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Performance Calculations

Calculate HP from Trap Speed

Total Vehicle Weight* lbs

Trap speed at end of 1/4 mi: m.p.h.

Your Camaro Has HP

Calculate HP from ET

Total Vehicle Weight* lbs

ET in seconds sec

Your Camaro Has HP

Calculate Trap Speed + ET From HP

Total Vehicle Weight* lbs

HorsePower HP

Your ET IS seconds

Your Trap Speed Is m.p.h

Calculate Tire Diameter
Tire Width Tire Series Wheel Diameter

Tire Diameter in.

Calculate Rear End Gear Ratio
Tire Diameter in RPM Speed mph

Rear End Gear Ratio
Assumes 1:1 Ratio. ( No ODrive )

Calculate OverDrive Ratio

OverDrive Ratio :1

Rear End Ratio :1

Your Camaro Has A :1 OverDrive Ratio

Calculate mph for RPM range
Tire diameter Gear Ratio

Assumes 1:1 ratio (Drive), Not OD.**
1000 rpm mph 4500 rpm mph
1500 rpm mph 5000 rpm mph
2000 rpm mph 5500 rpm mph
2500 rpm mph 6000 rpm mph
3000 rpm mph 6500 rpm mph
3500 rpm mph 7000 rpm mph
4000 rpm mph 7500 rpm mph

These results are based on calculations and aren't 100%

*3490 is The weight of An IROC,
Total weight means you have to figure in yourself

**This calculation assumes the car's transmission is in drive or 1:1 ratio, not overdrive.
Example:An Auto IROC has TH-700R4 transmission with overdive.
The OD ratio is 0.7:1. For a 4.11 rear end, plug .7 and 4.11
into the Over Drive Gear Ratio Calc. Then plug that answer in for your gear ratio