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3-9, One week to go before I board a bus in Boston, going to Gainsville, Georgia. The brightness of the snow and the lenghtening of the day, tells me, time to go. I am excited, my fourth trip on the A T. To remember, the little things are most worthwhile, like water, for if you're down a pint, you lose over 30% of your strength. I'm also walking on my toes, it helps to cut down on hiker's shuffle. To be, so full of joy, to do this trail and feel that I am blessed to be able to take another step, yes, I am greatful. To be with the mountains, my heart is singing.

3-10 1634 Hours: Driving to the Lawrence Library I was looking at this quiet snow covered field, not a print of any kind. If a foot has been there, you couldn't tell, there's solitude. Seeing this single blade of grass, gently swaying in the artic breeze, it's a lonely dance for now, keep the faith, for this is the song of winter, her cold notes reaching deep into the soul. Listen, do you hear another voice, it's very faint for now. It will get stronger, make way, the coming of the spring is upon us and we all be surrounded by life again.

3-13 0907 Hours: The air is still, all quiet, there is a coming of a storm. I'm sitting back, listening to Georgia, memories we had and the ones to come.
Oh, I weigh myself, 304 lbs, thats a gain of 80 lbs in 5 months, a bit much. When I lose this, I will be known as a slack packer, you'll see, in a couple of months, me and my backpack will weigh less than my weight is now, so my feet will feel that I'm not carrying a pack.
No joking, the next month or two will be hard, I am too heavy. I will be sweating, that is a fact. So, Friday I will start my diet, but for now, if I have to haul ass, it will take me three trips.
Hello, I'm here in Hiawassee, Ga. at the TAKE A HIKE SHOP. Great start to a beautiful hike. Last couple of days, snow, but has been warmer than last year.

3-17 2130 Hours: At the park. Got here by 1800 Hours, enjoy the bus ride, met so many... how can I explain, the personalities, the fisherman who's fishes the seven seas. Ladies who are hairdressers, homemakers, and others who's I don't have the way to spell their type of work. Children who are so full of life. Dreamers who are becoming pilgrins
3-18 What a great sleep, no traffic or phones, but there's sound, the wind, constant and strong, a crow with the harsh voice. Standing here reading this saying; This trail is remote for detachment, narrow for chosen company, winding for leisure, lonely for contemplation, it beckons not merely north and south, but upward to the body, mind and soul.

3-19 1855 Hours: Hawk Mountain Shelter, nice first day, so good to see Pirate yesterday

4-1 1118 Hours: I'm at Franklin, NC. stopped raining, wished I had more time, just passing through, I have a hole lot of filling in.
Until when.
Lost Creeker yesterday, bad hip and has a grerat personality. I will miss him. Pirate, Free Spirit, Skins are here too. I came here from Deep Gap, missing Standing Indian and Albert Monutain. My knee is thanking me.

04-02 1822hrs. Silers Bald, spent the last couple days at Rainbow Springs. Nice night tonight, the birds are singing.

4-3 1850hrs. I'm less than a mile from Cold Spring Shelter the tents up. I have Liption Noodles and Sauce Stroganoff with instant potatoes. Little rain this morning. Beautiful day in the 70's. Did a heck of a header, fall, twisted my ankle forced my knee more than I should, landed on my face, sprainied a finger. My knee is sore, can't bend my finger, I enjoyed this day got some colored eggs and some candy and raisins.
1926 HOURS: Put too much salt in my meal, ate it anyway. Having a double hot coca, its a mild night, still not in my sleeping bag. Had a nice talk with two married northbounders. He hiked it in 96' statred on 10th of March and ended on 27 August.

0405 Fontana Dam Shelter. Ate too much, going in the Smokies tomorrow.
2300 hrs. Storm Troopers came in and got everyone to line up outside. Brought a dog to find drugs. Found none.

0406 2043 hrs. Here at Mollies Ridge Shelter. Creeper was trying to start a fire with gas and got his tank on fire. GOOD SHOW.

0413 Hello, its a long time now here at Roaring Fork She;lter saw three Coyotes and a couple of hawks. Haven't written for the past week, been kinda pissed off. Back at the Fontana Hilton a so called thru hiker named Baltimore Jack was trying to test my reflexes while I was asleep. And burnt the bottom of my feet with a cigarette lighter. He is like most thru hikers, who like to kill and destroy anything that moves and when they're out here trying to dominate the trail, it's only their own fear that they are dominating. But the ones I'm really upset with, are the ones who watched and said nothing. To be out here, to be able to look into the eyes of another spirit, maybe into a mouse's eyes, and neither of you has fear, then my dear friends, you are learning.

0414 On top of Hot Springs, be there tomorrow all down hill from here.
4-20 1530 Hours: At Erwin Tenn. passing through, sore, missing some spots, don't care, enjoying LIFE,
This will be my last entry until I can get to a computer to add more of my wanderings, I know of one, in Damascus, Va., and I should be there in the middle of May. I am here will be adding next week Today is 5-1

5-6 1112 Hours: Here at the town hall in Damascus , tried to add earlier this week, but the computer was down. I will be adding a couple of stories, Like last Thursday when I got caught in a hard rain and snow storm, and, I was lost in my thoughts,

5-18 1425 Hours: Trail Days are over, growing every year. Had some rain Friday night, but for the rest of the weekend, quite nice, a lot of old and new faces, I'm sorry to all, if I feel, I never meet them again, so please forgive me, just the trail that I am on, for it's the past I am trying to forget, if I can forget the small things, maybe the larger ones can also be forgotten, I do wish I can, But until then, maybe, to be able
to laugh often and much,

to win respect of intelligent people

and the affection of children;

to earn the appreciation of honest critics

and endure the betrayal of false friends;

to appreciate beauty;

to find the best in others;

to leave the world a bit better

whether by a healthy child,

a garden patch, or a

redeemed social condition;

to know even one life

has breathed easier

because you have lived.

This is to have succeeded

5-26 0950 Hours: I'm here in Pepperell on this Lovely day, slight rain, how we do need the rain. The warmth of the land, to lay in the meadows, hearing the songs of the woods, she brings joy into my heart and with that, a smile reaches my face. Time to leave the field and sit by the river, to listen, to feel, maybe to dream. Trail Days as come and gone. I laugh at some of my thoughts. Trail Days are good, but, I do not want to think of next year's, for today is forfillment enough
6-2 1000 Hours: Sorry for the delay, my heart is empty, it is so good for the coming of summer, life is maturing, robust, full, and, at the same time, enjoying, also saying good-bye. For some out there, this is why I just deal with strangers. I reflect of past news, where I stood, mostly by water, waves lapping the shore, if I continue, quite the bore, having the head raise so freely in the wind, feeling the moment, no future, no past, an has been, I think not, for are the mountains has beens, for what ever the questions are?

6-24 0920 Hours: What a great day, well, my days are getting nicer, busy too. Like yesterday, got up at 6:15, went for a three mile walk. Had breakfast, went to the gym, leg day, 45 min. driving home saw a chipmunk in the road, hit, still alive, but hurt bad, came back to end it's life, felt bad, but had to be done. Then in the afternoon, a short swim, water was too cold, maybe the weight I'm losing.
1715 Hours: Did aerobics with a female bird inside, trying to get out, I threw in my two cents worth, for the bird was so much in shock, you can stand by the window and it will not see you. Got the bird, but lost it, I went up, foolish that I am, caught her. Taking her out, pass two boys, said a couple of poems, they patted her and I let her go. I do love to do things, but, I am hard to understand. One thing is, I'm a tired pup.

7-6 1330 Hours: Forgive me, Had to find myself, quit smoking on the 20th of June, what a bear I am. Been going on morning walks, then to a gym for workouts, then a swim on a very lovely river.
I know so much about life, how no one ever said it was fair, they're a few low points, but then again, too few to mention.

7-16 1033 Hours: Joy is returning, as watching a river swells after a long drought, filling the voids with this wet coolness, the keeper of life. Feeling New England's soft summer nights, so few, so rewarding-as drinking cool drops of water on these hot summer days, as the water runs down the chin, maybe? running the water down the back of the neck, over the head. To give Thanks, I asks forgiveness to the goodness of this life, how much luckier can I be, to be alive, and to know, that, I am alive!

Until we meet again, peace to all......beorn


with a young deer
freezing rain
dragon tooth
looking good