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 Rila  is the highest mountain on the Balkan peninsula whith the summit of Mussala - 2923m high. It is perfect for trecking, downslope (Borovetz ski center) and crosscountry skiing, and also it is one of the two most popular climbing regions in Bulgaria.

 Maljovitza Hut Area

Maljovitza region - interactive mapMaljovitza hut areaMaljovitza summit areaOrlovetz & Eleni VryhOrlovetz & Eleni VryhDvuglav areaZlia Zyb & Djavolski IgliZlia Zyb & Djavolski IgliStrashnoto Ezero areaUrdini Igli

Location: This climbing area is situated in vicinity to the Maljovitza hut in North-West Rila mountain.

Other Regions

In the region of Sedemte Ezera hut: Haramiiata and Dodov vruh.

In the region of Skakavitza hut: The Skakavitza waterfall. About 50m high.

In the region of Zavrachitza hut (access from Borovetz ski center): Ibar, Mancho, Chengene Chal - 11 routes. III+ to VI+. 5-6 rope lengths.  Ghidebook - the same as above.