A Reply to Zack Kopplin's Attack on Louisiana Senate Bill 374

Table of Contents

Part One: Zack Kopplin, can you match my poker hand?

Part Two: Seven Nobel Laureates in science who either supported Intelligent Design or attacked Darwinian evolution

Part Three: Why you can't be a Darwinist and a "human exceptionalist"

Part Four: Twenty-one more famous Nobel Prize winners who rejected Darwinism as an account of consciousness

Part Five: Is methodological naturalism a defining feature of science?

Part Six: The myth of methodological naturalism: thirty great scientists who made scientific arguments for the supernatural

Part Seven: Seven questions for Zack Kopplin's 75 Nobel Prize winners

Part Eight: The key point at issue between Intelligent Design theory and neo-Darwinian evolution

Part Nine: "Quantify, quantify, quantify!" Why Intelligent Design is a proper scientific theory, and why neo-Darwinism is not

Part Ten: The case for Intelligent Design, in laypeople's language

Part Eleven: Answers to Common arguments against Intelligent Design

Part Twelve: Science and the STOMPS principle

Part Thirteen: Is this religion, Zack? - What I think Louisiana students deserve to hear about origins.

Part Fourteen: Teach the controversy: bad for Louisiana? You decide!