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Indian Links

Read the best of Indian news - The Times of India is India's largest newspaper and the largest in the English language outside the USA and UK. Another news paper is The Hindustan Times, especially popular in Delhi, where I live.

Watch Indian National TV live. Visit Doordarshan live on the Internet.

Read some Indian magazines, which I like to read - India Today , Business Today , Business Week and Outlook.

Play with the best Indian Minds - Visit the Mindsport !! One of my favourite Sunday past times.

If you want to be healthy, follow the 5,000 year old and the most scientific medicine system in the world. Indian gift to the world of medicine and good health. This system believes that rather than treat the symptoms, treat the real cause. Use it to be free of all troubles of mind and body. Visit the official Ayurveda Site on the web.

Another site on the great mystery that is India. Visit the Vedas.

Another really great site on Indian Culture and Hinduism is the Hindunet.

Some Indian Portal or Search sites : Jadoo, Khoj, Manpasand , 123india.

Indian passion : Cricket

My MBA Institute, among the top ten in Indian B-Schools, read a small list or go for the detailed article.

Indian Police on the net, or rather it is Mumbai Police on the spidery web now, catching criminals in its web.

Delhi's Tihar Jail is now on the Internet - Do visit this good effort for communication with the inmates.

Definitely the best Indian Music Online, just like the Teen Station or the India FM

The dream job of every Indian marketer, Hindustan Lever Limited - HLL

Here is an electronic-message-to-snail-message-conversion so that you can send your mail to people, who do not have internet access. Available only for India at Homeindia. A must for all NRIs (Non Resident Indians, for the uninitiated).

Indian problem of population, if you can't wish it away, at least you can study it. Great for general information and market researchers, students interested in India. Visit the official census website.

Another one from the Indian govt. stable! This one is on the Taskforce on Information Technology setup by the Govt of India. This is a very good site for anyone interested in the Indian IT industry and how things are shaping up.
You can also look at the NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies).

Indians love politics, so it may be a good idea to visit some of the major Indian political parties. Start with the right wing Bhartiya Janta Party - BJP , and also visit its parent organisation, the Rashtriya Sewak Sangh - RSS. The mouthpiece of RSS is the Organiser.

And if politics is present, can elections be far behind!!?!! Visit some popular websites on elections - India Decides , India Votes and Chunav 99.

Another good Indian website from the Election Commission of India. Provides detailed data on elections in India, the largest democray in the world.

Welcome to Delhi's comprehensive Yellow Pages!

Welcome to Maps of India, a very-very good site for all kinds of maps on India