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Legal Name Change Kit

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• Your legal name change resource including forms and procedure. Save time and reduce frustration. You don't have to track down governmental forms, research the type of proof each organization requires, or waste time writing notification letters. It's all here!
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A One-Stop Resource to Help you Legally Change to your New Married Name.

This Site Provides:
   • Who you need to notify
   • Official Forms
   • Instructions

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Do not send us sensitive information about yourself. We keep all information private whenever possible. We do not sell the addresses of visitors or send unsolicited e-mail. But remember that I am not your attorney, unless you retain me and I consent to work on a legal matter. Therefore, I can not give out legal advice by e-mail.

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Because I am a lawyer I told myself to put this here:

Disclaimer: This site is a publication that is designed to provide accurate and authorative information in regards to the subject matter covered. The information on this website is provided with the understanding that we are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. If legal advice or other expert advice is required, the services of a competent, professional person should be sought.

As a publisher, we provide information and do-it-yourself forms that we believe are applicable to common situations in all states. However, state laws regarding name changes vary and are subject to change.

As in any do-it-yourself activity, you have to decide whether our forms and any other information provided are appropriate for your situation, whether you understand them, and whether you should consult an attorney for individualized advice.

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