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July 2016
Straight talk from Searle on free will

The man who mistook himself for a fish

Why a rabbit is not like a can of Coke: PZ Myers’ own goal

June 2016
The amazing placenta: A reply to Dr. Ann Gauger

Consider the opossum: the evidence for common descent

May 2016
Leading thinker on human evolution admits: we’re more than just an ape

Sex and phlogiston: an essay on intellectual crimes

Baker’s dozen: Thirteen questions for Dr. Hunter

In defense of Swamidass

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Sarah Palin on climate change: my take

Origin of Life: Professor James Tour points the way forward for Intelligent Design

April 2016
Maclean’s inept hatchet job on Jesus

Denmark: it’s no secular paradise. Neither is Sweden.

March 2016
An open letter to Archbishop Jerome Listecki

Catholic critics of “theistic evolution” are hopelessly divided

My thoughts on the Krauss- Meyer-Lamoureux debate

Pigeons, computers and Picasso

Computer beats humans at Go: so what?

Dr. Stacy Trasancos responds

Too hot to handle: Update on the PLoS ONE paper

Is the Sixth Great Extinction a big myth?

February 2016
Feet to the fire: A response to Dr. Stacy Trasancos

Denton vs. Moran on structuralism

Is there only one brand of science?

Larry Moran needs to do some more reading

Are 3,000 beneficial mutations enough to transform a land animal into a whale?

January 2016
United Methodist Church leadership contradicts Methodism’s co-founder, John Wesley, on Intelligent Design

Eight attributes of design

Guardian reporter Nick Cohen asks: Are ISIS and the Judeo-Christian tradition morally equivalent?

Physicist tells people to stop saying they have free will

Academic cover-up: can neutral evolutionary processes rapidly generate complex adaptations?

The origin of abiotic species: Seven epic fails

Debunking the debunker: How Sean Carroll gets the fine-tuning argument wrong

The brick wall

Two quick questions for Professor Coyne


December 2015
Was Methodological Naturalism a Product of the Scientific Revolution in the 16th and 17th centuries?

Exposing the Hoary History of Methodological Naturalism: Does it really go back to the Middle Ages?

Why life isn’t like a Mandelbrot set

This is embarrassing: “Darwin’s Doubt” debunker is 14 years behind the times

The 12 Days of Evolution mangles the evolution of the eye

Author of global warming “consensus” study calls top climate scientists denialists!

Is methodological naturalism a defining feature of science? (Part One)

The Squid and the Supernova: A Reply to Professor Egnor

Professor Michael Egnor’s incredible claim about perception

A 97 percent consensus that’s real

November 2015
Slain officer in Colorado Springs was a pro-life pastor

Atheist biologist makes an excellent case for Intelligent Design

Jason Rosenhouse gets it half-right on Galileo

Atheist medievalist starts a history blog to educate New Atheists

Larry Moran is a Jesus denialist

Whoops! Why humans aren’t apes: Professor Coyne’s own goal

October 2015
The Skeptical Zone asks: What is a code?

Proving our point: News from Brazil

Double debunking: Glenn Williamson on human-chimp DNA similarity and genes unique to human beings

How some patients who appear to be in a vegetative state remain conscious

Human and chimp DNA: They really are about 98% similar

Larry Moran commits the genetic fallacy

The Mind of the Designer

Star Trek and the supernatural: A paradox for naturalists?

No debate about macroevolution? Surely you’re joking, Professor Coyne!

Coyne and Krauss’s cosmological comedy of errors

Baker’s dozen: 13 questions I’d ask an aspiring atheist politician

September 2015
Lydia McGrew nails it: Does being an atheist interfere with being moral?

Devastating take-down of Bill Nye, the science guy

What’s wrong with “harm done to the environment is harm done to humanity”?

What I wish the Pope had said

New Atheism: Not a cult, but a religion

Is nothing certain? A response to KeithS

Heather Hastie’s logic: simple or simplistic?

“All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists”: Lawrence Krauss’s self-refuting claim

Torley’s paradox and the difference between “possibility” and “capability”: A reply to Larry Moran

Over at WEIT, reader Ben Goren asks: “Why doesn’t Jesus call 911?”

August 2015
I get mail: Cavin and Colombetti redux

The Inanities of an Aspiring Horseman

Karl Giberson reviews atheist John Loftus’ new book

Physicist Paul Davies’ killer argument against the multiverse

Memo to Myers and Marcotte: Embryologists agree that an individual human life begins at conception

Louise Antony's three fallacies about God and goodness

July 2015
Faith vs. Fact: Jerry Coyne’s flawed epistemology

Gay marriage and the loss of civility

Were woolly mammoths designed?

June 2015

One year on, Larry Moran attacks UK ban on teaching of non-naturalistic theories of origins in State-funded science classes

Evaluating the Pope’s encyclical, Part One: Each living creature is designed by God

Evaluating the Pope’s encyclical, Part Two: Do we have the right to eradicate species?

Evaluating the Pope’s encyclical, Part Three: Four internal contradictions in the Pope’s thinking

Straight talk about global warming: an open letter to the Catholic clergy

May 2015
The immateriality of animal consciousness: why I’m agnostic

I'd like a straight yes or a straight no, Professor Moran

Bad math: Why Larry Moran's "I'm not a Darwinian" isn't a valid reply to Meyer's argument

This is what a reply to an Intelligent Design argument looks like

What Elizabeth Liddle doesn't understand about the Cambrian explosion

A succinct case for Intelligent Design

Why you can't have have morality – or marriage – without natural law

April 2015
Is Intelligent Design dead?

A surprising admission on altruism by Professor Jerry Coyne

March 2015
Scientific American journalist: Everyone has the right to challenge a scientific consensus

Good and bad skepticism: Carl Sagan on extraordinary claims

Can intelligence be operationalized?

What really scares the new atheists

February 2015
Why atheists can't show that Ken Ham is wrong

What evidence is

The Evolution Catechism

Is Larry Moran a conspiracy theorist?

No evidence for God's existence, you say? A response to Larry Moran

Larry Moran demolishes an icon of evolution

My answer to Stephen Fry

Our own Vince Torley on podcast! (Casey Luskin interviews Vincent Torley for "ID the Future")

Professor Krauss Objects

Phil Zuckerman on growing up godless

January 2015
H. L. Mencken: The nail in the coffin

The right to ridicule: what do readers think?

What Jerry Coyne doesn’t get about goodness

God and the Cosmos: Finding the Right Metaphor

In defense of Eric Metaxas: Is God a scientific hypothesis?

Evolutionary biology rewrites the American Declaration of Independence


December 2014
Remembering Rameses

Do Christians worship many Gods?

November 2014
On the poverty of scientific naturalism as an explanation: A reply to my critics

On the impossibility of replicating the cell: A problem for naturalism

Can we all agree on specified complexity?

"No war in the name of atheism": Spot the fallacy

Keith S in a muddle over meaning, macroevolution and specified complexity

Mencken's Mendacity at the Scopes Trial

Barriers to macroevolution: what the proteins say

Why Keith S's bomb is a damp squib

On not using the wrong metaphor: Catholic writer Mark Shea attempts to channel Pope Francis

October 2014
Six bombshells relating to H. L. Mencken and the Scopes trial

Selective hyperskepticism: A response to Professor Moran

The Broken Gift: Daniel Friedmann's attempt to marry science and Genesis

Is something rotten in the state of Denmark?

Scientific evidence that consciousness may not require a functioning brain

Now Jerry Coyne doubts the historical existence of Jesus Christ

Physician, heal thyself: An open challenge to P. Z. Myers

September 2014
On worshiping the right God: Jerry Coyne asks a sensible question

Why a simulated brain is not conscious

When not to trust an expert

Experts pan quantum mechanical replication of Miller-Urey experiment

The New Atheists: A House Divided

On not putting all your theological eggs into one basket

August 2014
Mark Frank poses an interesting thought experiment on free will

P. Z. Myers channels Judith Jarvis Thomson on abortion; Dawkins disagrees

P. Z. Myers rebukes Richard Dawkins for his tweet on Down syndrome

Why Greta Christina’s critique of God-guided evolution misses the mark

Coyne compares Dembski to a Holocaust denier

Why Keith Blanchard really doesn't understand evolution

Do we need a context to identify a message as the product of an intelligent being?

An Aristotelian Proof of the Existence of God?

July 2014
Hyper-skepticism and "My way or the highway": Feser's extraordinary post

The myth about the Dover trial that Miller continues to propagate

Guide dogs don't know that their owners are blind

It's official: there are no ring species

Jerry Coyne's critique of the cosmological argument ... and the reply he wouldn't publish

RIKEN's 10-minute antidote to atheism: see for yourself

Do viruses help explain the origin of life?

Intelligent Design as a form of special agent intention

FFRF gets constitutional freedoms and the Founding Fathers wrong ... again

June 2014
The death of freedom of inquiry in British publicly funded schools

What kind of evolution does the Pope believe in?

On the nature and detection of intelligence: A reply to RDFish

Two quotes for the day

Why no 13-year-old boy talks like Eugene Goostman

The dangers (and odd consequences) of never questioning a scientific consensus – a reply to Chris Mooney

What the FFRF doesn't know about the Declaration of Independence and national anthem: Some thoughts on the Lebanon High School graduation ceremony controversy

The dirty dozen: Twelve fallacies evolutionists make when arguing about the origin of life

May 2014
Science illiteracy on the liberal left: PZ Myers and Amanda Marcotte can't face the facts of life

Faraday: man of faith, man of science

Free Will: Why reports of its death are greatly exaggerated

What About the Origins of Life Itself?

On not doing one’s homework: A reply to Professor Edward Feser

The much-disputed neutral theory of evolution and the book that Professor Moran refuses to review: Larry Moran responds to my questions

April 2014
RNA, the origin of life and the gullibility of the science media

Will the real Neutral Theory please stand up?

Atheism of the gaps

Professor Larry Moran poses five questions for the ID movement

Amazing machine animations

A question of bias

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again: why is this a bad argument for design?

When I'm wrong

Branko Kozulic responds to Professor Moran

A short post on fixation

Can the neutral theory of evolution explain what makes us human?

March 2014
Fixation: the neutral theory's Achilles' heel?

On not learning the lessons of history: what Professor PZ Myers doesn't "get" about the progress of science (Part One)

The ferns that evolution forgot: virtually unchanged after 180 million years!

Why science cannot be the only way of knowing: A reply to Jason Rosenhouse

So, why are the human and chimpanzee/bonobo genomes so similar? A reply to Professor Larry Moran

Does Professor Larry Moran (or anyone else) understand macroevolution?

A voice for free speech, from the other side

A Darwinist responds to KF's challenge

A world-famous chemist tells the truth: there's no scientist alive today who understands macroevolution

In a pickle about Adam and Eve

PZ Myers: "Abiogenesis is not evolution" is a cop-out

An excellent new paper by Robin Collins on fine-tuning

Haldane's dilemma – what does science really say?

February 2014
Darwin, Kingsley, evolution and racism

Amanda Marcotte is half-right about creationists

The amazing feats of 007: something to crow about?

Professor Larry Moran squares the circle

Looking at the totality of the evidence: a response to Jeffery Jay Lowder

Of snakebites and suicide

All at sea about science and theology: Jerry Coyne cites Andrew Dickson White on Galileo

Fishing trip: A short essay on Intelligent Design, theology and metaphysics

An exchange with an ID skeptic

January 2014
New way of producing pluripotent stem cells stuns biologists

What kind of universe can’t God make? A response to Dr. James F. McGrath

Dr. Liddle responds to my question

Dr. Martin Luther King on creation, evolution and Intelligent Design

A quick question for Dr. Liddle and other skeptics

Why the best arguments for the existence of God are not stupid

Zombies, duplicates, human beasts and consciousness

Jerry Coyne’s ethical theory unravels

Are plants intelligent, and what can we learn from them?

An apology is due from Why Evolution Is True

It's time for scientists to come clean with the public about evolution and the origin of life

Atheism and the Church of Wonderful Nothingness


December 2013
Can we trust opinion polls on evolution?

The fetus is a parasite, abortion is like plucking out a hair: how much does Jerry Coyne really know about biology?

Naturalist science: no threat to faith in God?

Are dolphins people too?

But Mr. Myers...!

"Science is done by ignoring God" – Professor Coyne’s newfangled naturalism

Cavin and Colombetti, miracle-debunkers, or: Can a Transcendent Designer manipulate the cosmos?

November 2013
God: Lawgiver or Hypocrite? Loftus attacks divine command theories of ethics

Is God a good theory? A response to Sean Carroll (Part One)

Is God a good theory? A response to Sean Carroll (Part Two)

Is God a good theory? A response to Sean Carroll (Part Three)

Does scientific knowledge presuppose God? A reply to Carroll, Coyne, Dawkins and Loftus

Poles Apart: A Challenge to Professor Moran

Professor Larry Moran supports the use of ID-compatible science textbooks in Texas classrooms

The Myth of the Continuum of Creatures: A Reply to John Jeremiah Sullivan (Part One)

The Myth of the Continuum of Creatures: A Reply to John Jeremiah Sullivan (Part Two)

The Myth of the Continuum of Creatures: A Reply to John Jeremiah Sullivan (Part 3(a))

The Myth of the Continuum of Creatures: A Reply to John Jeremiah Sullivan (Part 3(b))

Huxley on Evolutionary Ethics

October 2013
A hypothetical question for neo-Darwinists, on the age of the earth

Atheism and religious belief in America: interesting trends

New cosmology paper by skeptical scientists lends support to the fine-tuning argument

Hoyle's fallacy? I think not.

Do apes plan for the future? Why I'm skeptical

Is Intelligent Design bad theology? A reply to David Bentley Hart

Who was Adam and when did he live? Twelve theses and a caveat

September 2013
New study: Oxygenic photosynthesis goes back three billion years

It came from outer space: Have British scientists found proof of alien life?

Darwin's Dilemma Remains Unresolved: What Lee's Paper Didn't Discuss

Is this "religion"?

Clarence Darrow on rape and chloroforming the unfit: Jerry Coyne's strange choice of heroes

George Orwell on "What is Science?"

August 2013
Fixing Feser's Fifth: Why his up-to-date version of Aquinas' Fifth Way fails as a proof, and how to make it work

A man out of his depth: Has John Farrell read and understood John Henry Newman?

Steve Pinker's bogus statistics: A critique of The Better Angels of Our Nature (Part Two)

Steve Pinker's bogus statistics: A critique of The Better Angels of Our Nature (Part One)

Jerry Coyne and Stephen Fry's fishy tale about St. Thomas Aquinas

Evolution vs. God: A Review

An open letter to BSU President Jo Ann Gora

July 2013
Theism, atheism and morality

Freedom From Religion Foundation takes silliness to a whole new level

Neuroscientist says human head transplants are now possible

Do split-brain cases disprove the existence of an immaterial soul? (Part Two)

Do split-brain cases disprove the existence of an immaterial soul? (Part One)

Is this a photo? Is this a slur? Is this an argument?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation: Getting the Founding Fathers wrong

How clever is that cockatoo?

Up from the apes – and pigs?

Rewriting history: Can a Darwinist believe in the scala naturae? (Darwin did.)

June 2013
Credit where credit's due: P. Z. Myers vs. Daniel Friedmann on Genesis

Did John Maynard Keynes spot the flaw in Intelligent Design?

Order vs. Complexity: A follow-up post

Order is not the same thing as complexity: A response to Harry McCall

May 2013
Is the Intelligent Designer an interventionist? A reply to Felsenstein and Liddle

CSI Revisited

Is Darwinism a better explanation of life than Intelligent Design?

Some testable predictions entailed by Dr. Kozulic's model of Intelligent Design

The Edge of Evolution?

Build me a protein – no guidance allowed! A response to Allan Miller and to Dryden, Thomson and White

April 2013
Can a Darwinist consistently condemn a con man who couldn't have done otherwise?

March 2013
Could the eye have evolved by natural selection in a geological blink?

Newton on Intelligent Design

Religion as an obstacle to vaccination: New Atheists continue to propagate a myth

February 2013
Macroevolution, microevolution and chemistry: the devil is in the details

Night Vision: A new version of the fine-tuning argument

How evolutionists explained the origin of life, 101 years ago

Professor James Tour accepts Nick Matzke’s offer to explain macroevolution

A world-famous chemist tells the truth: there’s no scientist alive today who understands macroevolution

Is the genetic code a real code?

Craig and his critics: Why the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness is more propaganda than science

William Lane Craig and the problem of animal suffering: why it’s a poor argument for atheism, but an excellent argument against scientism

John Loftus' faulty logic on free will: There's no such thing as a bad personal reason for disbelief in the God of the Bible

January 2013
Thomas Nagel vs. his critics: Has Neo-Darwinian evolution failed, and can teleological naturalism take its place?

Refuting Coyne's myth: Science progresses but theology doesn't

Whose side are you on, Professor Coyne? What Anatole France really said about miracles

Four Metaphors for the Cosmos: A Story about a Watch, a Lute, a Recipe and a Symphony

Intelligent Design and mechanism: laying a myth to rest

Building a bridge between Scholastic philosophy and Intelligent Design

What makes a thing a thing? Why reality has to be built from the bottom up as well as from the top down

Was Paley a classical theist, and does his design argument lead us to a false God?

Was Paley a mechanist?

Paley's argument from design: Did Hume refute it, and is it an argument from analogy?


December 2012
Loftus' faulty argument for atheism gets an F double minus

Professor Mohamed Noor: A gentleman and a scholar

Noor's non sequitur, or: Did Hitler believe in Intelligent Design?

The Big Easy Bans Intelligent Design, but the Big Story is Louisiana’s Good Science Grades

Larry Moran asks: “Do philosophers take William Lane Craig's arguments seriously?”

Larry Moran defends Paul Nelson!

Could the Internet ever be conscious? Definitely not before 2115, even if you're a materialist.

Is meaning located in the brain?

Detecting the supernatural: Why science doesn't presuppose methodological naturalism, after all

Detecting design (2): A reply to John Loftus

November 2012
Libby Anne: Portrait of an atheist feminist

Libby Anne (part 2): The ethics of a feminist atheist

Libby Anne (part 3): A reply to her article, "How I lost faith in the pro-life movement"

October 2012
New research points to a 40 million-year-old split between the ancestors of humans and orangutans

Determinism: an idea that just won't fly

Darwinians concoct a whale of a tale about the evolution of the ear

September 2012
Are crows capable of reasoning about hidden causal agents? Five reasons for skepticism

August 2012
An anti-ID biology professor who doesn’t even know the facts of life, let alone evolution

Ten questions for Professor Coyne

Do you have to believe in Adam and Eve?

What I'd like to ask Richard Dawkins

July 2012
Professor Coyne issues a challenge that’s too easy to resist

June 2012
Beyond a joke

May 2012
H. L. Mencken: Is this your hero, New Atheists?

The physicist and the princess

For the record – a comment on Dan Savage’s latest talk

April 2012
Twenty-one more famous Nobel Prize winners who rejected Darwinism as an account of consciousness

Why you can’t be a Darwinist and a “human exceptionalist”

Seven Nobel Laureates in science who either supported Intelligent Design or attacked Darwinian evolution

Zack Kopplin, can you match my poker hand?

February 2012
But they don’t feel anything, Professor Coyne

Atheists vs. atheists

January 2012
The Evolution of Evolution: Are Living Things Intelligently Designed to Evolve?

It's all about information, Professor

The Big Picture: 56 minutes that may change your life

Silly arguments against God, by very clever writers

Methodological naturalism: Science enabler or science stopper? A response to Dr. Elizabeth Liddle.

Game on! A bioinformatician confronts Intelligent Design.

Vilenkin’s verdict: “All the evidence we have says that the universe had a beginning.”

No evidence, you say? A reply to Eric MacDonald.

Is this the Dumbest Ever “Refutation” of the Fine-Tuning Argument?

Is fine-tuning a fallacy?

Is free will dead?


December 2011
Philo and Origen are not your friends, Dr. Alexander: A short survey of what two Biblical allegorists taught about Adam and Eve

A reply to Professor Moran

Will this do, Professor Moran?

Christopher Hitchens: RIP (1949-2011)

November 2011
Adam, Eve and the Concept of Humanity: A Response to Professor Kemp (Part 1)

Embryo and Einstein – Why They’re Equal

At last, a Darwinist mathematician tells the truth about evolution

October 2011
“Liar, liar, pants on fire”? Ten Tough Questions for Professor Dawkins.

Snails for Dr. Baggini

Professors Coyne and Miller clash on free will

September 2011
Bad science by Dr. Victor Stenger, arguing in the cause of atheism

Machine 1 and Machine 2: A Challenge to the Ethics of the New Atheists

The four tiers of Intelligent Design – an ecumenical proposal

Why the mathematical beauty we find in the cosmos is an objective “fact” which points to a Designer

What assumptions does the fine-tuning argument make about the Designer?

No Googling, please. Who wrote this?

August 2011
“The universe is too big, too old and too cruel”: three silly objections to cosmological fine-tuning (Part Two)

“The universe is too big, too old and too cruel”: three silly objections to cosmological fine-tuning (Part One)

Gauguin and gods’ graveyards: A response to H. L. Mencken

Battle of the two Elizabeths: are free will and physical determinism compatible?

A short quiz on Intelligent Design for both advocates and opponents of ID

You lose, Reverend: a minister blunders while attacking the inerrancy of his own holy book

Why morality cannot be 100% natural: A Response to Professor Coyne

Three puzzles that are real – A response to a skeptic

July 2011
Why a multiverse would still need to be fine-tuned, in order to make baby universes

To dream the impossible dream: the quest for the 50-bit life form

Beauty and the multiverse

So you think the multiverse refutes cosmological fine-tuning? Consider Arthur Rubinstein.

No good theology, you say? Oh yes, there is!

How is libertarian free will possible?

Why I think the interaction problem is real

A very revealing post on naturalism, or: Good and bad extrapolations in science

Sine you asked

Two pretty good arguments for atheism (courtesy of Dave Mullenix)

June 2011
You can't have them, atheists!

Someone's wrong. Who is it?

So you don’t believe in Adam and Eve? Ask an atheist for advice!

Media conspiracy: now it's official

Famous last words

May 2011
The Giraffe: A Model of Intelligent Design

Minds, brains, computers and skunk butts

Human or not?

Sweden’s Big Government ‘Utopia': Not so tolerant after all

Misreading St. Augustine

Jerry's challenge

A perfect world

April 2011
I, Robot

A reasonable man

Seven questions for Professor Carroll

An argument about ships, oaks, corn and teleology – will Professor Feser finally concede that it is possible for a living thing to be the product of design?

A test-case for CSI?

Two quick questions for Professor Beckwith

Of little green men and CSI-lite

March 2011
Why there's no such thing as a CSI Scanner, or: Reasonable and Unreasonable Demands Relating to Complex Specified Information

Count the mistakes

Swallowing camels

Of Pegasus and Pangloss: Two Recurring Fallacies of Skeptics

Is the notion of God logically contradictory?

More Catholic than the Pope?

January 2011
We hold these truths to be self-evident...

The death of fine-tuning?

Newborn babies: not persons, and not fully human – P. Z. Myers

Why this universe? Good question. (Part Two of a reply to Professor Keith Parsons)

Why the moon isn’t made of green cheese (Part One of a reply to Professor Keith Parsons)

How FIRE can help in the fight for academic freedom on campus


December 2010

A better kind of beauty, or: Why some people mistakenly reject Intelligent Design as unaesthetic

Professor Jerry Coyne on why Intelligent Design should be taught in public schools

Professor Raymond Tallis on good and bad arguments for atheism

Designed or not? You decide.

Taking Manhattan out of the Apple?

November 2010
The video that proves Intelligent Design

The Earth: Not our mother, not our sister, not a living thing, but our treasure trove, our observatory, our library, our spaceship and our home

Why a Multiverse proponent should be open to Young-Earth Creationism and skeptical of Man-made Global Warming

Do Intelligent Design proponents worship two Gods?

October 2010
Death of a grande dame: can we build morality on the foundation of natural goodness?

Which one is different: gravity, continental drift or evolution?

Autumn Reading for Jerry and friends

Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of evolutionary psychology? I think not!

My faith is falsifiable, Professor Coyne. Is yours?

ID in Japan?

St. Thomas Aquinas and his Fifteen Smoking Guns (A five-part reply to Professor Tkacz)

The 10^(-120) challenge, or: The fairies at the bottom of the garden

June 2010
How to take down NDE (Neo-Darwinian Evolution)

Is "holding a belief" unscientific?

May 2010
Fuller vs. Ruse: Some thoughts on the controversy

April 2010
Programs, cells and letting God be God (A concluding reply to the Smithy)

Living things, Machines and Intelligent Design (Part Two of a Response to the Smithy)

What a living thing is, what an artifact is, and why the first living thing would have been one (Part One of a Response to the Smithy)

In praise of subtlety

Christopher's Challenge

A response to Professor Feser

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