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Pirin Mountain

Pirin is the second highest mountain in Bulgaria. It offers axcelent possibilities for trekking, crosscountry skiing and winter mountaineering.
There are many rock faces here but unfortunately the most of them are too fragile for rock climbing in summer.
There are two types of rock here: marbles in the North and granite in the South.

1. Here is the most popular winter mountaineering area - the North wall of Mt Vihren*** (2917 m), 400 meters high. There several routes here, the easiest being Kuloara, III, 11 pitches. Some are quite difficult and thus, not very popular.

2. The rock faces of Stypalata, near Javorov hut, are an exellent winter climbing area.

3. Koncheto - a narow ridge, down to 50 cm wide - is a beautiful winter trek.

4. Strazhite is anouther ridge, also sutable for one day winter treks.

5. The North face (200 m) of Mt. Sinanitza is an exellent winter climbing wall but a little fragile.

6. Djengal is the most popular granite wall in Pirin but unfortunately a little idolated from huts and shelters (2-3 hours).