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zokik's software



cdparanoia_log is based on the original cdparanoia from, but it also adds some log info to a file. I did this for my own use and thought that maybe someone else could find it useful.

For every track that is ripped with cdparanoia, a line would be added to a logfile. The logfile would consist of lines that follow this pattern:

[ progress_bargraph | sector_counter overlap_indicator ] time_when_finished filename

For explanation of symbols in progress bargraph see

So the advantage of cdparanoia_log over the original cdparanoia is that all the information about detected (repaired and unrepaired) errors that occured during ripping will be stored in the logfile. Suppose you use grip (with “cdparanoia”, not “grip (cdparanoia)” as ripper!) to rip & encode dozens of CDs: just check the logfile after all CDs have been ripped and if any errors occured you would quickly see which files have errors and where are those errors (like at begginning / middle / end of the track).


The BIG problem of my version is that it always writes info to a file that is defined in the source and if you want cdparanoia_log to write to another file or not make log at all, you have to recompile and reinstall it. Another thing is that I used a global pointer in C code – this does not mean anything significant for users, but it is a very bad programming practice. For my needs of cdparanoia this is still ok, I don't have time nor need to mess around more.


1. get the source of original cdparanoia:

2. get cdparanoia_log source:

cdparanoia_log 9.8.2 – adds also output filename to log file

cdparanoia_log 9.8.1 – adds the progress bargraph, sector counter, overlap indicator and system time (when the ripping is finished)

3. replace original files with new ones

4. compile and install exactly like the original cdparanoia: do the usual ./configure, make, make install, then run ldconfig (usually located in /sbin/, run as root)

Convert monkey's audio (.ape) to flac (.flac)


A bash script and a program to convert one or more ape files to flac and copy tags in a single step.


flac, metaflac (both at, apetag (get it at


Because the external program “apetag” reads only apetag2 tags and not apetag1, tags would be copied only if ape files have tags of type ape2.


1. Get apetag and install it to a directory in your PATH, like /usr/local/bin. Download apetag2vc-0.1.0.tar.bz2

2. Compile and install with


make install