• Stone Tells Sonny and Luke that there is a Hit out on Them

    (This takes place when Luke and Sonny are working together in Frank Smith’s organization. Sonny and Luke are at the Paradise Lounge, which is now closed. )
    S: (Pouring himself a drink) “ Can I get you something?”
    L: “ Sure. A little of that. Although I usually don’t like my booze watered down.”
    S: (Looks up at Luke.) “ What are you talking about? (Sonny grins a little bit and sits down.) This place was hot! Before they shut me down. Friday, Saturday nights, you couldn’t even get near it.”
    L: “ Well, too bad they pulled the plug on you.” (Luke puts his head back and drinks a shot.)
    S: “ Yeah...well, sometimes it catches up to you.”
    L: (Lets out a breath.) “ Not if you run fast enough.”
    S: (Plays with his ear and then puts his hands together.) “ So this is your idea of keeping a low profile?”
    L: “ Hey, how the hell am I supposed to keep a low profile with Abbott and Costello on my case day and night? Bud’s out there now, standing guard or is it Lou? Hey Abbott! I can’t tell those two clowns apart.”
    S: “ My guess is there’s something you wanna know?”
    L: “ Yeah, when’s the compost gonna hit the fan?”
    S: “ Did you ever hear the story of chicken little the sky is falling, the sky is falling?” (Sonny is gesturing with his hands as he is talking.)
    L: “ It’s one of my favorites.”
    S: “ Well don’t look up. Garfield’s gonna make his move any minute now but we’re ready for him.”
    L: (He looks uncomfortable.) “Whose we?”
    S: (Gets up and goes over to the bar.) “ We. As in you and I. We’ll have the foot soldiers fight the actual battle. Meanwhile, you and I can lay out the next assignment. Which...should start as soon as this Garfield business has been taken care of. Which I’m expecting will happen very soon.” (Sonny sits back down at the table.)
    L: “ What is the next assignment?”
    S: (An amused expression on his face. He is chewing his food.) “ You might even get a kick out of it.”
    L: “ Why? Does it involve two weeks in Waikiki?”
    S: “ How bout Brighton Beach?”
    L: “ New York?”
    S: “ Yeah. You heard of it?”
    L: “ Yeah, it’s a state near Jersey. So there’s something in Brighten Beach that Frank is interested in?”
    S: “ No, not something. Someone. An arms dealer.”
    L: (Grins, pours himself another drink.) “ Go on.”
    S: “ All we gotta do is buy us a Russian troop transport helicopter. Slightly new.” (Luke laughs.) Hey I don’t make the decision, if Frank wants me to get him a comic chopper, that’s what I’m gonna get him.”
    Next Scene
    L: “ So you’re serious? Frank want a Russian troop transport chopper? Sounds challenging. Do I get to fly it?”
    S: “ No, all we gotta do is negotiate the deal and get a guaranteed delivery in two weeks.”
    L: “ Sounds expensive. Does he have a price ceiling?”
    S: “ Frank wants to leave that up to you.”
    L: “ What does he need it for?” (Luke gets up and walks over to the bar.)
    S: “ You know with Frank, I figure the less we know, the happier we are.”
    L: “ No Sonny! With Frank, the less we know the stupider we are. (Pours himself some coffee.) And for my taste all these puzzle parts are fitting together just a tad snugly.”
    S: (Turns to look at Luke, with a confused expression.) “ How do you figure?”
    L: “ Well first of all he wants a Russian troop transport chopper. Which is an assault vehicle. So my question is what or who is he going to assault. Secondly, we’ve brought a truck load of meat into the country for him. Most notably, a gorgeous Algerian babe with legs to the ceiling. (Luke is sitting down at the table again.) Who claims to be an accountant, and let slip the fact that uh...he’s going back into the business full time. Thirdly, I know Frank’s working on a very tight time schedule.”
    S: “ No. Spencer, I’m not kidding, I don’t wanna know okay?”
    L: “ Get off it man, you already know. He’s planning on going over the wall.”
    Stone comes in through the side door.
    St: “ Sonny?”
    S: (Turns around and looks at Stone.) “ What’s up?”
    St: “ Oh man, we got problems.
    Next Scene
    Sonny puts his arm on Stone’s shoulder and brings him over to the table.
    S:” Now take a breath and tell me what happened.”
    St: “ All right, I was upstairs when a call came in. Phil Cusac’s been hit.”
    L: “ Frank’s lawyer. Let’s the games begin.” (Luke pours his alcohol drink into his coffee.)
    S: “ Is he dead?”
    St: “ No. He’s hurt bad though.”
    S: “ Who called!”
    St: “ I don’t’ know if I should say.”
    L: “ Say!”
    S: (Introduces them.) “ Stone Cates, Luke Spencer.”
    St: “ Luke? You’re the other guy.”
    L: “ What other guy?”
    St: “ The phone call was from Corelli. He works for Cusac. He said that Phil’s been hurt and to warn Sonny and Luke to go to ground right away.”
    L: (Gets up and rushes to where the bar is.) “ Where’s your phone!”
    St: “ And that you’re both on Garfield’s hit list. It sounds bad man.”
    S: “ It is bad.
    St: “All right, what’s going down?”
    S: (Puts his hand out in front of him like he wants Stone to be quiet.) “ No, I don’t...I don’t have time right now. You have someplace safe where you can go?”
    St: “ Well, where are you gonna be?”
    S: “ Forget about it okay! You’re not safe with me. Just...can you do that...can you go someplace safe?”
    St: (Concerned.) “ No man I don’t wanna leave you!”
    S: “ Too bad. Come on.” (Sonny puts his hand on Stone’s shoulder and walks him over to the door.)
    St: “ Man, how am I even gonna know when it’s all clear?”
    S: “ You’ll read about it in the newspaper, okay? Bye, takeoff.”
    Stone leaves.
    Maurice Benard Connection

    Luke's Monologue to DA BAT

    12/11/98; show #9142
    Setting: Park...night
    Luke: You worship me, don't you?
    Bat:(mentally snorts)
    Luke: filled the closets and shelves of your sick, lonely little mind wiht graven images of me...and I'm touched, really, to know I'm the thing, the icon, that gave your liife meaning lo these many years. Hating me must have been a nice change from hating yourself. Trying to prove yourself better than Luke Spencer gave you someting to strive for when your martyred big brother went to his rest, canonized for all time as the charismatic Cassadine...the one people liked, outlived by the runt of the family.
    Ever since you found out what happened between Laura and me that night twenty years ago, you clung to it like a drowning man, didn't you? You hoarded it like money. You took it out every night and polished it till the corners of the room glowed with it's splendor. It should have destroyed me, having my son hear me called "rapist," or so went the master plan. But here I am, only slightly crippled, and I propose to you that one good turn deserves another: Let YOUR son hear you called what you are--"Father." A title any other man would wear with pride...but you made it a curse. Say it and your life collapses like a house of unsent Father's Day cards. Say it and you lose everything; fortunes, titles, property, power and the son in question.

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