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Moody Blues resource page

The Moody Blues are the Greatest Rock and Roll band. And so that the many fans of the band can have a place to talk about the groups activities and the band in general. A channel called #moodyblues has been registered on IRC and you can reach it on IRC.ZIRC.ORG (the official server of the channel is (BONES.WA.US.ZIRC.ORG) try to use this server to avoid net splits and minimize lag. Their are very few rules for the channel other than foul language is not tole- rated and try to show the utmost curtesy to any one on channel. The channel is open for use by anyone for chatting about the Moodyblues. Every Friday night at 11pm eastern time we have a listening party where everyone plays a Moody Blues album and comments on what they are hearing. There is another listening party at 3pm eastern time on sundays. Any questions as for getting to the channel or any questions on Irc please feel free to email me, MIRC is the recommended IRC client and it can be obtained at read the faq at this page as it is very enlightening. Also visit www.ZIRC.ORG which will answer just about any question you have about IRC and a copy of MIRC can be obtained here too. Download the 16 bit version if you have win 3.1 or the 32 bit version if you have win9X or better. Hope to see you on channel soon.

Once Mirc is loaded, the first popup you see is your setup screen. There you will have to enter some information. the first tab at the top is IRC you will need to enter your full name or whatever you want to put in there. if you use your name everyone will see who do a whois on you. A lot of people put ask-me or something like that. Next is your E-mail address after that comes the hardest part of the whole process your NICK. These are aliases you can call yourself, On you can register this nick so no one use can use it, So it is sometimes hard to find one that is not being used. If you are using someone else's nick, Nickserv can either kick you off ZIRC.ORG if you don't change it or it changes it for you to a generic guest10765 or some number like that. To change your nick, in the typing area, type /nick newnick (this being another nick to replace the one your using). The Last box is an alternative nick. This is handy for when you are dropped off for some reason and you immediately rejoin. your original nick may not have had time to be dropped so you will be logged on with your alternative nick to avoid a nick collide. In the server box type BONES.WA.US.ZIRC.ORG and click connect

This will connect you to the ZIRC.ORG server, the next popup you see will be the channel folder, here type in #moodyblues and you will be on channel. that's all there is to it. Now back in the setup screen you will have more tabs at the top. The next tab is local Info. you leave the first two boxes blank Mirc will fill it. the check box under this on connect always get check local host and under look up method click normal.

Next tab is options...the first box is connect on startup, check it. This will automatically connect you to when you click on the mirc icon on your desktop. The next box is reconnect on disconnect, check it. This will automatically recconnect you to ZIRC.ORG if you are dropped off for any reason. The next box leave blank. you don't need to see the setup screen on startup. The Last box is move server to top of list on connect. Check it. This will move CHANNEL to the top of the list and you will automatically connect on this server. The next section is On connection failure. click on retry and put 10 the next box. This will make mirc keep trying to get in if the server is busy or full. delay click it and put 10 sec in second box. mirc will keep trying to get in 10 times waiting 10 secs between tries. Last area is Default Port 6667 is a good number.

Identd is the next tab. user Id is your Isp user name. system should have unix in it. and listen on port should have 113. The last tab is firewall. Just leave alone. takes a expert to configure and use. usually causes problems. So don't play with it unless you know what your doing. As usual if you don't understand something or need more info. you can e-mail me and I will try to help and send you were there is help.