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Horsemen Files

As Arn Anderson might say,
"Not just any spot on the web --- but my spot on the web!"
A library of Horsemen info, currently under construction

"Meeeeeeeeean -Wooo!- Gene"

From the editor,

This might not be a great page for "smart" fans because I am writing the profiles and other articles in terms of what the storylines presented, not in terms of facts. In other words, I know that Dusty Rhodes agreed to be attacked in the parking lot by the Horsemen in 1986, and I know that Ric Flair was not about to shack up with Jimmy Garvin's valet. My articles will sort of go along with the whole charade, making me look like a huge mark, but it would be kind of tedious to keep interrupting the story with "In reality, we all know that what really happened was ..."

As I had said before, this might not ever be a flashy graphics-oriented page, but I will do my best to keep as much information here as possible. Go, click, and have fun.

Up and running ...


On the humorous side ...

"... where credit is due ..."

No way in hell can I honestly claim that the contents of The Horsemen Files are entirely my work. Only a portion of it can be attributed to my own personal memory.

I cannot underestimate my appreciation for the research performed by the authors of each of those pages. Please do not plagiarize any portion of this site without citing these researchers properly. They obviously worked harder for this info than I did. And if you even think about plagiarizing them directly, then, a la Billy Gunn, I got two words for ya ....

NEW ADDRESS as of 11/10/00!!

We now have a new "redirect" URL.

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