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Cleansing, Consecrating, and Empowering Ritual

Cleansing, Consecrating, and Empowering Ritual

Witches make a practice of cleansing, consecrating, and empowering their working tools, and ritual substances, such as water, cakes and wine. Other things that are cleansed, consecrated, and empowered are Sacred Spaces, altars, herbal charm bags, herbs, gems, bottles, candles, and almost every thing we use in tthe Craft. Other religions consecrate their tools, but in Wicca, one notable difference is that the act of conscecration is not confined to the Priest or Prestess. In Wicca, the power to consecrate is regarded as inherent in every human being, and as beig effective if done sincerely. You could apply these three processes to everything, from your athame, to an old gym sock (although, you may want to mundanely cleanse the gym sock before you cleanse it magickally.) To better understand these prossesses, let us break them down. At the end of this document is a sample cleansing , consecrating and empowering ritual.


When we cleanse an object in the mundane world, let us say a dish, we remove any leftover food with soap; we don't want old food stuck on the plate! Then we have to wash off the soap (soapy food doesn't taste any good, I'll assure you.) Then we must dry the dish off with a dish towel. What I am trying to say here is that when we cleanse something, whether mundane or magickal, we must rid the object of negative things with positive things (cleaning the food off the dish with soap,) and then negate the object of all things, positive and negative (rinsing off the soap and drying the dish with the towel,) to return it to purely, what we had to start with (a dish.) Magickally speaking, rid the object of of negative energies, then negate the object of all negative and positive energies, so we simply have, an energy-free object. Got it? Good! Moving on...

Ways of cleansing objects:


Usually, the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit are all employed when cleansing (meaning that you would use Holy Water, incense, flame, Pentacle, and Spirit to cleanse one object) except when using the sun/moon light technique, which is used to cleanse smaller, non-ritual tools and items such as crystal balls, gems and crystal points.


Consecration is a fairly (fairly) cut-and-dry subject. Simply, consecrating is the act of making it known to the Divine Goddess and God that these ritual tools (or other items that would be consecrated) will be used in acts of Their worship, ritual, spell or working. Conscecration has three basic purposes. The first is psychological; to set the tool or substance aside as something special, and thus to modify the user's attitude towards it -- which in turn strengthens his or her confidence, creative imagination, and willpower in any ritual in which it is used.

The second purpose an be called psychic, magickal or astral. Witches believe that objects have "bodies" on other planes sand levels; and that, just as a material object itself can be caltred, decorated, carved, melted, etc. all without robbing it of its identity, perhaps enhansing it. Often a very powerful astrsl oreven spiritual charge is carried by a material object.

The third purpose is that you are making the object sacred. You are blessing it and telling the Divine that "this ________ I name sacred in your Divine eye." Sometimes the Elements are again employed to consecrate. But of course, it can't be done in a no-class manner. Check the ritual further down in the document to see what I mean. Simply put -- consecration is the Act of blessing and making sacred in the Divine eye.


Empowering is what it says it does. It empowers, that is, gives the object power. Remember -- when we cleansed the object, we got rid of all of its power. Now we will give it back powers -- magickal ones.

When we empower, we have to raise power to put it into an object (ex: We need actual gasoline to before we can put it into our little Volkswagon Bug and go putt-putt around town. If we all could conjure up a little fuel oil out of nowhere, none of us would complain about the price of it.)

To raise power, we need to draw it up (just as if we needed gasoline, we'd draw up the oil out of the ground) and fine tune it (refining the oil to make gasoline.) One way of raising power, particularly useful in empowering an object, is to use our visualization skills and see the energies in the room or area around you focus on a point and form a bluish-silvery ball. As the energies form the ball, filter out any harmful or uneeded energies. When you have collected and focused the energies, you will "push" the ball into the object. Visualize the now empowered object glowing with energy.

Another way of empowering is to aspect Divine energy into the object, that is to say that you call the Goddess, God, or Both to bless the object with with Their energies. There are many ways of empowering. Wherever any useful (and good) energies may come from (the Sun, Moon, stars, Earth) that energy may be used to empower. You must always thank the source of the power for its use. The tool will gradually take in some of your energies, but try not to employ them intentionally. Using your own energies, (whether in empowering or any magick or ritual,) is unwise, as it will drain you, leaving you how you are when you are tired -- fatigued, irritable, maybe even depressed. No one likes a cranky Witch. Defined -- Empower is to give power to something.
Now for the ritual...

Cleansing, Conscecrating and Empowering Ritual

You can use this ritual to cleanse, consecrate and empower your tools, charms, or any other thing that may need it. You can even modify it a little to be a house blessing ritual.
In the invocation, you may substitute specific Gods or Goddesses for the generis version I gave you. Just make sure of their attributes before you call on them. Moon phase: New or Full
Moon signs: Aries or Sagittarius.
Day: Monday, perhaps Friday.

Items needed:

Do a short meditation with the God and Goddess. Ask for Their strength and guidence.

Ground and Center.

Cast Circle

Call Quarters

Invoke the God and Goddess:

Hail, oh Goddess and God
Luminous Lady and Radient Lord
I call you to come into my circle
To witness and guide me in this ritual
Blessed Be!

Light the incense and the candle.

Place the tool on the pentacle and lay yor right hand on it. Say:

'Goddess and God, diegn to bless and to consecrate this _________ that it may obtain the necessary virtue through you for all acts of love and beauty.'

Pass the object through the incense, saying:

'I cleanse this ________, so that I may rid it of any negative energies. By the powers of Air witch is Her sacred breath, I remove all energies, positive and negative.'

Pass the object through the flame of the white candle, saying:

'I cleanse this ________, so that I may remove any negative energies within it. By the powers of Fire which is Her spirit, I remove all energies,positive or negative.'

Dip your fingers into the Holy Water, and sprinkle it on the object, saying:

'I cleanse this ________, so that I may remove any negative energies within it. By the powers of Water which is Her essence, I remove all energies, positive or negative.'

Place the object on the Pentacle, saying:

'I cleanse this ________, so that I may remove any negative energies within it. By the powers of Earth which is her Sacred Body, I remove all energies, positive or negative.'

Hold the object to the sky, saying:

I cleanse this ________, so that I may remove any negative energies within it. By the powers of Spirit which is Divine, I remove all energies, positive or negative. So mote it be.

Place the object back on the pentacle and say:

'Goddess and God, bless this instrument prepared in your love and honor.'

Next, raise energy but drawing the positive energies around you to focus into a ball. This is done through visualization. This is where you must use the self-confidence you have hopefully not forgotten to bring into the circle. See the energies coming together to form a silvery-blue ball, about eight to ten inches long. See it spinning in a deosil (clockwise) motion, slowly lowering it onto the object. Then see it and the object meld together, and the object now glowing with the power of the universe. Say:

'I empower this __________ with positive energies so that it may aid me in my worship of You, and in ritual of love. So mote it be.'

You have now cleansed, consecrated, and empowered one item. If you have any more, repeat the whole process again with the next object. If not, or when you are done:

Dismiss the Goddess and God

Dismiss Quarters

Take down the circle.

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