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Ok so here's my second page .. Wahoo!!!!! Thanks to my Friends who have sent me emails complimenting my first page .. I appreciate the support and you know who you are .Check out my clinic page on the opening page of this webite . I run courses in Home Herbal knowledge . Please feel free to email me if you have any good links that you would like to share , so I can put them on additional Pages.. Freedom is a key word in all of this and I feel that now more than ever we need to be aware of just how much of our rights and freedom of choice are subtley and insidiously being undermined. We need to make sure we do not become complacent and think that everything is ok ,IT'S NOT! So plant , propagate, educate..Take classes in herbal home use, massage , meditation.. grow as much of your own food as possible, get a dehydrater and turn excess food into nutricious snacks for your self and /or your family..You don't need to take drugs to feel well or to heal your selves . Nature has provided us with everything that we need..For every dis-ease or ailment , nature has a cure .Lets get a hold of them while we still can before the Bastards wipe out all the forests , where a lot of these remedies grow ! Money is also another issue which needs to be looked at and addresed .. Money is there ,no getting away from it . But remember that it is just another form of energy , and such can be utilised for wonderful projects.. So I encourage everyone to make as much money as you can thru means that are sustainable, envoironmentally sound and that are going to benefit all .. AND THEN use that money for projects that will benefit ALL. Then you will have freedom to get off the Grid.. I am working on the 3rd page , time and computer skills permitting . By the way , I run my own Herbal Clinic called " The Herbalist Naturopathic Clinic ".I manufacture all my own Tintures that I use in my treatments, which I love doing... I no longer manufacture the Natural skincare products called "Rosewood Natural Skincare " .I am working on a book which explains how to make your own basic skincare at home . Just another thought for those of you who want too live on the land but haven't got enough Bucks . Get a group together and pool your resources and buy some land or Approach ethical Businesses to Buy the land and offer to work on it , create the gardens and plant trees and herbs on it in exchange for A piece of land and free rent .. Try it , it can work .. Blessed be. LOVE AND LIGHT.

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