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The main thing which people speak of when studying a martial art is the way it differs from one form to another. In all truth, There is little that can be said about which style is better, for the martial place of origin is within. Each person will take a style and say it is or is not for them, yet they are merely understanding the age old myth of a persons system or technique. This is where each person would get great benefit from using the concept, rather than a system. To Reject art you limit Yourself. To reject the system, You limit yourself. The one true form is to have no form. I am trying to help people in a search for their own personal truth, as I am also helped.
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Before anything is tried from this page which I may place as merely a guide, not as a how to, I accept no responsibility for any injury which may be sustained.

Execution of Movement

One of the problems which people should see no matter what, is that when a move is executed it must contain certain characteristics, or it is no longer that move. It would be like saying that you are going to take a move from tai chi (e.g. praying hands), and completly removing all the aspects of the hands from this. That is looking at a move as if it is needed for certain types of defense as opposed to certain types of attack. Bruce Lee founded HIS PHILOSOPHY of Jeet Kune Do, in his own words "Jeet Kune Do is finding the cause of your own ignorance". Jeet Kune Do favors the formless. Bruce Lee's personal research and development in what worked for him in combat. Since each individual is different, he must find the cause of his own ignorance and must utilize all ways that personally fit him. We must prepare our own personal way of combat and keep a constant evolution going on. Bruce was constantly researching every martial art he could find information on, he did not embrace everything. Lets keep our personal liberation flowing. Lets keep the standards high and make the requirements stringent. We will react the way we train, embrace what works for you.
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We are all going to embrace some form of fighting, some may embrace the Gracie ground fighting techniques while others may embrace standup fighting techniques as in western boxing or wing chun. As long as we keep evolving and utilizing all ways, we will keep growing.
People see Martial Arts films and think that is how they are supposed to fight, or they think that is the way that Jackie Chan fights, so they try and copy there own style from this. This is not a way of self expression. This is merely a way that you can imitate. Anyone can learn how to do a five animal form and follow a set pattern that is displayed before them, but this does not give them there truth. This will be the truth of an aged grand master from a long time ago who found out that by imitating an animal, they could fight more effectively. This gave them a direction to which they aimed. There is no need however for a lot of physical execution to occurr within these movements in any form, due to the usual flamboyance and flare. This is all very well for impressing your friends but if you get into situation where you rely on a jumping round house like Vanne Dam, The chances are you will not walk away with a lesser degree of injury. It is not to be simple, but to use simplicity. To beat a good fighter with complex attacks is good, but to beat a good fighter with a simple attack is mastery. A person must not limit themselves to simple or complex, open your mind to all possibilities. It is not a cast of learning a few martial arts and meshing them together, it is about researching yourself and what works for you.

Benny "The Jet" Urquidez was a world champion with an incredible record of 57-0 with 49 knock-outs. During this time Benny has never forgotten his roots. He has always been true to the martial arts and always continued to instruct in them. He never put himself in the category of a kick-boxer, he always said that he was a "full contact martial artist" which included, not excluded, the entire spectrum of the traditional fighting arts. Benny Urquidez philosophy has always been "Knowledge is Power". Never shut your mind to anything new, but with a show of respect, never forget your past. Benny has developed a system called Ukidokan, Benny explains his eclectic system like this, "My rushes are Shotokan, my head and hands are Boxing, my side step is White Crane Kung-fu, my kicks are Tae Kwon Do, my power kicking is Muay Thai with elbows and knees, my grappling is Aikido, Judo and Jujitsu. Thanks to the grappling master Gene LeBell I've included pro-wrestling techniques as well." This is one of the reasons the system is so dynamic. It will always be evolving. Its traditional precepts is to change when necessary.

The Philosophy of the Ukidokan system: 1. Never change what works 2. Grasp whatever you can, be open minded about everything. 3. Learn what you want to learn, but never close your mind to something different. 4. Knowing yourself helps to know others. 5. Set goals, but never limits. 6. To be one hundred percent in physical shape, you must first be in one hundred percent mental shape. 7. Respect your judgment, remember you cannot fool yourself. 8. Take defeat as a process of learning. 9. Never downgrade yourself by thinking negatively. 10. If you lose, figure out why you lost and find the techniques that will help you next time. 11. In and out of the ring, the secret of a martial artist is to control his anger.

Without question, the martial arts are a lifetime study. Whether you are in search of self-defense skills, or are developing your physical condition or mental awareness, or are just looking for inner peace through this ancient discipline, you are among millions of practitioners who share a common goal: a love for the martial arts. The foundation of the martial arts is the union between the mind and body...

Physical Conditioning --"He who hesitates, meditates...horizontally!"

A good test of your own physical condition is simple, stand in front of a heavy bag and go all out kicking and punching for three rounds, each round being three minutes , with only one minute of rest between rounds. Be sure to move around as if you are fighting, remember you will react the way you train...You be the judge! If you pass with ease and can continue; then do so. However be sure to keep track of your heart rate for your age group. This test is a good indicator of your present condition.
When conditioning your body be sure to cross train and establish your daily goals. To execute all the different skills required of the martial artist, you must first prepare your body by exercising. The basic exercises should be an established part of your daily routine. Incorporating exercise in your daily life is a way to strengthen yourself both physically and spiritually; its importance should not be minimized. Be sure to warm up your muscles properly first to avoid the pain of a pulled muscle and gradually your flexibility will develop. Exercise stimulates your blood circulation, improves the quality of your general health, and prepares you mentally.

A good way to increase your physical endurance is to start by setting goals for each day. Monday start by doing basic warm-ups, stepping exercises, and calisthenics workouts. Then do one to three miles of road work. Tuesday practice a lot of fast kicks and punches using a hand-held paddle-like targets to develop speed and accuracy. On Wednesday its back to running, start with a one to three mile run, then some calisthenics. Then do some sprints, start with two 880-yard dashes, two 440-yard dashes, two 220-yard dashes, 20 100-yard dashes, and 10 50-yard dashes. The purpose of these is to build up the ability to put out short bursts of explosive power. In the martial arts, you need to have lots of endurance to generate bursts of energy. "Do not forget your heart rate".

This page is currently being put together, so I am giving you an example of what is to come shortly.If anyone has any ideas as to what you like including, or if you have any question, e-mail me at

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