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The Page at Weller Corner

Welcome to our little corner of the Web...

Last update: 19 July 2008
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Thank you for visiting our homepage! The first thing you might notice is the ad banner up top and a really annoying pop-up - we're really sorry about that, but such is the fate of free web pages. *sigh*

Some basics about our family - first of all, we are Gary, Heather, and Rowan Weller. We live in Worcester, Massachusetts, the city that never wakes. We also share our home with two cats (though they think they share theirs with us, I fear). Check out our family history page to find out about how Gary and Heather met, important dates, and the like.

The entire Weller clan would like to thank you for visiting our homepage - so, thank you. Enjoy your visit.



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The sections of our page are fairly self-explanatory, but just in case you're suffering a massive headwound or something, I'll explain a bit. Gary, Heather, and Rowan's sections are self-named; if you can't figure -those- out on your own, it's time for a nap. Family History is an overview of our life as a family, including how that came to be, and contains family photos. Randomness is a weblog - or a blog - it's dynamic content we can update at a moment's notice and a good place to find out what's been going through our minds - or at least Heather's unless Gary takes her up on the offer to join in the fun! Finally, we have the requisite Links page, with - you guessed it - links to things the lot of us have found entertaining and/or useful. The year pages are a newer way of my updating content - instead of one section for each of us, the year pages contain a synopsis of the year and photos from it.

Now, go... be free... wander where your mouse takes you! :)

-Heather (unofficial Weller family HTML goddess)

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