... but training for tournaments does not equate to training for the street. There are too many black belts out there with a closetful of trophies who would be virtually helpless against an experienced street fighter. Many are oriented toward “winning” and “losing”, a mindset that amplifies the likelihood of a physical confrontation.

If you train for competition, my hat's off to you. It takes gruelingly hard work and dedication to achieve that level of athletic excellence. But PLEASE don't think your tournament skills will prove useful on the mean streets, because they are a different set of skills. Don't end up as "So-and-So's black-belt cousin" who gets beaten bloody in a bar-room brawl. Tournament skills will be no more useful to you on the street than a street-fighter's skills would be useful in a tournament. It's a whole different animal.

"Reflections Of A Master”
by Stephen E. Jonas, 7/01

As my 30th year as a student of the martial arts rapidly approaches, I would like to take this morning to share my thoughts with my fellow martial artists.

Martial arts means many different things to many different people in many different cultures. This can be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing. The basic styles and schools of thought have been around for a long time. Sometimes this can be quite confusing to a new student, experienced blackbelt, blacksash, or boxer. What style should I study? Which is the best? How can I tell the good teachers from the bad ones?

I feel the answers to most of these questions are very personal ones that each person with an interest in the martial arts should consider. Some of my peers started at early ages and quit for various reasons. Some found a specific school or style and stayed with it. I fell into another category that some of the members of the IMF may relate to. I have a great respect for any martial artist or martial art that teaches respect for others, better health, and strength of character. So, which art, style, or teacher is best? The one that challenges you in these areas, holds to the highest standards, and, most importantly, best suits your needs. These needs may change if you are a dedicated student. Keep that in mind. This study should provide you with information and abilities that you can use for the rest of you life to help yourself, and, if you are very fortunate, you may get the opportunity to help others with your art. In conclusion, I would like to thank Master Robert Shook and the IMF for giving me this forum to express my thoughts, my teachers, my parents, and my students that continue to teach me. I hope the next thirty years of study will teach me as much as the past thirty.

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Techniques and Teaching Tips

Visit the Close Quarter Combat Bulletin Board. for information on all aspects of CQC.

Are Your Students Having Trouble With Falling?

by Russell Stuart

For many beginning and even some advanced students falling is a cumbersome and unpleasant burden that we must bear. A simple way to get your students to become more comfortable and fluent with the technique of falling is to incorporate a falling workout into every class. My first instructor incorporated this type of a workout into every class much to my dismay, but overtime I reached a point where falling did not bother me in the least. I fully believe that if it had not been for theses exercises then I would be one of the many people that this article is directed towards helping instead of the one writing it. The work out goes like this:

Your students gather in a circle with the instructor at the top. From a seated position with your legs in front of you and fall back for 10 reps going down to the mat and back to the original position. After the tenth repetition assume a squatting position and do 10 back falls going down to the mat and back to the original squatting position. On the tenth repetition all participants stand up and perform 5 back falls going all the way to the mat and returning to the standing position. When you reach the fifth repetition with out stopping you return to performing back falls from the squatted position for 20-30 repetitions.

All of these falls should be done to a cadence that is set by one student counting out loud. After that student has reached the tenth repetition allow the next student to count until the tenth repetition is reached.  Use a round robin approach to your counting.

B.A.T....Balance, Angle, and Technique Timing

By Master Kirk Simmons

B.A.T. - which stands for balance, angle, and technique timing - is the knowledge gained by throwing over and over again.

Balance - seeing how the opponent is standing and using weak points in his stance against him.

Angle - using the correct angle to break an opponent’s balance. Point in case is you either pull an opponent toward his toes of push him back on his heels to throw him off balance.

Technique and Timing - using proper technique is important. If you want to take a person backwards you would not use a hip throw, and using proper timing is one of the most important things. Also knowing when to use a technique is as important as knowing the technique altogether.

From IMF Members - Self Defense Techniques and Comments

Reverse Circular Motion
by Si-fu Robert Mc Dowell

In Aikikenjitsu we use the principle of “reverse circular motion”. This is where you strike your attacker from different angles, thus confusing him. When I demonstrated on a new student, he said that it felt “very confusing. It was like being attacked by a swarm of bees.” You might want to experiment with this principle if you’re not already doing so.

The best way to give you a visual is to describe a technique using it:

The attacker throws a right punch at your face.
Your left foot slides to 11 o’clock with a left inward block and right palm to solar plexus
Spin right foot clock-wise, giving a right horizontal elbow jab to a target on his back.
Then, reverse direction, giving a left hook kick to the bladder region.
Then spin your left foot clock-wise, facing his back.
Give a right back knuckle thrust to his spine and a left vertical punch to lower spine, both at the same time.

Give it a try and see how many ways you can do the “reverse circular principle” effectively.

A SIMPLE Technique for a Punch Attack

As the punch comes in, step in with your right foot and block the punch with your right hand (any block, but I still prefer the knife-edge into the muscle mass). Your right foot should end up outside your opponent's right foot. Then shuffle in so your right foot is behind your opponent and you're body-to-body against him. Bring your right arm up diagonally across his chest so it extends between his head and left shoulder, and turn your body to your left, taking the attacker down on his back across your right thigh. Maintaining control of his punching arm (which requires a hand-switch between the block and the take-down) makes it even more effective. For that, I like to snake my left arm around his right so I gain inverse pressure against his elbow with my forearm. Again... fast, simple and efficient... and both feet stay on the ground, something that's really a good idea in close-quarters fighting - especially in a crowd.

Turn’n Hook 2

As the walk forward punch comes, step left foot to a 45° angle to left, as right arm blocks punch. Right hand then grabs as right foot round house kicks the stomach. Right foot then side kicks the floating ribs, then land forward and slightly behind attacker. Without letting go of the arm turn under the attackers arm, so that the left foot will hook kick the stomach, then land left foot to allow you to turn back under arm and then right leg will sweep back at the lead leg.

Comments on Turn'n Hook 2 from another member

(Assuming a right-hand puch) Wouldn't it be simpler to step into a right-foot forward horse stance (either moving the right foot in or the left foot back as the situation dictates), block the oncoming punch with a knife-edge block, then turn the knife-edge hand to attack the neck/jaw (along the stomach meridian, if you study such things)? One hand, no kicks, fast, simple and effective.

If the strike is not sufficiently effective (and you'll know that immediately), you can capture the punching arm in an arm bar by trapping the forearm behind your neck, bringing your left hand into a middle-block position and turning into your attacker (turning to your right). The original knife-edge block will serve to keep the attacker's arm in position for you to apply the arm bar (strike on the muscle mass just below the elbow on the outside part of the arm to incapacitate the arm).

Moo Ilyo Hapkido -Defending against a Straight Wrist Grab

The attacker grabs your wrist in a straight on grab. Roll the trapped hand over on top of the attacker’s wrist. After you have counter grabbed his wrist perform a palm heel strike to the attacker’s chin while outer reaping your opponent.


LEOPARD STOPS THE DRAGON (Right overhead attack)

1) Step to 12:00 o'clock with your left foot into a right fighting stance, while you do left forearm strike to the throat
2) Slide your left arm to tricep as you do a right claw to attacker's face
3) Alternate right knee strikes to the groin with right heel palms to chin

TIGER STRIKES CRANE (Right front kick)
1) Step back to 5:00 o’clock and execute a left low block
2) Execute a right front kick to the groin or midsection
3) Follow the energy of the kick and execute a right descending elbow to the neck, spine or head.

Some tips for teaching: by Si Jo Chad Boxx, Boxx Institute of Martial Arts

Si Jo Boxx, along with his student manual and other important papers, also carries along an instructor notebook to each class with extra sheets of blank paper to write down any spontaneous drill or activity that the students appear to benefit from. Si Jo Boxx shares ideas from his instructor notebook:

Limited Sparring:

One of the most frequent compliments I've had on my students has been how well-rounded they are in sparring. I credit this to two circumstances:

We utilize different methods of sparring from several styles. My students learn the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and apply them in grappling against each other. They also begin regular sparring with only two modes: karate-style sparring with only punches and kicks above the belt, to the headgear and torso only. The other mode is Olympic style sparring where you may kick to the head and torso, but punches are limited to the torso area only. At red belt, my students progress on to more Thai oriented fighting at which time they are allowed to do light contact to the legs, groin and face.

The other reason I feel that my students are well-rounded is because of a teaching technique I call "limited sparring" or "deprivation sparring." We practice at least 5 minutes of this form of sparring each night. Utilizing this method, you will limit a student in some area of sparring (the possibilities are endless!). For example, one round you may ask students to remove their right glove, and they may block with this hand, but may not strike with it. The next round, you may ask them to remove both sparring boots and only perform punches. The next round we might tell students that they have all punches available, but the only kick they may use is the spinning back kick.

Another idea is to limit target areas. For example, the students may only strike to the body, or only strike to the head. Another idea is to tell students they may only strike to the right side of the head. When you have a student that favors one stance, this forces them to work out of a different stance, or to get the techniques on their weak side working, since the target area at one point or another will be opposite what they are used to hunting.

I try to make sure that by the end of the week, each student has sparred deprived of every limb at one point or another, some target areas and some techniques. Try this: Ask your students to spar with NO kicks, then have them do no punches. I think you'll be surprised how many students will be completely vulnerable at some point, which will be a clear indication to you what you should focus on. Even with limited sparring in use, I still find that we are weak in some areas, depending on what we've been working on.

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School name: Combat Ju-Jitsu Academy
Art(s) taught: Katabami Ryu Ju-Jitsu
Instructor(s): Sensei Alexey Kunin
email contact:
Location: 7377 Santa Monica Blvd.
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):
School name: Hikari Ryuza Ryu Do Kan TM
Art(s) taught: Hikari Ryuza Ryu Jujutsu TM, and Danzan Ryu Jujutsu
Instructor(s): Dr. T. R. Crimi, Grandmaster,10th Dan; Adam Days, Associate Professor, 5th Dan; Joy Geary, "Shizumi" Sensei, Senior Master, 4th Dan; Aaron Salzwedel, Senior Master 4th Dan;Sam Gowdy, Instructor, 2nd Dan;
Jolena Salzwedel, Instructor, 2nd Dan
email contact:
Location: 11990 Sunset Hill Rd., Penn Valley, CA. 95946
Phone: (530) 432-5588
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Hikari Ryuza Ryu Do Kan (TM) is a private school located in the Sierra Foothills in California. It has been in operation for over 26 years now. It is a traditional school for the serious minded student, and offers classes 7 days a week. Specialty classes, such as Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, Women's Self Defense, Children's Classes, Ancient Systems of Healing Arts, and many others are also taught. With over 43 years in the Martial Arts, Dr. Crimi, the founder of Hikari Ryuza Ryu Jujutsu (TM), travels around the world teaching Hikari Ryuza Ryu Jujutsu (TM) and lecturing on Integrative Medicine.

School name: Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido at Mokoto Dojo
Art(s) taught: Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido
Instructor(s): Sensei Joel Fein
email contact:
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Phone: (941)359-9588

Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Kikyuusonbou-Ryu Ninjutsu
Art(s) taught: Kikyuusonbou-Ryu Ninjutsu
Instructor(s): Phil Ryan
email contact:
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Kikyuusonbou means a life and death matter/an emergency or crisis where survival is threatened.

School name: American Karate & Martial Science
Art(s) taught: American Karate
Instructor(s): Thomas L. Williams
email contact:
Location: Hutchinson, KS
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Budo Ryu Taijutsu / American Ninjutsu
Art(s) taught: Ninjutsu
Instructor(s): Sensei Christa Jacobson
email contact:
Location: 3955 W. 83rd , Prairie Village, KS
Phone: (913) 449-5367
Web site:

School name: Black Dragon Martial Arts
Art taught: NinBuKai
Instructors: Daniel Marr, Jay Doss, Ryan Raymond, Tomie Green, Jason Raymond
email contact:
Location: Council Bluffs, IA
Web site:
Detailed Info: Black Dragon Martial Arts is dedicated to providing effective self-defense, in a fun and friendly training environment, at an affordable price. Aspects of the Art includes hand to hand fighting skills, grappling, rolling, in addition to traditional and modern weapons training.

Art(s) taught: SHAOLIN KARATE
email contact: and
Location: 1291 PUNKIN RUN, RD., RICHMOND, KENTUCKY 40475
Mailing Address: 1291 BEREA RD., RICHMOND, KENTUCKY 40475
Phone: Phone & Fax# (859) 624-9806
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Boston Hapchidado Martial Arts
Art(s) taught: Hapchidado
Instructor(s): Khari Nelson-Moran, Joshu (Boston)
email contact:
Location: Boston, MA.
Phone: (857) 221 - 2586
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Founded and overseen by Lester Goodwine Sensei, Hapchidado offers a combined way self defense system with TaeKwon-Do, Aikido, Hung-gar & Ninjustu. Please see our website at

School name: Crouching Tiger Shaolin-Kenpo Karate
Art(s) taught: Crouching Tiger Shaolin-Kenpo Karate
Instructor(s): Carl S. Bailey 3rd
email contact:
Location: Academy Street, Calais ME 04619
Phone: (207)214-4945
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Lindsey School of Martial Arts and Self-defense
Art(s) taught: Hapkido
Instructor(s): James Lindsey
email contact:
Location: Helena, Montana
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: United Martial Arts Academy
Art(s) taught: Tae Kwon Do (Change Moo Kwan)
Instructor(s): Joseph Reynolds Glor
email contact:
Location: 250 Main St Arcade NY 14009
Phone: 716-796-5964
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Century Hapkido
Art(s): Hapkido
Instructor(s): Sean Willis
email contact:
Location: Forest Hills Rec Center, Burlington, NC
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School: United World Martial Arts
Style: UWMA American Freestyle Karate
Instructor: Master Sam Sanchez
Address: 17 Buffalo St. Hamburg, NY 14075
PHONE # (716) 648-8889
Detailed Info (30-50 words): American Freestyle Karate is a blended system created by Master Sanchez, from his 23 years experience in Martial Arts. Combining such arts as, Isshinryu, Kempo, Kendo, Iado, Kung-Fu, Aikido, Judo, Modern Arnis, Plus Master Sanchezs own Kata's. Classes for ages 4 1/2 and up, with a school thats over 7,000 sq.ft. All clases taught by owners, Master Sam Sanchez & Sensei Butch Klawon.

School name: United Martial Arts Center
Art(s) taught: Nagare Do Sogo Ryu
Instructor(s): Andrew Stigliano (Sifu-Sensei)
email contact:
Location: 600-D N. Bicycle Path, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Phone: 1 (631) 474-0844
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Jujitsu School of Self-Defense
Art(s) taught: Modern Jujitsu Concepts (based on the systems of Small Circle Jujitsu and Kyusho Jitsu pressure points)
Instructor(s): Sensei John Borter, 4th Dan
email contact:
Location: Saratoga Springs YMCA, Old Gick Rd, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Sensei Borter holds these additional ranks - 2nd Dan Tae Kwon Do; 1st Dan Han Mu Kwan Hapkido; 1st Dan Combat Hapkido; 1st Dan United States Jujitsu; 1st Dan Kyusho Jitsu. He is a Member 1997 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and numerous international and national martial arts organizations. He also serves as director and head instructor of PPSD (PressurePoint Self-Defense) and PPDT (Pressure Point Defensive Tactics) systems.

School name: Valadez Kenpo-Ryu Academy
Art(s) taught: Valadez Kenpo-Ryu
Instructor(s): Lawrence Valadez
email contact:
Location: Reno, NV
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Triniay Martial Arts Center
Art(s) taught: Freestyle Hapkido
Instructor(s): Ryan Yarbrough
email contact: or ryanyarborugh@worldblackbelt.dom
Location: Highpoint, NC
Web site:

Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School Name: North American Freestyle Kenpo Karate
Style: Freestyle Kenpo Karate
Location: Roseburg, Oregon
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Eastern Martial Arts
Art(s) taught: Kan Shu Kenpo
Instructor(s): David Stephenson/ Eric Stephenson
email contact:
Location: 326 Dayton Ave. Springfield, Ohio 45506
Phone: (937)323-2106
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): We teach Kanshu Kenpo which contains influences from both american and chinese kenpo and kung fu. In addition to actual self defense we also teach students discipline, honor, self confidence and respect

School name: Hydra Martial Arts
Art(s) taught: Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Ryukyu Kobudo Weaponry
Instructor(s): William O. Allison
email contact:
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Phone: 610-767-3915 (fax)
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Chinese Dragon Kempo
Art(s): Kempo, weapons
Instructor(s): Robert Shook
email contact:
Location: Fort Worth TX
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): We offer a video training program that uses target dummies for testing and practice.

School name: Texas Okinawan Goju-kai
Art(s) taught: Okinawan Goju-ryu and Ryukyu Kobu-jutsu are emphasized, Hakutsuru kenpo and Shorin-ryu training are available.
Instructor(s): Shihan Dean Chapman 6th dan Chief Instructor
email contact:
Location: see below
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Locations/Instructors/Systems
Austin, Texas: Sensei Ty Yocham 4th dan Goju-ryu 2nd dan Kobu-jutsu, NYOS School (N. Austin). Round Rock Martial Arts. Forth Degree Martial Arts Ian Forth 4th dan TKD, Sensei Yocham Kobu-jutsu.
N. Dallas (Lake Highlands): Sensei Steve Werther 3rd dan Goju-ryu
Dallas (Walnut Hill): Mr. Brian Heiar 2nd dan Goju-ryu, 2nd dan Kobu-jutsu
Irving: Shihan Chapman 6th dan, Sensei Owens 3rd dan, Sensei Marble 3rd dan
Irving (Valley Ranch): Sensei Marble 3rd dan Goju-ryu / Kobujutsu
Stephenville: Mr. R. Johnson 2nd dan Goju-ryu
Hico: Mr. Gerry Kendall 1st dan Goju-ryu
Fort Worth: Mr. K. Johnson Nidan ho Goju-ryu, 2nd dan US Goju

School name: Shuhari Karate Dojo
Art(s) taught: Tang-Lang Quan Goju-Ryu/Kyusho-Jitsu

School name: Martial Arts School of Aikikenjitsu
Art(s) taught: Aikikenjitsu (also definitive ground techniques)
Instructor(s): Robert Mc Dowell, 5th degree black belt
email contact:
Location: Sumner, Washington
Phone: 253-848-7011
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Aikikenjitsu was first taught in 1989. It is considered an effective, vicious street art. Techniques were developed using two type of Kenpo Karate and also Aikido and Jujitsu joint locks as a starting base. Idea-teach smaller, weaker people (m&f) to down totally, larger, stronger people. Contents: circular, & reverse circular motion, multiple circular strikes, low kicks, joint lock throws, pressure points, and definitive ground techniques (not wrestling!).

School name: Appalachian Combat Arts
Art(s) taught: Chon Tu Tae Kwon Do, Hard Hand Hapkido
Instructor(s): Hank Williams
email contact:
Location: 401 Federal St, Bluefield, West Virginia 24701
Phone: 304-922-2234; 304-960-0801; 304-921-3607
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: The Hornets Nest Academy of Street Survival
Art(s) taught: Wushu,Ju-Jutsu,Karate
Instructor(s): Sifu Stephen V.Colkett
email contact:
Location: Ellenboro, WV
Phone: 304-643-4849
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):I teach students to avoid, escape or defuse a situation but to have an offensive mindset, when faced with an unavoidable attack be the aggressor rather than the defender, using 5 animal techniques and finishing the opponent with a take down and joint dislocation. The way you train is the way you will respond when attacked.


Instructor(s): Robert Slywa, President OIKA Aust.
email contact: SENSEI@OIKA.NET
Detailed Info (30-50 words):


School: First Nations Combative Martial Arts.
Art(s): Mixed.
Instructor(s): Master Jones, Master Brown, Mr. Fredette, Ms. Callahan, Mr. Koss, Mr. Monkman.
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Phone:204- 586-2115 or 204-779-6626 cell 204-296-7887.
Detailed Info: First Nations Combative Martial Arts Club offers the complete unarmed self-defense fighting system involving the kicking power of Taekwondo, punching skills of a kick boxer and the grappling skills of Jujitsu.

School name: Monkland Karate School
Art(s) taught: Shorin Ryu Karate
Instructor(s): Master Ron Cotnam
email contact:
Location: Monkland, Ontario, Canada
Web site:
Detailed Info:

School name: The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute
Art(s) taught: Hapkido
Instructor(s): Master Art Mason, Master Curt Mason
email contact:
Location: Windsor, Essex, Belle River, St. Clair Beach, Canada
Phone: (519)956-0577
Web site:
Detailed Info: The martial arts of Hapkido taught in a tradition way. Learn the art of self-defense, using the Natural Laws of movement.


School name: Tai Chi Chuan Studio
Art(s) taught: Tai Chi Chuan freestyle
Instructor(s): Peter Beutel and Christine Beutel
email contact:
Location: Heiningen/Germany
Phone: 0049 7161 42215
Web site: (hopefully in some months)
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

We teach Tai Chi Chuan traditional freestyle according to Al Huang, Tai Chi Bong (Yang style) and Qi Gong exercises for people of all age classes. We set a high value on relaxation, health, flexibility, peace of mind, but also fun and a little self defence.


School name: Hanshi Ryu Karate Do
Art(s) taught: Hanshi Ryu Karate Do
Instructor(s): Soke Gholamreza Gholami/Hanshi
email contact:
Location: Iran
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): I am teaching my new style to my students,Hanshi Ryu Karate Do is mixed from all Karate style and Goshin Karate is mixed. All self defense and karate techniques that I know.


School name: Eco Do Dojo
Art(s) taught: Eco Do Kempo Karate
Instructor(s): Mihails Pupinsh
email contact:
Location: Latvia, Daugavpils
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Eco Do Dojo is not-profit not big independent Traditional Dojo. During the years of occupation of Latvia by the Soviet Union and prohibition of Karate, we took up under - ground. We see Martial Arts as Combat Martial Arts without politics and limits in styles and ways of thinking.

Association name: International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association
Art(s) taught: Combat Martial Arts
Director(s): Dr.Mihails Pupinsh
email contact:
Location: International
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): The International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association is a combat oriented, multi-styled International Martial Arts Unions organization, established to support all combat oriented martial artists.


School name: Hapchidado Norge Martial Arts & Oslo Hapchidado klubb Art(s) taught: Hapchidado
Instructor(s): Lester Goodwine, Sensei & Founder
email contact:
Location: Stenbratveien 95, 1283 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 411 63808
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Hapchidado Norge (Oslo, Norway) & Oslo Hapchidado Klubb, (kids club - Oslo, Norway), offer a well rounded, effective, combined way self defense system with TaeKwon-Do, Aikido, Hung-gar & Ninjustu. Please see our website at


School name: Glenwood High School Goju'te Jutsu Ryu
Art(s) taught: Goju-Kai Karate-Do
Instructor(s): Thomas G. Mitchell
email contact:
Location: Durban, Natal, South Africa
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):


School name:Pyon Moo Sul World Federation & Master Lion`s Pyon Moo Sul Self-Defence School
Art(s) taught:Pyon Moo Sul(Master Lion`s Martial Art System)
Instructor(s):Jörgen Lion Rasmussen
Location: Malmö/Sweden
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):Pyon Moo Sul`s keyword is Learn To Live-Live To Learn, Pyon Moo Sul is based on Korean arts, Pyon Moo Sul also include techniques from other styles to. Pyon Moo Sul is a style that fits all people no matter race or culture,age,sex etc. The founder of Pyon Moo Sul is KwanJangNim/Master Jörgen Lion Rasmussen. All people are welcome to join us as long as they follow the rules of Pyon Moo Sul.

School name: Bengaku Gentan Dojo
Art(s) taught: Kanousei Ryu Ninjutsu
Instructor(s): Sensei Jimmy Wennberg 5th Dan Black Belt, Sempai Christer Fagerstrand Ikkyu, Sempai Johan Nilsson Sankyu
email contact:
Location: Staffanstorp, Sweden
Phone: 004646256841
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): A way of Life, Using natural body movements and Natural flow to get the best effect. A flexible martial art.

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