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My Clinic Home page
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Life Extension Foundation
Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research
Tantra hot Links
Herbal Encyclopedia
Willows Herbal and Wiccan Pages
Pagan Awareness Network
The Winds {scary stuff}
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my Bands web page
Power vs Force Awesome stuff check it out

Welcome too my home page. The aim of this page is to provide a forum for people interested in the subjects I have listed in my Hit List. I hope to also provide info for people to learn from, links to sites of interest and to have on going discourse with like minded people. Also to give advice on healing with herbs for people who want too try another way of dealing with their health issues{ so email me if you have a health question} and also a little healthy Herbal Anarchy.As well,a page for those with interest in Wicca and Magic. Enjoy .I am slowly working on these pages {time allowing} and hopefully will keep adding to them ,with more info and interesting links .Check out pages 2 & 3 ... I also Would like to inspire people out there to start Growing more Herbs and their own Food.The World situation is growing more Critical and we all need to recognise this and work together , and individually to turn it all around . We have the POWER and we can make a difference . The Power of ONE is Enormous , eg: Buddha , Jesus , Mahatma Ghandi , Socrates , Lao tse , Osho , Alexander the great ,Plato ,Leonardo Da Vinci ,You , Me !!! So just do it . Read , recycle , reuse ,replenish , replant, permaculture your garden , get rid of your lawn ! Love and light . Dipaunka . My email address is