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Fred The Re-Loader and Wildcatter!

Topics for Wildcatters and Reloaders see also Page 2. Click Item 24. NOTE: New E.mail ADDRESS.

My Favorite Subjects and Links.

1. Longneck Brass and fire forming for the 243 Ack. Imp. Rev.4.0
2. Wildcat Loads for the 243 AI, 6mmAI, and the 257DGR. Note.Jeff Milender died of a heart attack Sept 5/09 while bow hunting in ND. May he R.I.P.
3. The 280 Ackley improved Rifle and Loads. Rev.4 Picture added 3/21/02..
4. The 7mm SS Ackley Improved. Hunting and Wby action report added.
5. My new 7mmSSAI on a Rem 700SA . Revised 10/18/00
6. Hunting with the 7mmSSAI in Africa.
7.The 7.62 UKM Cartridge
8. The 243 Win Mountain Rifle. Added &Updated Aug. 11/99
9. Approch to pactical Wildcatting. Revised 22/12/01.
10. Neck Angles and Rifling Twists. Updated May 5/02.
11. Necking Down Brass Formula
12. My Moly Plating Process. Rev.3 1/12/01 New cleaning methode &Link.
13. My Favorite Hunting Calibers. Revised 03/29/03
14. Goose Hunting and Blinds. Rev.2 Picture added 4/6/01
15. Shot guning with a Disabled Shoulder. Rev. Steel Shot 12/16/99
16. Model 98 Mauser Tune-up. Comments added Oct 6/99.
17. My Labrador Retriever Story. Added 12/12/99
18. A Look at Brass Case Heads and Web Strength. Rev. 3 Jan.10/01
19. Hand Loading Tools & Loading Procedures.Picture added 6/4/01
20. 303 6British Lee Enfield and Ross rifle. Ross Book cover added Jan 27/03
21. Varmint Al's Hunting Stories
22. The 25 Hunter Cartridge for Deer and Varmints. Rev1. April 3/02
23.Canoe Survival Gun.
24.New page #2 Index. Fire form, recoil calculation, 300Wby and Annealing added.Barometer added. BR stock added. Tweak H&R/NEF rifles. Ruger#1 Rehab

Cartridge Names of Logo

Cartridge Names of Logo

This site is under continuent construction.

Last update Jan.20/06, new e-mail address. 25 Hunter coversion Note, 280AI Pix and Link, 300Wby, Annealing and Fire form warning added.

Also"See Moly coating. New cleaning&Link"

Important Note Added to #10 Re:Twist.

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Fred the Reloader. All e-mail will be answered.

I like to hear from you, thank you.

Picture of 7mmSSAI 16/08/00. Oct.10/00 added the 7.62UKM Wildcat. Dec6/01 Fireform with C.O.W. added.

Ross rifle book added 27/01/03

Jan01/04 added BR Stock page 2

Sept7/04 Tweak H&R 25-06 and Ruger#1 Rehab. page 2