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The Real Cherokee: A Resource

A gathering of my cousins (I'm on bottom row right) many years ago, during a typical humid, hot Oklahoma summer, in the town of Grove.

Today is in Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States of America
O-si-yo and welcome to this little niche of the internet focusing on my People. Note: This web site materialized as a result of teaching myself html code. Therefore, I'm not sure if it should be considered an authoritative source. However, the images and info you find here are indeed "real" (no wannabe stuff here)- - My name is Dean, but I'm known among my family and relatives by my Native name, which is Chunowah, or Chuno for short. My mother was a full-blood and native speaker of the Cherokee language. I had the unique experience of growing up in two cultures.

Information on the Cherokee

The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma - With boundaries encompassing a fourteen-county area in northeastern Oklahoma, this is the second largest tribe in the United States. Tahlequah is the historical capital of the Cherokees after their forced removal to Oklahoma in the 19th century.
Pictures of my homeland and relatives in District 6 of the Cherokee Nation
Indian churches within the Cherokee Nation
A brief overview of Cherokee history including the forced relocation called The Trail of Tears (coming soon)
The Cherokee clans
The Cherokee blowgun (coming soon)
The The Indian Arts & Crafts Act of 1990 was enacted to stop fraudulent sales by artists claiming to be Native American. This is not to say they're not good artists, but they're not Indian!
Native artist Milton Honawa , who's Hopi, but since he's my uncle we'll give him a break!
Native artist Helen Daniels , Native American Beadwork: Traditional Designs
Fry Bread recipe: The ubiquitous staple that appears from powwows to family gatherings
Wild Onion Recipe: To some a garden pest, but to Cherokees this is an epicurean delight.
All my relations: Are you and I related? Here is a glimpse of my lineage (once I get it online here - I really need to get going on this)
Current weather here on the Central Great Plains of the United States

Personal stuff - some pictures and descriptions of what I've been up to

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Last update: October 25, 2004

Credits: Native Icons by Poison64
Cherokee Nation Seal used by permission
Thanks to all my relatives past and present
Wa-doh to my mom & dad