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Hood Lift Mod

Stuff Needed for Hood lift Mod:

The hood lift mod is very simple, and it's great to toss the hood prop (WHY did VW decide to put the hood prop directly blocking the washer fluid filler?!). Plus, the hood lifts give your car a cool aftermarket look.


Remove four bolts, two on each side. The first pair that needs to be removed are the front hood hinge bracket bolts (These are the ones that the top of the hood lift is attatched to in the pic above). Use your 13mm socket to pull these out. SAVE THESE BOLTS!


Take out the bolts along the top of the fender with the 10mm socket. These are the bolts in the middle of the fender-the ones the bottom of the hood lift is attatched to in the above pic.

Take your drill with the 1/4" bit, and drill out the fender holes to 1/4". Be careful to have the drill spinning before you put in in the hole-it will catch on the metal plate in the hole otherwise, and scratch your fender when the bit jumps out (A good fender pad is also a good idea here).

"Tap" the fender holes for the new roundhead bolts that came with the lifts. You could use a real tap, but the metal is soft enough that you don't need to. Just use the 13mm bolt you took out of the hood hinge, and crank it into the drilled-out hole to make new threads. Go slowly, and pull it out when you're done. Works fine.

Install your roundhead bolts. Use the longer one on the hood hinge, and the shorter one on the fender. Remember to install these with the washers, too. You'll also need to remove the foam pad over the hood lift, the one that's attatched to the hood. It snaps out, and doesn't seem to make a difference when it's gone.

Install lifts. They just snap on over the roundhead bolts, but make sure to put the fat end toward the ground (like in the pic). You may have to lift the hood higher than usual to snap these in, as the lifts will lift the hood higher than usual (NICE for engine work!).

Pull out the old hood rod and throw away. Open and close hood several times, ooh and aah accordingly. The lifts will take over after you open the hood about 6-8", and they also help to slam the hood on the way down.

Total, I think this cost me a little under $50 US. The lifts are $17.99 each (Now, as of 2/28/01, they are $24.95 each, at least at my Pep Boys), and the washers are 4 each. It's well worth the time, and looks and works great when you're done!

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