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Remember Matthew Shepard- Stop Hate Crimes!

Matthew Shepard was a Christian. Yet, in many ways, he was just like us in the Pagan community. He was singled out for what he was. He was killed for being himself.

Those who are homosexual, like those who are Pagan, are under attack by people who do not understand them. These people fear them, spread lies about them, and use a book written to teach love in order to justify atrocities toward them. This is a grave, and terrible thing. We here at the nest want to proudly show our support for the Homosexual community.

Stop the hate. Stop the violence. And never forget this beautiful human being. His death was a terrible, shameful thing. If we forget him, and what those like him suffer, we only add to that atrocity.

Lady, Lord, take your son into your arms and comfort him. His brief but beautiful presence on this earth has changed us all. Allow us to learn from his suffering, and give our hands to work that will end the hate, and fear that caused his passing. May he pass into the Summerland, but never pass from our hearts.

So mote it be

Quotes from the Bible to think about

Pages that support Gay and Human rights

A.F.T.E.R- A wonderful page that serves as a watchdog group for human rights. Much Matthew coverage.
Human Rights Campaign
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
A great page to find out what we are fighting against. Some of the quotes will make you angry, some will make you want to cry.
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