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IceCats Top Ten

Top 10 reasons to go to an IceCats game

#10 You have nothing better to do...

# 9 You think you like hockey

# 8 The ticket prices aren't quite as bad as Hartford

# 7 Your kids will love you forever if you take them

# 6 The Mountain Dew Crew (hey you could catch a t-shirt...miracles happen everyday)

# 5 Scratch

# 4 For that one awesome check into the boards

# 3 There just might be the fight of the season

# 2 So you can do the "HEY" dance when the 'Cats score

# 1 Because it's hockey, and it's the IceCats

Well I finally recieved an email from one of the on ice officials with the top 10 phrases heard in the penalty box(99-00 season). Here it is:

#10 "It wasnt me !!!"

#9 "The kids love that scratch, eh ??"

#8 "I drew blood from that guys fist !!!"

#7 "Hey ref, thats why you are still in the AHL !!!"

#6 "Am I leaking ??"

#5 "What time do I get out ??"

#4 "Kick his a$$, sea bass !!!"

#3 Coach look mad, eh ??"

#2 "Do I have any new marks on my face ??"

#1 "I've seen better refs at footlocker !!!"

Submitted by: Steve

E-mail us you top 10 list today! If we like it, we'll post it! Please include a first name and the town that you are from.