The Grime Behind Computer Crime

Click on the title above to read a beginners guide to PC security, an insight into hacking and cracking with tips and advice on how to help prevent hackers from entering your home pc or office network. How to protect your self from identity theft and credit card fraud from the internet. How to prevent viruses, trojans and worms from spreading themselves through your address book. Links to free anti virus and firewall products along with a range of other tools to help protect home and small business users.

PC Tweaks & Tools for Securing 98,ME,XP and 2000

These tools, patches and fixes are advised for implementation and use in addition to the Firewalls, Anti viruses, Mail Washers, Trojan Cleaners and other security tools linked in the above PC Security article. Also In response to feedback from Fred Langas newsletter where my Security article was first published I have listed a couple of additional programs and tweak sites which may help those who have contacted me.

Chatroom Danger

In light of recent news events in the UK. I have decided to write an article on Chatroom Dangers containing advice for parents and children on how to protect themselves from the online scourge and trash that exists in our society. If you think I am over reacting then consider this. Back in April/May of 2002 the FBI found 7272 individual credit card details of people from the UK alone who had subscribed to access child pornography. This was promoted on just TWO websites. Those details were passed onto the National Criminal Intelligence Service. Since then Another 7,000 additional credit card details have been found on another server offering child pornography for its trade. Are these in some way associated with the increase in child abductions, disappearances and murders in this country? are these perverts abusing children to make money from the internet? and what can be done to stem the flow of this perverse traffic supported by the scourge of these people who use the internet to ply their trade whilst destroying the lives of our children and families. Scare mongering... NO There are 7272 very good reasons out there for any parent to be very concerned. Not 10 not 20, not 100 nor even 1,000 but 7272. Again click the title above to read the article

Terror Alert- (Spoof)

A Terror Alert issued by the GibberBrit Party of Britain.Some handy hints and tips to on how to keep safe in Britain today under the threat of terrorism.

The GibberBrit Party- (Spoof)

A growing political party in britain today focusing on the needs of the people and actually delivering it's policies that were promised more than ten years ago.Join up for future events and notices.