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eMSSA: electronic Martial Spirit of Southern Africa

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Welcome to the home of South African martial arts!

The eMSSA website is the most important resource for martial artists in the Southern African region. Not only is it the home of the eMSSA discussion group - a resource second to none in the field of martial arts - but the website itself is packed with more information than you can expect to work through in a reasonable period of time!

The site has been designed to provide you with the most useful information available, without wasting time wading through useless rubbish. For example, rather than trying to create the most extensive list of links, I have chosen to provide only a few classic links, ones which are guaranteed to provide information that just is not available anywhere else.

What about the discussion forum?

Just imagine a group of people who discuss martial arts via e-mail. It costs them nothing to join, and they can participate as much or as little as they want.

This is the eMSSA discussion forum, which allows over 100 martial artists around the world to share in the world of martial arts. Although the bulk of our members are (obviously!) based in South Africa, we also have members in the UK, the US, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Our members range from people who know nothing, but are looking at taking up a martial art ... through to the heads of some martial art styles in South Africa.

Just to give you a taste, these are some of the topics which have been covered in the past:

Basically, if it involved martial arts, it's a valid topic for debate!

Are you looking for an instructor? Do you have a question? Would you like to meet other martial artists in South Africa? Do you have an event you would like to publicise for free? Would you like to learn from others? If so, just press the button below to join. It's that simple!

Join now! If you are not yet a member of the eMSSA list, and would like to join, just click here. (Remember that it's an email-based discussion group. By joining up you will be sharing in the discussion through e-mail, delivered to your inbox as it happens. It costs you nothing ... so join now!)
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Contents of the eMSSA site:

FAQFAQ: frequently asked questions

CalendarEVENTS CALENDAR:Details of MA Events in Southern Africa

HumourHUMOUR: The Bruce Lee Dancing Baby, and other martial art funnies ...

MembersMEMBERS' LINKS: Web pages of members of the forum

LinksLINKS: Other pages of interest on the web

DiscussionDISCUSSION GROUPS: Other discussion forums of interest

GalleryGALLERY: Visit the gallery to see pictures and videos of members of the forum

ArchivesARCHIVES: Archived e-mails to the group

If you have any questions, just mail us at e-mail
But before you mail me:Although I am owner of the eMSSA list and webiste, I (honestly) don't know everything. You will probably get more success if you temporarily join our discussion group, and ask your question to all the members. Thereafter, if you're not keen to remain a member, just sign off.

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