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In the Name of Allaah the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

A Site For Young Muslimaat
Innal - Hamda Lillahi was - Salaatu was - Salaamu alaa' Rasulihi wa Salaamu ala man'ittab' al huda

Indeed, all Praise is due to Allah, Peace upon His Messenger (SAWS) and Peace upon whoever follows the Guidance

Adhaanul Mu'minaat has been totally created and made by young sisters for other young sisters with the niyyat to Insha'Allah be a reminder for our young muslimaat (and all Muslims in general) to utilize the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah upon the understanding and application of our Salaf us Saliheen and to give the young muslimah a vehicle to express herself Correctly and Positively! Thus, Insha'Allah, anything and everything Adhaanul Mu'minaat does (websites, newsletters etc.) will emphasize on the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah.

The Muslim Has No Free Time

From Ibn' Abbas (radiyallahu anhuma) who said that Allah's Messneger (SAWS) said : "There are two blessings which many of the people lose - health and free time." (Reported by Al Bukhari)

As young muslim women it is more than essential for us to develope the correct beliefs, adaab, and over all view of our position in islam~! Soo many sisters are falling prey to the stereo types that this dunya pushes out - that we are begining to hear about young sisters all to often abandoning the deen also!!

This is very sad!! Have we forgotten - neglected to read what Allah (Azza wal Jal) said in Surah Ali' Imran, ayah 19???

(What means) "Surely, the way of life acceptable to Allah is Islam."

This life is all so short and the correct understanding and praticing of Islam is the only valubale deeds that we will be able to take into the hereafter! So Insha'Allah, my dear sisters in Islam, while your young and you have the health and free time use it wisely!!

Our appologies goes out to everyone wondering what is going on with the site. Insha'Allah, site updates are on the way! Also insha'Allah, help is needed to update our links page. Got a site you think deserves to be put on our "Off the Hook" link's page??? Let us know Insha'Allah!! Also Sahlu As Saabiraat ~ The Valley Of The Patient Ones, is UP and Running, Alhamdulilah! Sisters, we are need of birth stories, especially home birth! Check the site out! Click here

Adhaanul Mu'minaat's"Official Site" is the only site where you will be able to get our updates, new articles, information on our new email group "Sistas Speak OUT!" and join (for Sisters ONLY), our snail mail newsletter, and ofcourse our ever growing 'Off The Hook' links! Insha'Allah, please note that the other "Adhaanul Mu'minaat" site (on geocities) will no longer receive any additions, so please update your links and add our Official Site to your favorites!!

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