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Correct English Translation

This web page is currently under construction. Thank you for your patience.

CORRECT ENGLISH TRANSLATION offers a service for Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese translation.

Portuguese to English translations are always completed by an american translator, offering an advantage in terms of the correctness of the final product - often a problem when national or local services are employed.

English to Portuguese translations are guaranteed to be carried out by a brazilian translator. All of the translators have had experience translating for the Ministry of Education & Culture of Brazil.

The CORRECT ENGLISH TRANSLATION main office is located within Brasília, DF, BRAZIL, however, the service is not restricted to individuals nor businesses within this geographical area. If outside of greater Brasília, then e-mail us at: for further information.

To submit a document for translation, the following is required: (1) the document must be in Microsoft Word format, created on an IBM compatible PC or equivalent with a `.doc' stem. (2) the e-mail system which you are using must have an "append file" or "attach file" capability.
The translations offered fall into two major catagories:

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