Really Old WUBS

I started writing the WUBS in 1997. These are from 1999, thanks to Kay and Sue who kept them all these years!

Yes, some people kept some really old WUBBIES! I'm pleased to present these old gems for your viewing pleasure! If you have any WUBS pre 2001, please email me at

If Dreams Came True WUB

This was written when Maurice left and TG had taken a vacation. It was also right after the Luke/Sonny "breakup"...circa 1998

Sonny: Hey,'ve been down here long enough, what ya say you go back?

Luke: I dunno..kinda like it here in Tropical Cassidines, no bills, no nothin!

Sonny: No Lulu...

Luke: Aw...did ya have to go mention them? Come on, man! I need to get back like I need another hole in my ear...or head..or whatever!

Sonny: Look, my friend..we've both been here way too long! We've been running away from life and old ghosts. I say it's time to go back and kick some butt!

Luke: I'd like to start with Count Batula....well, I knew it couldn't last. And I do miss Laura's cooking...(laughs) well, I lied! Why are you goin' back?

Sonny: Gotta cover Jason's back. He thinks he got out scott-free. Yeah, right! I promised Moreno that I'd take some heat too, and he decided to cut Jase loose. Plus..well...I can only get so much tan, man!

Luke: Tell ya what. We go back if you help me with the Cassicreeps ...

Sonny: (flashes dimples) Have I ever let cha down, my friend?

Luke: (puts out cigar) ha..don't make me answer that! Come on, get that dang platter packed bud...let's book!

That's us...awaiting our heros to save them ratings! You knew they were together, right?


setting: Penthouse...late one night.

Sonny is asleep on the couch. A fire is roaring. You can hear a clock tick softly in the back.... suddenly, he wakes; he knows someone else is in the room.

Sonny: Who? Where are you?

Brenda: Hey..over here....(she's framed in the moonlight...wearing a red dress)

Sonny: Bren? Oh my God...there you are! Where have you been?

Brenda: (moves to the couch) Right here. Always...right here (points to his heart)

Sonny: I know that.

Brenda: Do you? What was it you were saying to Jason?

Sonny: (puts hand over eyes...shakes head) Ah, Bren...he's hurting now. Robin just about killed him. I tried to make it better.

Brenda: By talking about my betrayal?

Sonny: I'm sorry babe. I was trying to get him to realize that forgivness can be there, if you look for it.

Brenda: Did you forgive me?

Sonny: know I did. When we were going to be married last time, I told you that. Didn't you see it in my eyes? You are my soul. If I didnt' forgive you, I'd give away the best part of myself.

Brenda: yeah. I just needed to check once more. Poor Jason. Do you think he'll ever get over this?

Sonny: I don't know. He sees things in black and white there is no middle ground for him. Robin thought she was saving him from Carly.

Brenda: Yeah, I know. Hey, you miss me?

Sonny: (pause) So bad, it hurts to wake up in the morning....cause you're not there anymore...

Brenda:'ll always have your dreams though...and I'll come to you, I promise...

Sonny: I know you will.



Setting: Dr. Tracey the therapist's office....(from Ally McBeal)

Dr. Tracey: Ah, I see you're both here....Jasper Jax and .....Sonny Corinthos....Correct?

Jax: Present!

Sonny: yep.

Dr. Tracey: It seems that Mr. Guza sent you on the 2 for one coupon. Now, how can I help you?

Sonny: don't need help.

Jax: Blink.

Dr. Tracey: Ok. Well...let's start with your theme do both have one dont' you? You know, a song that describes may hear it in your head or on the street...

Jax: Well...I'm partial to "Twinkle Twinkle...Little Star" Do you know it?

Dr. Tracey: Yes...I am familiar with that ditty. You, Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: (leans forward) you know the last opus from Mozart's "Don Giovanni?"....that's it.

Dr. Tracey: Very realize that is about internal conflict over a man's dead father and.....

Jax: OH! COOL! A FURBY! Can I play with it? Can I?

Sonny: (rolls eyes)

Dr. Tracey: Ok...well, let's move on to the reason we are here. I have read Miss Barrett's file and I must say...she is ONE interesting woman....

Jax: Sob...sob....she was so independent and happy and cool and....sob...

Sonny: (rolls eyes)

Dr. Tracey: And how would you describe her, Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: HOT!

Jax: YOU are a pig!

Dr. Tracey: Ok, Mr. Jax...go with described Mr. Corinthos as a pig...interesting...what animal would you use to describe Mr. Jax? Sonny: Kangaroo.

Dr. Tracey: Oh! Because he's from Austrailia~

Sonny: No, actually cause he jumps around alot and is well...not that bright.

Jax: HEY! Kangaroo's aren't stupid! And while we're at it...did you know that this man is a CRIMINAL? With the MOB..He's bad. bad. bad. bad.

Sonny: (rolls eyes)

Dr. Tracey: And how do you feel about that Mr. Jax? Jax: Well...I am an honest godfearing corporate ray-da, ay I am.....Good as gold and twice as sweet....

Dr. Tracey: Now, tell me....Mr. Jax...where did you and Miss Barrett shall we say..."relate" the best?

Jax: oh, that's easy...the couch. Soft, warm ..comfy...

Dr. Tracey: And you, Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: Anywhere, everywhere. We couldnt' keep our hands off each other...

Jax: PIG!

Sonny: LOOK! One more word outta you and I swear I'm gonna....

Dr. Tracey: Boys, do see what's happening, dont' you?

Sonny: Nah...

Jax: Blink

Dr. Tracey: Ok...let's do a simple test....tell me your favorite colors;

Jax: Creme

Sonny: Red

Dr. Tracey: Your favorite Book?

Jax: Nancy Drew Mysteries...

Sonny: Dead Man Walking

Dr. Tracey: Well...Listen you two are the ying and know, polar opposites. You are there to divide the audience between factions. Miss Barrett was merely a means to an end so to speak...She never really cared for either one of you, you realize that....dont' you?

Sonny: I wouldn't say that!

Jax: NO WAY~!!!!!!

Dr. Tracey: No, you see...if she would have stayed on the show...she would have gotten bored with you Mr. Jax and she couldnt' go back to you, Mr. Corintos....because of her "chariots of fire", you do realize who really wants, right?

Jax: Blink

Sonny: Ah,'re kidding me.

Dr. Tracey:'s Stefan Cassidine. You see...Mr. Guza will eventually manipulate every female on the show to fall in love with his creation!

Jax: You mean the guy with the pointy ears?

Sonny: That's him, man. Geeze, and we sat here for an hour...for THIS? Let's go...I'm outta here!

Jax: me too! Hey, can I have a sucker?

Dr. Tracey: You've been good...take two!



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