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Lakatnik is the most popular sport climbing area near Sofia. It's rocks, location and climate make it the best training area for top climbers.

Location: The rocks are located in the central part of the Iskar gorge in western Stara Planina.

When to climb: All year long. Spring and autumn are the best. Colder summer and warm winter days are perfect too.

Where to climb

1. Vrazhite Dupki region - About 20m high. The hardest routes are here. V+/X. About 110 routes. Very good safety. Very good possibilities for top rope climbing.

2. Alpijska Poljana region - About 40m high. III/IX. About 60 routes. Very good safety. Some easier routes are available.

3. Rzhishkata Peshtera region - 3 routes of 3 rope lengths each. III/VI. Not popular. Old pitons. Good possibilities for future development.

Guidebooks: A guidebook with photos and schemes issued resently. By Nikolai Petkov.