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Hello all. This is my page dedicated to custom SCMs. If you have any that you would like to be featured on my page, just e-mail me the map. Click on the box to mail it to me.


One of my custom campaigns. The Badlands campaign takes place shortly after the end of the Zerg campaign of Brood war. You need WinZip to unzip it, but if you don't have it, click here Winzip to download it. Playable with Starcraft 1.04, 1.05 and Brood War. Brood War units are not disabled. E-mail me for updated versions of my campaign, more units, better briefings, enhanced terrain, just some of the improvements you'll see.

Size: 1.5 MB

Mir 2000, the derelict Russian space station that everyone has come to love has drifted into the Koprulu sector. Designed for 2-4 players with plenty of expansion minerals and gas. The middle expansion is probably the mother load of resources, but all players have easy access to it. Playable with all versions of Starcraft.

Size: 72 k

Another custom map from me! I am getting tired of having to make a map to put up on my website every month, so could you please mail some to me. You will recieve full credit. This month's map is Diverse Landscape. It's a 256x256 8-player melee map with many expansions. Playable only with Brood War

Size: 224 k

FINALLY! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! I have a map that wasn't made by me. My friend whipped this map for the hell of it, it's the start of his campaign. Also, I might post a second map this month, the first map in my new campaign. I just have to add a briefing and PRESTO, instant map! Heh... well, this month's map has special trigger-driven units... Terran cloakables that can remain cloaked forever. Also, infinite lockdowns. This is a must have map if you want to see other people's triggers in action. Made by Dan McMann.Playable only with Brood War

Size: 153 k

This is the first installation of my new Campaign, Retribution. It tells the story of what happens shortly after the Brood War Zerg campaign. Kerrigan is dead. You are appointed new Executor of the Protoss Defense Force. As your first task, you are to investigate the finding of a Temple at Antioch. Look for new installments monthly. Playable only with Brood War.

Size: 181 k

Two new maps that just got sent to me, The Quest and Genocide. I haven't had time to look at them very thouroghly, but they look pretty good in the editor. My thanks goes to Alex Jones for sending me these maps. The Quest is playable only with Brood War, but Genocide is playable with all versions.

The Quest-Size: 208 k

Genocide-Size: 104 k

Just finished! Frozen Plateaus. The barren ice plains of Duab IV have been disputed over for years. Watch out for the middle expansion, it's one of the most sought after spots in the sector. 128x128 Ice world. 2-4 players. Melee map.

Size: 66 k

Please submit your maps to me. I'm rather a weak judge and will post MOST maps. Remember, you recieve full credit. Every once in a while, if I recieve more than one map in a month, I'll put them both on :). I am getting real tired of making maps myself, and the only other people who are willing to send me SCuMs are my friends. Oh, and as soon as I run out of space on my page, I'm sorry... but I can't post any more SCuMs, however, you can go to my alternate site, as soon as it's up. That'll be like SCuMs only! I'll put the link on the page as soon as I fix the damn webpage, right now, I have 5 hits, all from me, which I find incredibly pathetic... ASAP, though, I'll link you to the SCuM Dungeon.

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