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Paul Edwards' Page which contains: TI calc info, Web Security breach info, AntiVirus Links
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Paul Edwards' Page about some Strange stuff....

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Ti stuff:

TI-82 I currently own a TI-82 graphing calculator... errrr... I used to... couple months ago I a glob of molten lead landed on it and it died... :( If you want ANYTHING about TI-related affairs visit Ticalc, the guys there are awesome!!! If you ever need anything, they got it!

I am currently working on a TI-82 Space Shooter called "Sector 5" It's due out in November 2000.... or it would be if my TI was still with us... (weep weep sob sob) If you want to know anything about programming, I will gladly accept E-mails. I only work in BASIC! I am as dumb as a door knob when it comes to ASM... ;-)

TI-89 New info!! I got a TI-89!!!!! hahahahhahahaHey, NIVEK, I got a TI-89!!! They are awesome!!!! even though they cost about 160 bucks.... IT IS WORTH THE MONEY!!! Anyone, looking to buy a calc? Own up and get a TI-89... they are worth the extra money... Lemme give you some features: Symbolic Manipulation, of course, 3D graphing... ALL math and science... Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Calculus, and all AP math classes!!! Also, Basic Science, Physical Science, Chemisrty, some areas of biology, Anatomy and Physiology and AP chem and Physics. Oh yeah, let us not forget the 16Mhz processor and 68k asm programming ability!! If you are a moron and dont know anything: CAN PRODUCE SNES QUALITY GAMES AND PROGRAMS!!!!!!!!! thats more than 73, 80, 81, 82, 83, 83plus, 85. and 86 combined!!! Now you are wondering; "What about the 92 or 92 plus?" Well, first of all, the 92 has no where near enough memory, therefore is slower. The 92 plus, that's another story. Not only are they hard to find, YOU CAN'T USE 'EM ON THE SAT OR ANY AP TESTS!!!! But, you can use any other ones... But, by far the 92 plus is better than all of them those things disregarded. TI-92 (plus)But, They cost nearly 200 dollars, you can get an N64 for cheaper... :(

Description of me, myself and I..( those guys are my friends)

My name is ... I'm not gonna give my name out cuz I am paranoid. lol! ,It is possible to access just about any site, secure or nonsecure... and find out any info desired about anything using TCP/IP flaws in ActiveX controls and Java Applets...Oh yeah... If you can't tell, I really like computers... By the way NETBUI and a lot of other things, like AIM, ICQ playing ONLINE GAMES {probably the biggest of all}, or sending email with attachments can give away your TCP properties, creating a security breach wide enough for people to jump in).I am 16 years old. If you want to contact me about TI stuff you can E-mail me at [sorry, NIVEK, I couldn't get the email link thing to work... :( ]I am also frequently on AIM under Paulcfa2003 or webshark2003. (Don't worry about the stuff I said above about the flaws of file transfer with this service, only EXTREMELY intelligent computer nerd-like beings can do it.)

Internet Security Stuff

I recommend that you get some anti-virus software immediately. Don't go get some free stuff, the odds are that there are several backdoors in it and the publisher is some 10 year old hacker (They are more dangerous than they sound.) Get a reputable piece of software, such as McAfee VirusScan, or Norton AntiVirus.
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So that's that. I hope you have enjoyed my site with the AWESOME background... I got it from electricenergy.. Pay your respects to my calculator by dropping me an email.