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Welcome to Irish Embassy Hostel Home Page!

48 beds. $20 per night. 2 min. away from North Station. Kitchen, Laundry, Pay phone, Showers. When you are a guest at the hostel some of the benefits you have are: No linen fees, No baggage room fees, No membership fees, lunches at special prices at the restaurant. 2 Free barbecues per week - on Sunday and Tuesday. In addition, guests do NOT have to pay entrance fees to see bands in the pubs in the neighborhood. This absolutely is the most happening hostel in the world. If you are a real backpacker, you should check it out!!!  You will meet a lot of cool backpackers from all over the world. 

The Irish Embassy Hostel is conveniently located in the center of Boston's Historic and Beautiful City. It's totally close to the Boston Garden (Fleet Center) and 5 minute walk from Faneuil Hall Market Place and Downtown Boston.  Besides, there are so many kick-ass Irish pubs in the neighborhood. 
  So call us right now at 617-973-4841!

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