Interview With "Flat Megan" And Megan Ward

Fan Fave Flat Megan talks to the Wubqueen
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I was so honored to sit and chat with Flat Megan on a stop of her whirl-wind tour of the U.S. to visit fans. FM is a wonderful way fans of Megan Ward and SKate (Sonny/Kate) can pay homage to their fave GH actress and couple. She's traveled to many fan's homes and to landmarks all over the country. FM will be at the Fan Club Weekend in July! FM has a facebook page as well: The Adventures of Flat Megan

Wub Queen: Hello! I'm so happy to finally meet you! Do you prefer Megan or Flat Megan?
Flat Megan: Actually, my friends call me FM.

WQ: You've been to so many places this year! It's hard to keep track of all of them...can you list where you've been for us?
FM: Yes, it certainly has been a whirlwind! Let’s see, I’ve been to New Jersey (twice), Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma and New York so far. And I have three more adventures to go before vacation!

WQ: I think I saw a picture of you with about 10 you like animals??
FM: Yes, I love animals. And that’s a good thing because most of my SKate friends have pets. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking about getting a dog myself. I seem to be drawn to Boxers.

WQ: How's the traveling part of your adventures? Do you fly flat-rate or first class? (hee hee)
FM: The traveling part of my adventures is actually fun. My mode of travel varies, depending on where I am and where I’m going. I have traveled flat rate and first class, by boxcar, bus and pimped out RV. I’ve been folded and loaded, but always “handled” with care! For my agents, it becomes “priority” that I arrive safely to my next adventure locale.

WQ: I hear you may be getting a wardrobe change soon. Any designers you'd like to work with?
FM: Yes, after five months in the same clothes, with that same damn clutch in my hands, I’m due for a change of clothes, don’t you think? I like many designers, but I particularly like Diane von FLATtenburg and Louis FLATton.

WQ: LOL, that's wonderful! Have you thought about getting an assistant? Flat Maxie perhaps?
FM: Haha! Well, I actually do get a new assistant for every adventure. The good thing about my assistants is that they take me everywhere I need to go, they make sure I always have fun, and they always have my favorite food on hand—crackers!!!

WQ: I'll have to remember that. You are going to the GH Fan Club Weekend!! Where can fans find you if they'd like to have a photo op??
FM: Well, you never know what plans might “unfold” at FCW. I’m always open to new possibilities, so fans will just have to keep an eye out for me. (Hint: I’ll probably be hanging out by someone I have a lot in common with!)


WQ: Do you have anything planned for your upcoming adventures you'd like to tell us about?
FM: Well, my adventures are always a surprise, but I can tell you that, on my next adventure, being “flat” may not always be desirable since it may be somewhat “musical.”

WQ: What's the one place you'd love to go but haven't yet?
FM: Well, my adventures aren’t so much about where I go but rather more about who I’m with and what we do together. That being said, I’d love to spend some time with Real Megan—maybe have crackers and a few drinks together, then get her to tell me all the juicy stories about portraying Kate Howard and especially “working” with Maurice!

WQ: And now, a real treat...Megan Ward (@themeganward) herself comments on the Adventures of her alter-ego! Hello Megan! Isn't it great that fans came up with such a creative way to keep "Kate" in everyone's thoughts?
MEGAN: Flattered to have inspired an adventure. A little nervous to see what it would be.

WQ: Have you met Flat Megan yet yourself or will that be the first time at FCW?
MEGAN: I have not had the pleasure, and concerned I won't "stand up" to her stature.

WQ: I believe your event is sold out, but can fans see you at the Kick off party?
MEGAN: Just like Flat Megan, you never know where I'll pop up!

WQ: Has Flat Megan gotten any fan mail at the studio yet?
MEGAN: You'll have to ask her handlers. She has an extensive staff.

WQ: People certainly miss you and Kate on the show. What are your hopes for the future when it comes to GH?
MEGAN: It's nice to be missed. I enjoy any journey the character takes. My job as an actor is to connect to and convey her story to the best of my ability.

WQ: Are there any other projects or appearences you'd like fans to know about??
MEGAN:I'm always on the lookout for possibilities while getting 3 square meals on the table.

WQ: One more thing with Flat Megan before the interview ends. FM, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
FM: Well, not many people know this, but I do like to write. Can I share a poem with you and your readers?


I started my journey as a piece of cardboard, then was fashioned in the image of the great Megan Ward.
I traveled cross-country with fans state-to-state to bring attention to Megan and the fabulous Kate.
This campaign is about Megan, Kate, Crimson and SKate;
they brought in the ratings and made GH great!
Without them the show has been terminally FLAT; we hope that TPTB recognize that.
So give us back Kate, SKate and the Crimson story, and restore our GH to its former glory.
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