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Search Engine Page

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Search Engines

Need to search for something? This is the place to come! Below will be listed all sorts of search engines that can be used for different purposes. I will later place descriptions of each search engine as well as what I feel the strengths are for each of them.

Northern Light is an excellent search engine!!!
It is not only fun to use , but practical, productive, exciting, and EASY! It preforms a comprehensive search for you and then in addition to finding the results it also offers custom search folder in which the search results are catagorized for easy viewing and finding! You dont have to go through 400 000 pages any more, now you can be selective and go straight to what you want , or, sift through the 400 000 if you really want to. With Northern Light the option is yours! Northern Light Also offers a special collection of 1800 types of documents not found on any other search engine which include Journals, Reviews, and Magazines! (Including PR journal, PR Quarterly Review). This excellent search engine also Categorizes !! It lets you know if the site is a commercial, non-profit, personal, or educational site. If youre looking for something this search engine is definitely worth a try!!!

Web Crawler

Type a specific question, phrase or Name.

Big Yellow
Great for finding People, Email Addresses, and Businesses, as well as Global Directories!

Looking for someone? Look here!


Look Smart

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