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Last Updated : 5/6/99

Agent Pienza's X-File Page

Here's the link to my Home Page which is NEW so visit it!!(it's lonely)

This page will contain the secret information given to an FBI agent through government sources. I will also have pictures, quizes, episode polls, sound waves, updated XF facts, and much,much more for you to discover as you investigate this web page. Good Luck and always remember: THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.... Please come back again!

My Quote of the Day
"Is there any way I can get it off my fingers quickly without betraying my cool exterior?"

-Squeeze 9/24/93

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Vote for your Favorite X-Files Episode here!!

Top 10 reasons you need XA (xfiles anyonomous) :
  • You never buy honey or any other bee-related products.
  • You tattoo your body like a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Your password to sign-on to AOL is Trustno1.
  • You tear up your twenty-dollar bills before going to the airport.
  • You tell all your friends call you by your last name.
  • You keep a snow globe around, just in case.
  • You buy Superstars Of The Superbowl when you don't even like football.
  • You never ever use a porta potty.
  • You dye your hair RED....really red....
  • You make your own web page just for the show.

Click here to see my favorite X-File Pictures!!!

My Favorite Web Sites

The X-Files Official Web Site (for the geniuses)
The Gossamer Project : X-Files Fan Fiction Archive (gotta love these guys!)
Agent Pienza's X-Files Page (my other page)
Jenny's X-Files (love this page!!!)
Relationship Episode Guide (great for shippers like me)
AV's X-Files Site!
Fox and Dana's Wedding (anyother creative shipper site)
David Duchovny's Home Page (for all you Mulder-lovers)
Squirrel's Nest (everyone loves it here)
The PA X-Files Homepage (another very creative looking site)

I just wanted to add a few things that keep me happy other than X-FILES :

The Creator

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Thanks you guys!!!