Interview With Franco 2010

Uber Performer Franco Talks to the Wubqueen
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I was able to sit down with character Franco on the eve of his performance art at LA's MOCA tomorrow for an exclusive interview on his experience with the show, General Hosptial. We met at Wolfgang Puck's CUT restaurant in Beverly Hills where they were unveiling a portrait of the artist in their star gallery.

WQ: So nice to finally meet you!
FRANCO: Wubs!! How are you?? I've heard all about you. Bet you're ordering the lobster, right??

WQ: Of
FRANCO: Squab. I always get squab. SQUAB, Squab.

WQ: Hey, Love how Wolfgang hung your portrait up, how great is that? Wait..are you on a..
FRANCO: TOILET Yep! Cool, isn't it? You know, the whole irony of people on the john. Plus, I'm right next to Spencer Pratt. Can't buy that publicity.

WQ: Tell me a bit about the show tomorrow at MOCA
FRANCO: It's going to be crazy...I'm paintin' I'm sculptin' my boys there. Of course, special guest being Morgan. Can't wait! DUDE!! Can't wait. I'm hoping to paint a big circle with a pie inside. That's what I've been seeing. Right my mind's eye. That and a hatchet murder.

WQ: Awesome. How did you like the city of Port Charles when you were through there?
FRANCO: Well, it had some sweet spots. That crazy place, Jake's and that wall over by the docks. I loved painting on that. Of course, the view outside of Morgan's bedroom window. Awesome lighting. I wish I could have stayed longer, but you know. People to kill. Places to be.
WQ: Any regrets?
FRANCO: Queenie, you regrets for the Franco...but I was really sad that Morgan didn't eat my cheese and crackers. Feta. He didn't eat the feta. And I really thought, you know...Port Charles is famous for it's feta-- he'd eat some. *sigh*

WQ: Oh, I've upset you...sorry. Hey, I know, let's talk about something that everyone is really excited about.
Franco: Eat, Pray Love with Julia? What a trip..

WQ: No..I'm talking about the Most Beautiful Girl in the World...I think you met her in Paris...Brenda Barrett?
FRANCO: NO! (covers ears) DON'T SAY IT!! no!! :throws napkin: Did you really need to say that. Mention HER name?? What are you some kind of monster?

FRANCO painting titled: "Morgan at Sunrise"

WQ: Hey, I'm sorry..really...
FRANCO: You've put me in my box. I am closing the lid. See? Lid, shut.

WQ: Er..uh...are you going to finish the interview?
FRANCO: You. Dead. To me. See... I don't discuss that..that..person with anyone.

WQ: Ok, sorry...anything else you'd like to add, maybe tell your fans about?
FRANCO: No. Well. No. Wait... I do have a line of Morgan T-shirts coming out. Black. You can only see his face when you spray luminal on it.

WQ: Nice. What about tomorrow?
FRANCO: they say is another day. I'm done. No more squab for Franco. Lovely meeting you. Are you gonna eat that last claw? Cause I can use it in my next collage. HOMAGE to the WubQueen...

WQ: And so Franco went...walking out into the sun and glamour of Beverly Hills. He put his shades on, tossed his head and the paps took their photos.

For MOCA Press Release Plese click here: SOAP AT MOCA

West Hollywood—The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), announces the taping of a special episode of ABC’s Emmy Award–winning daytime drama General Hospital on the occasion of the return of character Franco the artist, played by artist and actor James Franco, on the Pacific Design Plaza next to MOCA Pacific Design Center. Conceived by James Franco as part of a performance work titled SOAP at MOCA: James Franco on General Hospital, the taping will be observed by a select live audience.
This special episode will commence on ABC on Thursday, July 22, 3pm EST/2pm PST.
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