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NY Times Fundraiser, Raises 250,000

October, 30


ScytheBlade1 writes "The Firefox full-page NYT ad campaign finished off today with an impressive $250,000 over 10 days. Impressive to say the least, and it goes to show just how much momentum Firefox has."


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Mozilla Releases Firefox 1.0 RC1

October, 27


Islandroots writes "Mozilla has finally posted the first Firefox 1.0 release candidate on their FTP servers. This could very well be the last official release of Firefox before the big 1.0 launch date on November 9th. Mozilla FTP Servers"


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Mozilla vs. Microsoft

October, 26


The Mozilla Foundation, the creators of the open-source Firefox browser, has predicted that by the end of 2005, it will have 10% of the browser market. It doesn't take rocket science to realize that's a swing at Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), given the near ubiquity of its Windows operating system and its Internet Explorer browser...


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The new Firefox Promotional site is up!

October, 25


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Firefox aims for 10% of Web surfers

October, 25


Bart Decrem, a spokesman for the Mozilla Foundation, told ZDNet UK on Friday that he expects the browser's market share to reach 10 percent by the end of 2005."I think we'll get to 10 percent over the next year. We don't have 10 percent of the Web at the moment, but we have the momentum," Decrem said.


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Firefox - The Platform

October, 24


Strudelkugel writes "Business 2.0 reports Firefox is becoming a problem for Microsoft. But FF is not just a problem as a browser; its potential as a platform is significant. From the article: 'It all adds up to a business opportunity for startups, established software companies, and Web giants alike.


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