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Other Snazzy Links

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons.
"If you love them and are as intrigued as I am with them youve come to the right spot." Mythical dragon info and real dragon info.
Britannica Online
Access Britannica online.
The Anti-Valentines Day Page!!!
For those of you who love to hate Valentines Day!!!
Send some Virtual Flowers to your Valentine!
For those of you who love Valentines day!
Wish you had a different email address?
Electric Library
Search and access an extensive database of articles from periodicals, newspapers, television broadcasts, and speciality publications, and books. This is an excellent resource for research its has a free trial period.
Hitchhikers Guide
This page should be working, if it isn't please email me.

Joe Satriani Web Site

Web Page Info
Learn to make your own web pages, useful references and utilities
Gourmet and Bon Appetit
The magazine's web pages and recipe databases. Don't go here if you're hungry.
The COOLEST Graphics Site on the net!!!!
Everything you could possibly want...downloading links here!
Desk Top Enhancements!!!!
James Bond Screen Savers and many more...A little *LIFE* for your desktop!
Get your chart.....and daily free horoscope emails!
Find the meaning/origins of your name
...most people know, but its fun anyway
Want out of this world information, this seems to be the place to go. Aliens, Science Fiction, XFiles, Star Trek, more Aliens. If its not on the planet, you can check here.
Graphics by Foxy
EXCELLENT Appelets and Graphics
Leslie's Impressionism Page
Cool Site. Great Impressionist Links
Impressionist Paintings Screen Saver
Another one from SoftSeek.
The best way to communicate on the net!!! <maybe one day AMAR will get it>
Disney Home
Butterfly Home Page
Episode guide, official information.

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