The "Lolita" banner...Poison IVY (think Vines), AMY Fisher, A SHELL and bright red lipstick. Uh, THAT'S AMY Vining. This banner was made back when there were rumors that Amy slept with Rick and Laura saw.

"Pearlbanner" One of my favorites. "The Pictures Kept will Remind Me" from a PealJam song refers to the pics of Scotty. Mildred Pierce pic=Leslie's coverup for Laura in the David Hamilton murder case. Laura's wedding headress is in there...the rag doll and Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic (about going crazy). There's killer Bob!

Banner: "Untitled" The eyes of Laura Mars...Laura sees thru the killers eyes. Rick and Leslie during the "affair days." The storm that night, a teen Laura and a man on the couch with the words "The past" on it. Theresa's skull and "Buried Secrets" are references to her being buried in the backyard. Go to: BANNER 2 for past reveals: "Vendetta" "Hot Summer" and "I know"


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